actually a decent cover again-again again-again-again amazing cover autumntastic best song ever binky blue myrtle boogie like navin johnson chasing the mean reds childhood favorite chucky and i damn straight dead fucking sexy delightful delightfully twangy ever so lovely live faux country awesomeness favorite band favorite covers favoritest favorite feeling so many feelings floating down butte creek with a beer in my hand folktastick for rainy days for to play on me guit-fiddle from our wedding fuck yea fuck yeah gets me in the gotcha gpa tony great love songs grrrrr baby grrrrr handclaps hell to the yeah hey litlle song im making love-eyes right at you hey song yer so fucking cute his bobness i could listen to this song forever if i made movies this would be on the soundtrack lifetimes ago livin with the j louder-louder love at first listen love her voice love-love-love-love-love lush luurve makes me happy makes my hands warm more than love my best of 2010 oh hell yea oh how i love this song oh my heart one helluva cover one of the best songs ever only willie perfect driving song perfect driving-very-very-fast-at-night-song perfect pop played at our wedding poetpants positively breathtaking rainy day favorites rainy day musts saucy shout along at the top of your lungs shouty loveliness sigh snaps n snaps so good live songs i love to sing songs mom sings songs mom used to sing songs that i love singing songs that i will still be listening to in a billion years songs that remind me of my devils songs that rock my face off stomp-stomp-stompy super sweet cover sweet little ditty sweet perfection sweetest song ever thanks maw the gink theme-songs from my past this song always hugs me this song is my heart timothy and i to make xmas tolerable try not to boogie try not to sing along try not to smile ugh so perfect ukelele joy very favoritest favorite very favoritest most favorite wonderfully whistley yay and hooray and yippee and huzzah