• What's the difference in US and Those Across the Pond...

    Giu 2 2012, 23:30

    I don't know about you, but I've often asked myself, what makes the US so different then everywhere, else. I don't find it to be any better than most places either, culturally I find it to be rather sad, and I find the vast majority of people to be shallow and severely close minded.

    Though I hardly paint Europeans out to be that open minded. After all if they were, they would all be accepting of Americans, and not such snooty cunts. England, you got beat by farmers, you suck. The rest of you, what would you do ever time there was a natural disaster...?

    So when I say, what's the the difference between us and them, I speak merely of music. Canada seems to be the only western country that's really broken into electronic music, with break beat, industrial, ambient, and experimental music. The US hasn't done as well.

    Velvet Acid Christ has done OK. One of the few American electro-industrial bands to reach Europe, but not so good in later days.

    Boyd Rice helped mold the industrial genre. Making noisey industrial tunes in the 70's and onward. He has worked with a few very notable English artists---Death In June, Coil, Current 93---but in more recent times made a lot of not so industrial material about his feelings and beliefs which are somewhat...controversial.

    Premature Ejaculation were from LA. Starting in 1980, one of Rozz Williams, many projects, influenced by Throbbing Gristle, and Boyd Rice, and performance artists. They found it nearly impossible to get gigs at one point because of the nature of their shows. At one Ron Athey---the original founding member with Rozz Williams--- ate a recently deceased cat and vomited it up.

    Of course there are the newer ebm, dark electro type bands now, but a lot more everything in Europe, and even South America.

    I find things are like fads here, they last for a little while then they go away. "You're still listening to that, no one listens to that shit". In Europe people listen to the same music for years and years. techno is a fine example. It's still popular in the UK.

    Is it non existent, no. But do people listen to techno like they did in the 90's...HELL NO!

    End question what's the difference between the US and the Europeans...they're not more creative...what's the answer though...?

    NOTE: I didn't proof read, I had other things to do, forgive me for any typos. sorry
  • What do you consider industrial & why

    Mag 31 2012, 6:29

    Throbbing Gristle, the created the genre, most literally; "industrial music for industrial people". Their album's were the inspiration for many of the greatest electro industrial musicians of the 80's 90's, and no doubt, some artists of today. Though the 70's were far different and creating a genre isn't easily done.

    In the 70's synthesizers were very expensive, too expensive. Instead Christ Carter built his own synthesizers, and they found their own ways to make strange sounds with tape loops and guitars as well.

    Throbbing Gristle didn't want to make attractive music but wanted to make people think freely. They were inspired by their surroundings at the time which were rather industrial. They wanted to make people think.

    There were other industrial groups as well, SPK, White House, (early) Cabaret Voltaire, Einsturzende Neubauten. With sounds that ranged from scraping noise to pure chaos. But there's nothing quite the same Throbbing Gristle,

    Industrial has become, now, a generic stamp that you label anything with screamy with electronics. "it's not techno, it's industrial."

    Industrial music was started by innovators, thus it should be carried on by innovators. Technology has nearly destroyed true industrial, but it survives in little bits in ambient and drone of today.

    My opinion: sequencers are for techno not industrial, if you like to label, label correctly. Pressing one button and getting an arpeggio in that octave is lazy, that's why you do it.

    Note: affordable synths didn't come out 'til the 1980

    In the end what is industrial?
  • Electronic Psychadelia: Phil Western, Christina Handrabur, Dan Handrabur

    Mag 31 2012, 2:05

    There's the acid all can hear and say "that's acid". With, hard techno techno beats, and harsh fuzzy sequences. London sounds...then there's spacey psychedelia, like liquid, loose, electric jelly, shooting through the sky into giant silly straws...the other acid...

    This was the acid of Off and Gone and Float Point; and electronic psychedelia, that ended in 1996. Phil Western hasn't made a solo album since 2009. Christina Handrabur and Dan Handrabur (husband and wife) have performed under the name of Weed and other names, and have been on a number of different albums of the years, compilation and such.

    Dan Handrabur has produced as well, to note one group that might impress, he produced for Front Line Assembly, Implode, one of the last great albums, before a mass of poorly produced garbage.

    below, videos, and a very detailed interview with Phil Western: