• New Group Christian Hip Hop/ Rap Promotion

    Feb 8 2014, 20:45

    Hello everyone, I just created a new group today to bring more awareness to Christians and Non-Christians that Christian rap can be used as a tool in music to bring people closer to living the life Christ wants you to live. Christian rap to me is music that gets in your face and is honest, real describing issues of a past life and moving on towards worshiping the King. In other words its music that is resistance against secular industries which makes it positive music nonetheless.
  • Just Created a Great Christian Blog

    Mar 7 2013, 5:32

    I recently created a blog that I will update quite often. I plan to do alot to exercise my thoughts , opinions, beliefs , faith and also it will be a blog for me to discuss some about my hobby and more. I already got my Introduction on there, hopefully some people will support me as I try to extend my vision of spreading God's word out to the masses. I know God is calling me to share his word every moment I can , I will not fail him ; he has been calling me home in his arms for so long and sometimes I just delay. I'm done with delaying , It's time I put the effort in to do what the Lord says I should.

  • Last FM Play Day

    Lug 13 2012, 19:09

    All of us on last fm are going to be playing Britt Nicole all day today July 13th 2012.
  • Back on Last.fm

    Giu 18 2012, 0:22

    I haven't listened to any music on here lately b/c after coming back home for the summer I left my laptop at my apartment I stay at when I'm in college. I finally got my laptop back today and I feel so great having it back now. I will be posted Youtube videos again this week and listening to music on here. Stay tuned and God bless to all my friends on here.
  • "Freedom" Review by Mandisa

    Mag 7 2012, 0:18

    Mandisa is an artist who blends in Pop with Christian music. Her Debut album “True Beauty” was released about two years before this one. She was previously on American Idol and started her career with her debut CD “True Beauty” which came out in 2007. This is her 2009 album “Freedom”

    “My Deliverer” is a soft tune that basically says that God freed us from our sin and we are to praise him to thank him for freeing us from sin. “How Much” is very catchy and has smooth vocals and asks the question , Do you know how much you are loved by God. She uses metaphors such as towers and compares how much we are loved more than ever man-made thing that earth could ever provide. She gives reassurance to all believers to reassure us that we have value no matter what other people say in this world. How much does God really love us?

    “The Definition of Me” states what qualities a person wants in a life and the qualities that are shown through a “Fruitful Life” Vs. the “Sinful” life or life that bears no fruit. It is a very upbeat and catchy song and Mandisa even raps some through one of the verses of the song. The beat is perfect and the song is raw and fits the qualities that lie within a fruitful life pleasing to the Lord and being free from sin.

    “Not Guilty” is a song that stands out among others in this CD. It is very upbeat, heartfelt and pure worship thanking the Lord for all he has done.

    This is a very solid album with a mix of soft and high upbeat songs with strong and intense vocals. The first few songs are softer and the rest is very upbeat and she sings so well. She sings a song sang by another Christian artist called “A Broken Hallelujah”

    This is a great release from Mandisa and if you are looking for something different with great vocals and great beats mixed in with Pop music then you will love Mandisa’s music.

    Overall score: 5/5

    I give it a 5/5 due to the incredible vocals and intense beats used to praise that she uses in this to make mainstream Pop meets Christian music work today.

    NewReleaseToday link to the Review: http://www.newreleasetuesday.com/userprofile_reviewssinglepost.php?review_id=19955&user_id=91479
  • Summer 2012/ Summer break

    Mag 4 2012, 17:57

    I have officially now started the beginning of my Summer of 2012 this afternoon.
  • Offerings Worship Box Set Review By Third Day

    Apr 18 2012, 19:12

    Third Day has been one of the most successful Southern Christian Rock groups in the past decade. The lead singer has what I would call the perfect southern rock voice to lead his group to success for all of their records. They had very good success with their albums like " Live Wire" , " Revelation" and " Move" and even some other older albums. This review is actually for the Offering Worship Box Set by Third Day which includes The Offerings and The Offerings II in one package or slip case to put it in. It looks very nice in anyones collection and the box is very nice with great artwork on it.

    Both albums themselves from begging to end are amazing. If you are looking for the top Worship and Praise albums to get and don't know what your looking for , look no further. Third Day has created a complication of Thought-provoking and Bibically inspired lyrics that will shock and amaze you once you hear the melodies and vocals off this album. I don't have a favorite songs out of both box sets in this Worship Box set by Third Day. I love all of their songs on it from beginning to end , a masterpiece nonetheless and def. a Box Set you will want to have in your collection. If you don't have this yet , go buy it. I gaurentee you will enjoy it and like it and will feel spirtually moved after listening to it.


