• rwitte

    Sweet journal, Jon. Although I am hoping it is part 1 of 2. Part 2 should talk about tagging, friends and groups. The other issue is how to get to the info to the target audience. Anyway, thanks for putting it together,

    Set 22 2011, 22:25
  • Maddieman

    Thanks. I can't talk specifics right now, but hopefully this, and other articles like it, won't go to waste.

    Set 23 2011, 9:55
  • Maddieman

    As for a part 2 - one thing I definitely want to do is a guide to making the most of last.fm for labels. Instead of the obvious stuff, I want to focus on how you use the social side of Last.fm to promote your work without spamming people. I'm pretty certain this would overlap with the points you've mentioned.

    Set 23 2011, 17:21
  • wellcovers

    It is really useful information, as i am just new here and wondering how to use it.

    Giu 1 2012, 7:02
  • headey

    This is a great introduction to lastfm. I'm surprised more newbies haven't posted a comment. ~~~~ One thing intrigues me :"...'loved' songs and recently played artists tend to get a higher weighting, and will play more frequently." -I can understand 'loved' getting a weighting, but not 'recently played artists' unless there is also a weighting in the algorithm to play tracks the user has heard the least. This must surely be why there are so many comments about repeats. If there is a suggestions box for the algorithm writers could they consider one version for teenagers and another for listeners who want more variety?

    Giu 16 2012, 16:41
  • stevemainwaring

    Hi. Sorry - this isn't something covered in your very useful guide, but I can't see it covered anywhere else on the site either, so I hope you don't mind me asking. Recently I've been trying to add artists to my library but when I click on 'Save' I get '!' in the top right corner but no explanation. Is there a limit to what we can save in our library? I'm probably up to about 1500 now. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    Giu 16 2012, 17:27
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