• Street Fighter Music Remix Competition

    Mag 10 2012, 3:10

    David Atkinson has just finished his latest musical project. His new tune has been carefully crafted for a Street Fighter music remix competition. David made some comments about his new remix after returning from the Insomnia 45 festival - “I chose to remix Morrigan’s theme as I figured that everyone else will be trying to remix the more popular characters like Ryu and Akuma, so I decided to go somewhere different with my music.”

    Morrigan Aensland is a video game character from the Darkstalkers series of fighting games developed by Capcom, she’s a powerful succubus and is widely seen as the most iconic character of Darkstalkers as well as one of the most sexy characters of fighting games and gaming in general. Capcom will be highlighting their favorite music remixes throughout the year, the best songs may even be utilized in the 25th Anniversary celebration activities.

    Click the Youtube link to hear David’s remix -

    The music video is made up of fight scenes from the Darkstalkers series. Hope you enjoy it!
  • David Atkinson – “I’ve finished writing all the music for the new album”

    Mag 10 2012, 3:08

    David Atkinson AKA ‘Megadave’ is a British record producer best known for his psychedelic electronic music. He is also one of the founding members of Fractal Injection; a collaboration between Megadave, Mindtrap and The Noia. He graduated from Huddersfield University in 2009 with a degree in Music Technology and Popular Music. Megadave’s first album as a solo artist, ‘Early Days’ has eleven tracks of psychedelic inspired music and is FREE for you to Download.

    The album contains songs that were written and produced in 2007-2009. ‘Early Days’ contains the original 2008 version of the song ‘Good Trip’ which was later remixed and made popular on Youtube by Fractal Injection in 2010. David is influenced by artists such as Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Ozric Tentacles, Alice in chains and Nirvana and is currently working on his second solo album entitled ‘The Indefinite Article’. David recently tested out some of his new material in the basement of a house party in Chorlton Manchester. The psychedelic music producer who was praised at the house party for his live mixing skills said ‘I’m hoping to release the new album in late 2012′.

    He adds – “Basically I’ve finished writing all the music for the new album, it’s now just a matter of getting down a few more vocal tracks on a couple of songs and that’s it. But that being said the album still needs to go through the manufacturing process of being mastered and artwork being completed, music videos and so on…” “My sound has definitely evolved since my first album, I can hear a lot of my older ‘grungier’ influences coming through. As a whole I believe I’ve got a strong set of songs.” “I wanted the album to sound commercially up to date in terms of audio production but I also wanted it to capture a deep exploration into psychedelic sound, hence why I’ve spend hours, days, weeks, months on MIDI Mapping; a process in where I can macro instruments and samples to a controller surface, that I can then manipulate in real time, giving me the ability to play my ‘electronic’ music Live.” explains David.

    Megadave’s new album ‘The Indefinite Article’ is set for a digital release later this year.