My GMM 2006!


Giu 26 2006, 16:19

Well, I went to Graspop Metal Meeting for the first time in my life, for the people who have no idea what GMM is.
It's a festival with nothing but metal and rock bands ( well duh ).
It was three days and for me it was amazing, I've never seen so many bands ( about 30 ) in only 3 days.
I posted a list of bands I was originally going to see, but it turned out a little bit different.
I'm gonna take some time to say something about the bands and their shows.


Anvil 14.30/15.10
I never heard of this Canadian heavy metal band before, but they did amaze me with their 80s styled heavy metal.
I remember one or two songs, Metal On Metal and Forged in Fire
Great show 8/10

Y & T 15.30/16.15
This was a little bit to soft for me personal, didn't like the long solos and the music.
Not so good 5/10

Trivium 16.40/17.20
Fucking awesome metalcore, now this style of metal is why I went to GMM at the first place.
Video sample HERE
Aggressive mood 8/10

Edguy 18.00/18.50
A power metal band from Germany, I have a lot of their material, so my opinion is not biased.
I think that Tobias ( lead singer ) was amazed by the massive crowd as he was constantly smiling and talking to the other band members about the crowd.
To bad they didn't play Trinidad though.

36 Crazyfists 18.55/19.40
Real hardcore 8/10

Soilwork 20.40/21.30
Also one of the reasons I came to GMM was because of the death metal bands and this band is melodic death metal!
It couldn't get any better.
Great performance 8/10

Lacuna Coil 21.35/22.45
I only watched this performance because my brother is a big fan, but I didn't like it at all.
Not my thing 5/10

Whitesnake 23.50/01.15
Good old metal 7/10


Caliban 13.15/14.00
Man, this was such an aggressive show, lots of power and hardcore.
Great German metalcore 9/10

Bullet for My Valentine 13.15/14.00

I'm a little bit biased here, because I'm a fan of their material.
Video sample HERE
Real UK metalcore 9/10

Ancient Rites 14.05/14.45
Great belgian death metal! Very proud of them!

Avenged Sevenfold 14.50/15.35

I was really looking forward to this band, but I've got to admit that their performance was beyond awefull because of technical difficulties.
You couldn't hear M.Shadows' voice because of the drums, really terrible.
Video sample HERE
Not good 5/10

Obituary 15.40/16.25
Two words, Holy and Shit! They fucking blew me away, literally.
Seriously 9/10

Stone Sour 16.30/17.15

People that know this band, know that the lead singer is the same as in Slipknot.
Great performance, although it was fucking hot and I was getting sunburnt.
Great 8/10

Nile 17.20/18.05
All I can say is that this was fucking fast and melodic.
Fucking fast 7/10

Ill Niño 19.15/20.15

Real latin nu-metal, I know nu-metal is not considered 'cool', but I don't give a shit what you metalheads think.
Awesome performance 9/10

Soulfly 20.20/21.20

I wasn't expecting much of this really, but was I ever so wrong!
A massive crowd blended with awesome lyrics like 'back to the primitive, fuck all your politics' is what they call a great show!
They also played a song together with the singer of Stone Sour/Slipknot, fans know what song I'm talking about.
While they were playing that song, the crowd jumped up and down causing a massive cloud of sand, man that was fucking crazy.
You can find the performance HERE

Death Angel 21.25/22.25
I was sobering up while I was watching this and I liked it very much!

Guns N' Roses 22.30/01.00
If their ( read: Axl Rose and the gang ) music wasn't to fuckin great, I wouldn't have stayed to watch the performance.
They promised to play two and a half hours, they did, but it consisted mainly of guitar solos and fillers.
Axl Rose was acting like a diva too, you know, the usual G&N stuff.
Video sample HERE
Not so bad as I thought 8/10


As I Lay Dying 12.05/12.40
This was awesome metalcore, I downloaded one of their albums last week - yes I know, downloading is illegal, but I couldn't find their records in the store - and it was very good, very energetic too.
Real metalcore 8/10

DragonForce 12.40/13.20

I was looking so forward to this band, I'm a big fan of power metal and their performance only made my feeling stronger.
Swords and dragons were flying in the air 10/10

Ensiferum 13.20/14.00
Now if you need to have an example of viking metal, this is a true example!

Armored Saint 14.05/14.55
80s heavy metal.

DevilDriver 15.00/15.45

Fucking hard! 8/10

In Flames 15.50/16.50
The swedes should be proud of this band, their songs are great.
They played some old and new material, I was fucking wasted during this show so I can't remember much.
Video sample HERE


Exodus 16.55/17.45
Trash metal band 8/10

Arch Enemy 21.25/22.25
Again, very biased, Arch Enemy is my all time favourite band. The show was beyond amazing, amazing vocals by Angela. I even got their setlist!
Man this was awesome 10/10

Motörhead 22.30/00.00
I didn't know any songs - except Ace of Spades ofcours.
Not so bad 7/10

So this was my GMM festival report, the festival was fucking awesome.
I'll see you next year GMM!

I'm gonna add some videos too
this was the skyline before the Soulfy performance. :D


  • jestersdance

    whoa, great line-up In Flames, Soilwork, Arch Enemy, Caliban O_O

    Giu 26 2006, 16:36
  • McKillaboy

    @SlipKnoT-epic, I have no idea, the voice was live, don't know about the instruments though

    Giu 26 2006, 16:44
  • pestbarn

    Whoa, I envy you. I'd like to be there too. ^^

    Giu 26 2006, 16:53
  • Insomnia-fm

    Yeah, pretty great line-up indeed! \m/

    Giu 26 2006, 16:54
  • benni89

    nice lineup. congratulations! in few weeks i'll be at eisenwahn-festival ( and then again few weeks later at the up from the ground-festival ( Those two have great lineups too (at least in my opinion)

    Giu 26 2006, 17:23
  • McKillaboy

    @w00zer, ga naar HIER voor te rippen, want da videoke is niet van mij ;)

    Giu 26 2006, 19:41
  • Nitra666

    yea that was really Great weekend ... too bad it raind at the end of it but who cares It was a true BLACK METAL weekend ...

    Giu 27 2006, 0:14
  • Nitra666

    indeed , that was I planning to say ... Cradle is Death,

    Giu 29 2006, 11:00
  • Nitra666

    ok ok dudes ... I know not ALL the bands were black or dead metal ... maar THE most of them where really good metal and there was alot of BLACK METAL comparing to other festivals !! well WOA 2006 is even better !!!!

    Giu 30 2006, 13:59
  • McKillaboy

    yeah, i meant black, sorry :P

    Lug 1 2006, 0:40
  • McKillaboy

    bedoel je 'the undying darkness'? die valt imo toch wel mee hoor, maar ze hebben inderdaad wel betere cds

    Ago 16 2006, 14:41
  • Lethy-FM

    i think you should visit a great metalcore/hardcore/screamo store near my place @ ghent ;) they sure have as i lay dying there :p CLICK HERE for the homepage of the shop

    Nov 6 2006, 22:24
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