• Hellyeah, Otep, Bloodsimple Review

    Nov 15 2007, 7:09

    Fri 9 Nov – Hellyeah, Otep, Bloodsimple

    I went to this concert not knowing what to expect, since I haven't been to a concert this "heavy" for a very long time. The primary reason I went was for Bloodsimple, because there are a lot of their songs I like.

    Bloodsimple opened the concert (after a 3-set show by an average local Denver band) and the lead singer (Tim Williams) made it clear that he was in some sort of a contest to see how many times "fuck" could be said and still somewhat get out an intelligible sentence. The songs I like by Bloodsimple are their more mellow ones (Flatlined, The Leaving Song, Plunder) and they played NONE of these songs, apparently because there was no screaming involved for the most part in those songs. It was a very loud fuck-injected screamfest. Nothing against this, but it was obvious that they were playing for the mosh pit only.

    As for Otep, I have never really gotten into their music much, and it was even worse in person. It is very hard to get bored at a metal show, but they were able to pull this off with ease. I even went outside to smoke during their last few songs, which is something I have NEVER done. Then the lead singer (Otep Shamaya) starts getting political, which is something I do not need at a concert. If I want that, I will read the editorial section of the newspaper, not go to a metal concert. If this was the last band of the night, I would have left. Two words; they blew.

    Hellyeah was very good and their sound was much better than the previous 2 bands. Vinnie is an awesome drummer and it showed throughout the set. They all looked to be having fun and stayed out of the political arena. They got the crowd going and it was a very enjoyable set. I was not expecting much since they are a relatively new band, but they were very good. They played every song off their (only) CD (HELLYEAH), and did each one very well. It was obvious that they were a veteran group of rockers.

    Not sure I would go again unless there were other opening bands next time through, but I still want to see Mudvayne at some point. Mudvayne's lead singer (Chad Gray) also fronts this band, and he has an amazing voice (when not full-out screaming).

    Overall I would give the entire show a 6.5 / 10 thanks to the opening acts.