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Ott 15 2006, 17:49

Mhm, I just signed up on today, and I've already filled up my tracks list with songs from Bethany Dillon's latest album, Imagination. I only just listened to the album the whole way through, and I'd say I'm still a huge fan of Bethany and her voice.

It's so hard to get hold of (good) Christian music these days - HMV don't stock it, and the little Bible shops which do are just that - little, and few and far between. Hence I found 'Imagination' in the CLC bookshop in Newcastle having already heard half the album.

Anyway, down to business. Generally, Bethany has some amazing talent for a girl her age (she was 17 when this CD was released) and she sings some thoughtfully and beautifully written songs, a lot of which are on this album.

Track no. 1 ~ Dreamer
'Dreamer' is a relaxed and pleasant album opener, and one of my favourites. It also seems to be a 'theme' song for Bethany and thus sits right in the middle of her musical style. All the elements are there - whimsical lyrics, an awe for the Creator and of course, the ever-present acoustic guitar - all working in harmony. Nice.

Track no. 2 - Hallelujah
'Hallelujah' is another of my favourite songs from this album. Slightly rockier than 'Dreamer', it's an unashamed and simple statement of faith with thoughtful verses and a climatic chorus on electric guitar.

Track no. 3 ~ All That I Can Do
'All That I Can Do' was the first Bethany Dillon song that I heard, and I think it's the most commercial from this album. It's also the most upbeat and vocally adventurous of the lot. I love it, and it's a great song to sing along to.

Track no. 4 ~ Airplane
'Airplane' is a reflective track which describes the view from an airplane window while breaking through the clouds. This song is sweet and more of a personal devotion than a crowd pleaser, more akin to 'Dreamer' than to 'All That I Can Do'.

Track no. 5 ~ I Believe In You
'I Believe In You' is a sympathetic and warm-hearted song, written I think from Jesus' point of view to the believer. Though soft and gentle, this song has clear lyrics and an encouraging message.

Track no. 6 ~ My Love Hasn't Grown Cold
'My Love Hasn't Grown Cold' is a laidback and reflective track with a slow tempo and simple melody. It's not one of my favourites as I feel it's not playing to Bethany's strengths, though it's by no means bad.

Track no. 7 ~ New
'New' is another soft-rock track akin to 'Airplane' and is pleasant enough, but doesn't stand out among other songs on this album enough to stick in my memory on first listen. However it's a sweet song of thanksgiving and worthy of its place on the album.

Track no. 8 ~ The Way I See You
'The Way I See You' is a little deviation from the style I've heard so far and yet not different enough to jar with the other content of this album. The musical style is not all that different; it's the general angsty attitude and feel of this song that sets it apart. Oh, and the fact that it's more secular in tone.

Track no. 9 ~ Vagabond
'Vagabond' is another slight deviation, this time into folk. It's another soft uplifting track in terms of lyrics and for some reason reminds me of hymns I sang as a child (but in a good way).

Track no. 10 ~ Be Near Me
'Be Near Me' is a return to the soft tone of 'My Love Hasn't Gone Cold', though I do like this song more than the former. The lyrics are honest and passionate, and I would say the music fits them well.

Track no. 11 ~ Imagination
'Imagination' appears to be the title track - strangely enough, it's the last on the album; and another downbeat offering. It's not the type I would've chosen for the last song, or to go next to 'Be Near Me' either, as the songs are too similar. But again, it's nice in its way and personal in its tone.

Overall thoughts
I'll be honest in that I was a little disappointed in one or two of the songs on this album, but as a whole it works very well. It certainly seems a very mature collection of music for someone so young, and one that is good if you're into the more mellow and laidback (yet always contemporary). As I mentioned before I would have ordered the tracks a little differently as my interest began to dwindle nearing the end. But generally, I do like this album and recommend it.


  • tobymacfan

    Thanks for the album review. I enjoyed it. I love Bethany Dillion as I have heard some of the songs from her latest album. I'd also recommend you check out her first album which is self titled which is just called Bethany Dillion as she has such amazing songs like Beautiful, All I Need, Lead Me On, and many more. She also did her own version of that old Amy Grant song called Lead Me On and it is awesome and you would love it. Check out her first album some time soon.

    Ott 15 2006, 19:24
  • MazzieEowyn

    Hey, you're welcome :) Yes, I want to hear her first album at some point - like I said however it's not easy to get hold of CCM in the UK (especially if it's old). I was pleasantly surprised to find Imagination in the shop - I think they had the first album too though I can't be sure. But thanks, I will check it out at some point!

    Ott 15 2006, 20:39
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