• Munk Tung's Levity Gain

    Apr 3 2008, 3:03

    I was listening to Real Rock 101.1 on the way home from Jayce's apartment when this band called "Munk Tung" came on and was doing a spot on the native noise segment. I REALLY liked their stuff, especially their song "Wishing You Well" so I checked out their MySpace. I couldn't find any link to buy the album or where to pick it up besides probably an actual concert.
  • Hawk Nelson

    Mag 2 2006, 2:40

    So I'm writing this because Trillader wanted me too, I did a quick check though my WMP to find who it seemed I liked the most and it seems to be Hawk Nelson, I really thought it would be Chevelle who i've been listening to longer, but alas.

    Hawk Nelson, when I first heard them, immediately captivated me, and I replayed the Letters To The President countless times while singing at the top of my lungs.

    Hawk's second album, Smile, It's the end of the world, is a great follow up from what I've heard, and my girlfriend and I sing "The One Thing I have left" at the top of our lungs while being all crazy, but I have yet to pick it up for myself.
  • This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In)

    Gen 17 2006, 6:32

    I've been listening to Chevelle for a long time, and for about a week the only song I listened to (at full blast none-the-less) was The Clincher. My girlfriend got me this CD for Christmas (up until now I havent been big on CDs, my faith is restored) Chevelle's latest is an awesome compilation, it didnt leave my cd player for 2 weeks, and even know I listen to it a ton while on my computer. It's a dual disk too, so its got a band interview and some extra goodies on the DVD side, a must have.
  • Terminate Damnation

    Gen 17 2006, 6:30

    Another CD I picked up a few days ago at FYE, I've been listening to Becoming The Archetype for the past two months and I've wanted to pick up the CD for some time, and I have to say (much like The Triptych) the CD is so many times better than just the mp3's. PICK UP THIS CD!
  • The Triptych

    Gen 17 2006, 6:29

    So a few days ago I'm in FYE with my friends, and for awhile I've wanted to pick up Demon Hunter's latest (i've listened to them for the past 2 months, but they were mp3's) so I found the cd and it has amazed me all over again. I've gotta say, if you only have the mp3 versions you have to pick up the CD, its so many times better.