4 Gigs In 4 Days Again, Part II: "Homosexuals!? Can't Get Enough!"


Ago 15 2007, 22:28

Continuing the epic that is my coverage of my last 4 concerts, I now take you to Thursday the 26th July, when after Hives-ing for the last 2 days, I'm off to the (fantastic) o2 Arena in Greenwich to see yet another band infamous for their energetic stage presence, Scissor Sisters. After again getting a bargain last-minute ticket (£5!), I get to my seat about half-way through surprise support act Amadou & Mariam's set. A&M played a few West African tinged rock songs which went down well enough with the crowd, but not really something that got everybody worked up, although by the time the lights went down and a projector shone the letters spelling out S C I S S O R S I S T E R S on the big curtain, prompting everyone to spell the band name in a chant, the crowd seemed as worked up as it was going to be.

The curtains flew open and a dazzling array of lights came on, illuminating a stage shaped like the Scissor Sisters 'scissor-legs' logo and a full band with a brass section bursting into recent single She's My Man. Judging by the audience tonight, flamboyancies are defiantly in vogue, so it's a good job the band are able to keep up, with frontman Jake Shears' numerous costume changes and one of the most impressive light-shows Ive ever witnessed. However I couldn't help but notice that the fairly muted reaction toward latest album, Ta Dah, in the music press was reflected here, as whenever the band would start any album tracks from their latest long player the cheers would seem to die down. The biggest cheers of all came when the first notes from the singles from their self-titled debut were played, the ones for their cover of Comfortably Numb were added to when the band broke out their fancy laser show, making the concert a full blown extravaganza. Another thing I noticed during the show was how little frontwoman Ana Matronic actually does during the shows, apart from adding the occasional back-up to Shears' vocal parts and occasionally half-heartedly shaking a tambourine, the biggest thing Ana actually did while on stage was launch into a monologue about meeting Jesus and him revealing his love for orgasms, gays and marijuana, which got an understandably mixed reaction from the audience (as did Jake's jokes about La Streisand's performance at the Arena the previous night - not the best move considering they will be sharing quite the fan base!). After just over an hour the 'Sisters temporarily leave the stage, only to come back and dedicate token slowy Mary to band member Paddy who wasn't with them this evening due to his mother passing away a few days previously. However not long after this do the band break into the final chords of the song everyone has seemingly been waiting for, I Don't Feel Like Dancin' creating hysteria amongst the crowd one last time.

20 hours later and I'm heading further into South London once again, this time to the Brixton Academy, to witness a performance by another dance pop band with quite the gay following, Basement Jaxx. However once I got inside the venue I discovered that the tickets I had got were in fact seated, which anyone who has been seated in the Brixton Academy will know is very bad news!

As I sat down (=[), the first support act was already on-stage, some dreadful one man DJ who managed to keep up the same, boring beat for 45 minutes before FINALLY fucking off and making space for tounge-in-cheek hip-hop act Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, who previously I had only heard one song by - the excellent Thou Shalt Always Kill, and was expecting that to be the highlight of their set. However they played an utterly sparkling set filled with fantastic beats and some of the freshest lyrics I have heard in some time, prom[ting me to explore them further. But it was not long after the duo had left the stage that the lights once again dimmed and a seeming army of musicians took to the stage. Basement Jaxx were in the house!

Before the show I had been expecting the group to play mainly cuts from last year's LP, Crazy Itch Radio, however they only played 2 tracks from it on my count - and neither of them were singles from the album! This meant that the rest of the set was comprised of their many, many hits. This being a somewhat home-coming show for the two men behind the music (who could barely be seen), I certainly reckon they pulled out all the stops - with continual costume changes for the two female vocalists, another laser show and the odd random musician popping out on certain tracks. The biggest cheers from the crowd came (inevitably) for the big hits, Red Alert and Good Luck especially. After the second encore, the band looked extremely worn out, which is not surprising considering what an energetic show they had just put on. The only things that could have made it better was me not being seated and the crowd showing a bit more enthusiastic. But apart from that, it was a very, very good show indeed!

Sorry about the lateness of this journal entry, it has been 80% complete for 2 weeks but I have been too busy to complete it - but now I'm bored again I finally got round to finishing it off!


  • EtherBoy

    I'm only commenting because you're making me. I don't like either band that this journal is about. Glad you enjoyed them at least though.

    Ago 17 2007, 2:53
  • lorazio

    and god turned to moses and gaveth the final and most important of the sacred commandments: thou shalt not blog every gig one goes to. Moses saw that this was good.

    Ago 21 2007, 22:24
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