    Sound: 5/5
    Vocals: 5/5
    Inspiration : 5/5
    Moving: 5/5
    Flow : 5/5
    Overall: 10/10 for a 10 point scale review and a perfect 5/5 on a 5-point scale review.

    If you like many Houston Christian Rock and Contemporary artists you will love this Box Set if you have yet to check out Third Day as a band.

  • "Love Come To Life" Review - Big Daddy Weave

    Apr 17 2012, 5:55

    Big Daddy weave have been touring for more than a decade and have had big sucess with their 2008 album " What Life Would Be Like " and other songs like " What Life Would Be Like" , " You Found Me" & " Let It Rise" This album just came out today and I got mine a couple hours early. I've never listened to any of their previous music before so I am a new fan of their's.
    My favorite songs off this album are " Love Come To Life" , " Jesus Move" & " Magnificent God"

    This album is very catchy and upbeat with great melodic vocals and very encouraging lyrics that will make you feel like hugging the Lord after you make it through the whole album. If you are having any problems serving the Lord and you want to learn how to Love others more and commit and sacrifice more to God than this is the album for you.
    I was shocked when I heard the opening song " Jesus Move" which has the strongest beats in the backgrounds and makes you want to bow down on your knees and thank the Lord that we serve him and thank him for all of our blessings. It makes me feel so joyful once hearing this new and excellent , amazing and abundant album from Big Daddy Weave.

    Go get this album right away , you won't want to miss out. The truth has been spoken in a very new way and just the passion and commitment of time the band put into to sculpt every track to perfection. If you like MercyMe and Third Day then you will love this album. It is one of the most upbeat albums of 2012 in the Southern Christian Contemporary genre.

    I loved every single song on this album and this is by far in my opinion their best yet , even though this is the first album I've ever bought of them and listened to their music.


    Sound: 5/5
    Passion/Vocals: 5/5
    Upbeat tempo : 5/5
    Length : 5/5
    Overall: 5/5
    Perfect Score for a fantastic band and album you do not want to miss out on for 2012.
  • Bluetree Live At Exchange Church Belfast Review

    Apr 12 2012, 20:47

    Bluetree's mission as an Alternative Rock/ Christian/ CCM band is to deliver their uplifting songs and messages inside their songs to churches everywhere for worship and praise. I would classify them more as Alternative rock but they have good worship and praise tracks in this album that got me to like this band. This Live album was preformed in their hometown and home church in Ireland. It's more easy to probally come across this album through Mp3 download even though I managed to find a copy of the physical CD at my local Christian music store.

    Following their debut release of God of this City in 2009 , this Live album are some of the same songs preformed though at their church in Ireland , too me the Live version is much more energetic and upbeat. Songs like " God of this City" , " God's Plan" , " Each Day" and even a new track called " Kingdom" which will be on their summer 2012 release titled " Kingdom."

    I highly enjoyed this album and recommend it to worship pastors , missionaries and Youth leaders. Not only do I recommend it to people with occupations in Church and missionary work but also to anyone who wants some Church music at home or in your car. This album is excellent and a great experience for anyone who hasn't seen Bluetree preform Live before. The sound is increased and I love their new song called " KIDS."

    KIDS is where the people in Ireland at that Church speak their native language and it is very beautiful even if some of us on here speak only one language. It is just a great CCM/ Alternative Rock album to worship the Lord at home , in the Car and at Church.

    I highly reccomend this album over their debut release, if you haven't got this Live album yet I suggest you search for it somewhere and pick it up if you like Alternative Rock that is Christian music.
    BluetreeLive at Exchange Church Belfast
  • "One Song at a Time" Review - Jamie Grace

    Apr 12 2012, 19:33

    Jamie Grace is a new singer who is 20 years old and she is still in college singing her heart out with acoustic guitar and excellent vocals. She was diagnosed with a speech impairment at a young age at eleven years old called Tourette Syndrome However, it does not hold her back and you barely can even tell that she has a syndrome when you listen to her music. " One Step At A Time" is a very calm and entergetic album by Jamie Grace. This is her Debut album , she does a mixture of Hip-Hop and Pop along with acoustic pop sounds. She recently got signed to Tobymac's label. If you like Christian infused acoustic pop with great vocals then this album is for you and you will like Jamie Grace. If you like Britt Nicole then you will like Jamie Grace.

    My favorite songs on this album are " Hold Me f/ TobyMac" , " You Lead" and " Show Jesus"

    This album exceeded my expectations on this bright new Christian artist that brings a fresh mixture of acoustic pop with some folk and other things.

    Sound: 10/10

    Vocals: 10/10
    Jamie Grace