Dissing my Top 15, dissiiing my top 15


Lug 29 2010, 16:15

All the cool kids are doing stuff like this, yeah

Nine Inch Nails - Trent can be too much of a drama king in every way and the later works are kinda too samey. Also, needs more kickass breaks like The Perfect Drug. And I hate you for stopping before I could see you live. >:(

Front 242 - Make a new album already. And not click beats like Pulse. I want something muscular yet smart, like UP EVIL and OFF or the MorF stuff.

Tarmvred - Everyone's been waiting for the new record for ages. What the hell happened??? Also, off-EP/album tracks with the recycled loops n' shit are reeeally hit or miss stuff.

Godflesh - Most of the Pure-era semi-experimental stuff is rather bad and weird in a really crude way and Streetcleaner with it's excessive feedbackwank is overrated. Maybe the latter is more of a fault of the fans. And get together again and make a new, proper album with MACHINES, please. (noticing a pattern here?)

Now Is Fish - You guys should have terrorized your hometown with at least one weird-ass live show before calling quits. That would have been the proper way to go : (

Meshuggah - At times way too monotonous.

Gridlock - The more pure ambient stuff is somewhat boring in most of cases to be honest. I need my daily diet of beats.

synapscape - The very earliest stuff isn't really my thing, at least not anymore.

The Future Sound of London - Your habit of not publishing albums after Dead Cities and insted pushing it into various collection albums is kinda frustrating and annoying. I don't know where to start collecting you damnit. : (

Tool - Lateralus is so much better than anything they've done before or after it that it's not even funny. In retrospective Tool's more straighter tracks really aren't my thing at all...

MKDELTA - stoner weeaboos and video game nerds making tributes to late 80's/early-mid 90's industrial and electronic music. lolwat. The early tracks are absolutely horrible and they're pretty boring live. The later stuff is so full of everything my head explodes when I listen to them. What the hell is going on here?

oh wait...

Kraftwerk - Can be really boring and sterile with awkward vocals.

Front Line Assembly - I haven't really even arsed to check out their later stuff because big boys told me it's not all that good. FLA suffers kinda from a Tool-like syndrome because Caustic Grip and Tactical Neural Implant are sooo much better than the earlier or later stuff from them which I've heard. Millenium is pretty bad...

Infected Mushroom - Some brilliant stuff mixed with awfuly boring "bassline, 4/4 click and some odd noises" 'psy'trance trite. Hit and miss and I haven't even listened to them for ages...

Skinny Puppy - Once again, really uneven stuff. Too Dark Park is like one of the best albums ever yet the discography is sprinkled with some questionable stuff. Kinda like Rabies has some amazing tracks and the rest sounds like it would make sense only if I was baked as hell. I remember listening to Bites many times to 'get it' but I always wound up liking just Assimilate... : (


  • RaggaR

    We ain't dead yet...

    Ago 3 2010, 9:42

    Well, then I have no reason to complain :) You should still do a live though :p especialy now that Jahvey has a laptop.

    Ago 3 2010, 11:18
  • RaggaR

    troo. so far i have been doing some solo stuff but there are new upcoming nif songs. btw, i suggest you try FSOL's environments ll and vol. 1

    Ago 4 2010, 9:38
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