[188] Deep Purple – Deep Purple In Rock (1970)


Mar 17 2010, 21:58

Deep PurpleDeep Purple In Rock

For those who are still following my journals, yes it's been a long time... And as my life will even get busier I don't expect me continuing the 1001 albums list at a fast rate... But step by step I eventually hope to reach the end. So, first some reviews that were already written (but never ended up here on last.fm... until now). Old music, I'm back again!

Hmm, yes, oh well… So, here’s Deep Purple. Again a hard rock / heavy metal (I find it hard to distinguish the two) album, after Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, but different nonetheless. It sure is heavy, and it sure is hard, but is it equally interesting?

Although I can’t complain about the songs, they don’t drive me completely wild. It’s not that Deep Purple is unoriginal: of the threesome their songs have the most unusual compositions and the most unexpected turns (although they don’t do acoustic or soft psychedelic trips like Led Zeppelin / Black Sabbath). Technically it’s admiration all over the place, but somehow they don’t reach Led Zeppelin (I love Led Zeppelin III) or Black Sabbath (more excitement, more fun)

One super great exception of course is Child in Time, which is without doubt one of the best songs ever made. The slow beginning with the soft voice of Ian Gillan, who slowly goes mad screaming and then the super great electric guitar combined with the Hammond organ… to be followed again by the soft beginning and the going mad at the end. It’s a song that stays interesting no matter how many times you hear it, and the ten minutes fly by so fast every time… Actually, this is the song that proves what is lacking in the other songs: a perfect balance between hard and calm.

Well, neglecting the fact that this song overshadows all other songs on this album, the other songs turn out to be nice if you listen carefully: the start of the album, Speed King, has the most appropriate hard beginning and has a catchy riff, Bloodsucker is simply a song on speed, and great speed it is, and Flight of the Rat features a great organ out of control.

So, hmm, yes oh well… this isn’t bad! But Child in Time can be found on almost every Best of compilation cd ever made (even the free ones), so that makes this album not really a must… unlike Led Zeppelin (did I mention already I love Led Zeppelin III?)

(Boven alles uit: Child in Time!)


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