• "The Boiler" by the Specials

    Ott 23 2006, 2:48

    I am always so disturbed by this song. I had not listened to it in years and today, my iTunes shuffled to that song. I know that Sublime did "Date Rape" where there's a "happy" ending because the rapist goes to jail and ends up being someone's...umm...b*&%^ but "The Boiler" has no happy ending. And the vocalist (I think it's the woman from Selector) ends up screaming and crying and it's goes on forever. I can never just skip the song, I just listen to it and wonder what people are thinking when they pass under my window. It's awful but truthful.

    The Boiler
  • Need new music recommendations

    Set 18 2006, 3:21

    I know Last.fm lists recommendations but being that I'm not super duper tech savvy well...I need help.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Sondre Lerche's Duper Sessions - my review

    Mag 20 2006, 7:14

    I am in love with Sondre Lerche's Duper Sessions album. I love that it's jazzy and his voice (as always) is so amazing. I keep missing him when he comes to town. My friend saw him in New York and said he's got another album coming out that's a bit more rocking. I can't wait.

    I've been listening to a lot of stuff from the library...

    I also have enjoyed the new album by The Sounds. I really like how 80s they sound. That's not an insult!!! I saw them open for Supergrass a couple of years ago and though I love Supergrass...the Sounds blew them out of the water. They have so much energy.

    Upcoming shows:
    Calexico with Black Heart Procession
    Bloc Party and Broken Social Scene
    Van Hunt and Nikka Costa

    Possibility in September - Austin City Limits (I really should just move to Austin)
  • Playlist - April 19, 2006

    Apr 25 2006, 5:51

    Music Is My Radar – April 19, 2006 – 12am to 2am

    1. Blur – Music Is My Radar
    2. (311) Belle & Sebastian – The Blues are still blue
    3. The Gossip – Jealous Girls – Standing in the Way of Control
    4. Sleater-Kinney – Modern Girl – The Woods
    5. (727) Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Way Out – Show Your Bones
    6. Spymob – I still live at home – Sitting Around Keeping Score
    7. Sondre Lerche – Love You – Two Way Monologue

    8. (743) Snow Patrol – Hands Open
    9. DJ Food – Dark Lady
    10. (733) Fiery Furnaces – Black Hearted Boy – Bitter Tea
    11. Feist – Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix)
    12. Ivy – I’ve Got You Memorized – In the Clear
    13. Brazilian Girls – Don’t Stop – Brazilian Girls
    14. Clinton – Saturday Night & Dancing – Disco & the Halfway to Discontent

    15. Soul Bossa Trio – Bayu Bayu
    16. Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66 – Mais que nada
    17. Sergio Mendes - Lamento (No morro) featuring Maoganie Quartet – Timeless
    18. (725) Gnarls Barkley – Crazy – selections from St. Elsewhere
    19. Sleepy Brown – Me, my baby & my Cadillac
    20. The Family – Nation Time

    21. The Lovemakers – Shake Your Ass
    22. M.I.A. – Baile Funk One
    23. Janet Jackson – Got Til Its Gone
    24. Ladybug Mecca & Martin Luther – Last Train – DJ Jazzy Jeff Soul Mix Tape
    25. Manual B. Holcolm – I stayed away too long – Searching for soul
    26. Brand New– Party Time
    27. Sound Directions – Wanda Vidal – The Funky Side of Life

    28. Roy Ayers – Tarzan

    What do you think? Or if you have any suggestions on what I should check out that would be super cool.

    thanks in advance
  • Listen in if you have you are free

    Apr 11 2006, 5:31

    Music is My Radar on UCLAradio.com

    PST - 12am to 2am on April 12

    Manila time - 3 pm - April 12

    New York time - 3am on April 12

    London - 8 am on April 12

    Argentina - 4 am on April 12

    so...I think that's right..

    but hopefully you can listen -
    make requests.

    AIM - bruinradio
  • Playlist for "Music Is My Radar" April 5

    Apr 10 2006, 5:36

    Playlist – Music Is My Radar – April 5 12am -2am UCLAradio.com

    Nightmares on Wax – “Passion” – In A Space Outta Sound

    Voxtrot - “The Start of Something” – EP

    The M's – “Trucker Speed” – “Future Women”

    Nine Black Alps – “Not Everyone” – Everything is

    Bossanova – “Blue Bossanova” – Hey, Sugar

    Silversun Pickups – “kissing families” – Pikul

    Belhome – “what’s given” – A View of the Woods

    Billy Bragg & Wilco – “at my window sad and lonely” – Mermaid Avenue

    Neko Case – “that teenage feeling” – Fox Confessor Brings The Flood

    The Cardigans – “celia inside” – Life

    Brian Jonestown Massacre – “time is honey (so cut the shit)” – We Are The Radio

    The Beach Boys – “Pet Sounds” – Pet Sounds

    The Lashes – “sometimes the sun” – Get It

    Weezer – “surf wax America” – (Blue Album)

    The Roots featuring Jill Scott & Erykah Badu – “you got me” – Dave Chappelle’s Block Party

    This Kid Named Miles – “ring of fire (remix) – Rewind 3

    DJ Krush featuring Estero – “final home” – Japan, Not For Sale

    Matisyahu – “youth” – single

    Dawn Penn – “You don’t love me”
    Heather Headley – “rain” featuring Shaggy - In My Mind

    J Dilla

    Soul Vibrations “the dumps”

    Pressure Cooker “Refugee”

    Tiger Ranks “Party wit met”
  • Rainy day music

    Apr 4 2006, 17:28

    I just want to say that I love Billy Bragg. It's cold and rainy and "William Bloke" is perfect for today. (opps had to edit that...misspellings suck!)
  • Electric Circus

    Apr 2 2006, 16:42

    I'm listening to Common's Electric Circus album and I seem to remember that it was really under appreciated. It has such great songs, like "Come Close" featuring Mary J. Blige and "the hustle." I really like this album when it came out in 2002. I don't really remember why people didn't like this album - I think I heard "too experimental." Anyway, I thought I'd just comment one how this album is pretty amazing.

    I've been listening to a lot of h and r&b and lately.

    I have a radio show on Tuesday nights from 12am to 2 am Pacific Standard Time on UCLAradio.com. Give it a listen if you are near a computer and up. I'm calling it "music is my radar." It's going to be pretty eclectic but I'd like your feedback if you are listening.

  • Hurray Stereolab

    Apr 1 2006, 6:42

    Saw Stereolab on Tuesday at the Henry Fonda in L.A. they were great! i do miss Mary Hansen...we actually all missed her. She's sort of the one that gave them a bit of spark. One of my friend's friends left early because the last time he saw them they really blew his mind. Plus, he might be a little hypercritical because he's a music engineer. But I love the visuals they incorporated and I thought they were wonderful. Everyone was on the floor dancing and just seemed entranced. At one point someone had their umbrella open and up in the air...i thought that was a little funny.
  • short but funky.

    Mar 29 2006, 22:26

    I just got DJ Mel's mix cd, "Short But Funky" in the mail today. I am so happy. It's got be dancing all over my studio. Too bad, DJ Mel doesn't have a lastFM page. He's from Austin, TX and at SXSW, he was amazing. I hope hope hope he comes to LA.