Dream Rise Against setlist


Mag 12 2011, 21:37

1. Chamber the Cartridge
2. Collapse (Post-Amerika)
3. Architects
4. Drones
5. Life Less Frightening
6. Help Is On The Way
7. Satellite
8. The Dirt Whispered
9. Disparity By Design
10. Injection
11. Audience of One
12. Entertainment
13. Behind Closed Doors
14. This Is Letting Go
15. Prayer of the Refugee
16. The Good Left Undone
17. Re-Education (Through Labor)
18. Ready To Fall

Encore 1:
19. Swing Life Away
20. Hero of War
21. Give It All
22. Savior
23. Survive

It's a bit long but that's exactly why it's a dream setlist. I would do absolutely anything to make this happen. I made a playlist on iTunes which is strangely only an hour and 23 minutes long, but for some reason everything is longer live, plus the encore break and maybe some chatter between songs and you're looking at a two hour set at minimum. Like that's a problem


  • Megatron-1

    This is pretty old actually, I thought about this again recently and it's a little different.

    Set 24 2011, 15:11
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