'It's only rock n roll but i like it'


Ott 1 2011, 16:36

That phrase means a lot to me and defines me listening habits as far as music goes in general.You'll notice that one minute i might be listening to the Stones and maybe later it might be AC/DC.Sometimes i'll throw in some Ramones or Clash followed by something like Queen or KISS.Could be hearing some Metallica or Nirvana and later maybe Van Halen or Guns N Roses.On occasion i'll also listen to Elvis Presley or The Beatles followed up by maybe some Skynyrd or Zeppelin.Could be Cheap Trick or Aerosmith followed up by something on the opposite end of the spectrum such as Type O Negative or Jane's Addiction.Bands like Pantera or Alice In Chains followed up with some Priest or Maiden.From The Who all the way through Mastodon I like all eras of what i call rock n roll music.You'll also notice through rock history a lot of the image if what defines it also changes along the way.Its an always evolving form of music that will never die even though its demise has been predicted on several occassions....LONG LIVE ROCK.


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