a delicious vinyl crackle a faint eighties flavor a nineties sound that i should hate but i dont a sweet surprise i could get used to a thousand thundering thrills await me all the people you love in a river of blood an eighties or nineties sound at once sad and perfect arc are we in the oc aurgasmic being in love is doing no harm chill chillout chillout beats college disco does not suck dorm room zexxins dream pop driving on a summer night embarassing and sort of great eric even the stars look brighter tonight heartstrings helplessly dancing along helplessly singing along highschool i am in this song i can hear the music tearing through my bones i get excited when i get confused i know my sentimental earnestness is not so much in fashion i let myself fall that night to be carried by the sound i need my 1987 dg20 casio electric guitar set to mandolin yeah i only see my dreams in everything i touch i want to put this in my mouth indie instead of dancing alone i should be dancing with you it breaks my heart that we live this way it will come easily when you hear the beat like children my dreams run away lizz was right loveliness lush layers mashup melancholy melody sounds like i just died in your arms tonight memorable kisses memorable zexxins memories made in the coldest winter mood up morning movie montage moments my heart in the speakers is loving the volume my heart is going to explode my love is so much more new weird america nights alone looking back not as horrible as it seems at first oddly compelling on my soundtrack for super ghouls n ghosts on the soundtrack at work one incredible moment one of the first electronic songs i ever heard one of those random things that got me completely hot in highschool one shining moment party party bounce re-run the tape for me my friend relaxing sagenhaft samstagabend saw live see you on a dark night she likes disco and tastes like a tear shivers on the back of my neck shoulders bob and hips gently sway so exciting songs for hazy twilight in the 70s stand-alone songs strangely compelling suddenly the world seems such a perfect place surprisingly tender that weird 5 months before industrial when i found techno and house fascinating the beat that my heart skipped sounded like this the mythology of romance the sound of heartbreak the way you move is a mystery this song rickrolled my heart this video is addictive thundering through a dark house at night tom haverford mixtape two sounds are better than one vocoding makes me melt wake up we gonna stay up the whole night weird and wonderful when covers are better than the original when i close my eyes i find myself somewhere else witch house you wanna dance i bet you do zexx