• A bit of Romanian Metal

    Nov 26 2007, 18:38

    Let's start this section with a bit of something from everyone's country. And since i'm romanian ( not by choice :-s) i'll try to comment a bit on the romanian metal scene.
    Like everything else does in this country, metal appeared in Romania later then most other places.While in the UK Maiden was already a legend in Romania the first bands just appeared at the end of the 70's.

    Iris - what it used to be - Romanian Heavy Metal. We must apreciate this band along with another few since playng rock under a communist enviroment must have been very hard.Their style changed and their metal inclinations diminished with years (starting 1990) and now, 35 years later they play somekind of jibberishy pop music that gets them more money then metal ever did but wich made em despised by most ppl who knew them before.

    Holograf- sadly same story. I guess u play better and more radical when u're stressed u might get into prison for it.

    same story goes for Voltaj ( their decline is incredible though)

    Now let's get to the actual metal :D

    Cargo - started playn in 86, a combination of powerfull riffs and blistering voice resulted in a very well patented Heavy Metal style.
    Let's give a little example Tepes

    MS - this one is quite unknown even in Romania but i think that's due to the fact they never gave up their aggressive style just for the sake of money.
    Let's see if we can find em here on last.fm...guess not
    well let's synthetise then. Guitar solos, powerful voice, early Iron Maiden like attitude, many Judas Priest and Ac/Dc influences.

    Negura Bunget , heh Korgoth could help me better here. I think it's black metal but i'm not a big fan so i am not sure. Still very good sounding metal, very atmospheric.
    Here's a song 'N crugu bradului

    Taine- not much commenting to do on them, just listen :)

    Well enough for now, ofcourse there's more, but most of it is an Underground movement struggling to be heard.