[13] Machito – Kenya (1957)


Giu 19 2008, 11:09


(Wild Jungle) So there you are, in the middle of the jungle. A little monkey playing the trumpet is trying to wake you up. You hear drums coming from everywhere... the jungle never sleeps.

(Congo Mulence) Let's start the day with a walk. Slowly dancing to the beat of the trumpets (apparently the monkey has found a companion) you move to the river. Yes, the rhythm has an unexplicable influence on your hips.

(Kenya) Ah, the beauty of the jungle surrounds you while you're swimming away. Chilling time... Coming out of the water, your hips are leading their own life again.

(Oyeme) What is that noise in the distance? You have to follow that droning sound... Apparently there are elephants doing their morning walk.

(Holiday) As the elephants walk away, the little animals come out again. You see them chasing each other around. Samba!

(Cannonology) The sun breaks through and flies are buzzing around you. Time to look up the shadow. The jungle however is wide awake: the rhythm of the drums is becoming faster and faster.

(Frenzy) A true party of monkeys has gathered in the trees above your head, including some really talented trumpet players.

(Blues a la Machito) The stars of the jungle arrive: some giraffes start parading elegantly through the jungle. The little monkey playing the trumpet is so impressed he sometimes forgets to breathe.

(Conversation) Enough! You should dance instead of watching the giraffes. Birds and butterflies are doing a colorful dance.

(Tin Tin Deo) The sun is going down again... A line of animals moves through the jungle in search of their beds. But that doesn't mean your hips stop moving.

(Minor Rama) Well, the monkeys prove they are not tired yet. Apparently there is a huge family party going on. Two of them are having a contest about who is the best trumpet player.

(Tururato) The dark surrounds you. The sounds of the jungle are also calming down... As you are falling asleep, you are suddenly eaten by a tiger. In one instant. Never let your guard down in the jungle.

Three remarks:
1. The combination of jazz and african drums evokes the feeling of the jungle very well.
2. 35 minutes of jungle music are 15 minutes of jungle music too many. This album suffers a bit from repetitiveness.
3. I have seen Jungle Book too many times when I was a kid.

(Nice: Congo Mulence, Oyeme, Tin Tin Deo)


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