• A Bedtime Story

    Ago 9 2007, 6:19

    Kenny [12:56 AM]: read me a bedtime story
    LAUREN [12:59 AM]: brb
    Kenny [12:59 AM]: i hope to get a book
    LAUREN [1:01 AM]: i have so many
    Kenny [1:01 AM]: nice
    Kenny [1:01 AM]: what are u going to tell Lauren
    LAUREN [1:01 AM]: i have maybe 3 i started and havent finished
    LAUREN [1:02 AM]: lol i dont have bedtime stories
    Kenny [1:02 AM]: just make 1 up
    LAUREN [1:02 AM]: ok once upon a time there lived a princess
    LAUREN [1:02 AM]: and she went shopping everyday
    Kenny [1:02 AM]: pretty materialistic princess
    LAUREN [1:02 AM]: and everyone admired her
    LAUREN [1:03 AM]: lol dont knock my princess
    Kenny [1:03 AM]: ;)
    LAUREN [1:03 AM]: shes also conceited
    Kenny [1:03 AM]: ok
    LAUREN [1:03 AM]: then one day she ate magical beans
    LAUREN [1:03 AM]: and gained 500 lbs
    LAUREN [1:04 AM]: and NO ONE admired her...except an ugly ghoul
    Kenny [1:04 AM]: hahaha
    LAUREN [1:04 AM]: she didnt like him so she sold her soul to the devil
    LAUREN [1:05 AM]: he magiked her back to a beauty plus took off one year of her life so that she didnt miss the time she had to spend looking for the devil
    Kenny [1:06 AM]: hahaha
    Kenny [1:06 AM]: ok...
    LAUREN [1:06 AM]: sshe found a beautiful (in looks and personality) prince
    LAUREN [1:06 AM]: at the ball
    LAUREN [1:06 AM]: they locked eyes
    LAUREN [1:06 AM]: and eventually got married
    LAUREN [1:06 AM]: she moved to his court
    LAUREN [1:06 AM]: he was killed in a tragic war
    Kenny [1:06 AM]: was the ball at 3 lounge?
    Kenny [1:06 AM]: hahaha
    LAUREN [1:06 AM]: after 1 year
    LAUREN [1:07 AM]: no at duvet! duhh!!
    Kenny [1:07 AM]: haha but we Laurent at 3 lounge
    Kenny [1:07 AM]: altho i did meet u out at duvet too..
    LAUREN [1:07 AM]: lol

    Kenny [1:07 AM]: haha
    LAUREN [1:07 AM]: (its not you and me silly)
    LAUREN [1:07 AM]: (do you wanna die?)
    Kenny [1:07 AM]: hell no
    LAUREN [1:07 AM]: he was killed in a tragic war
    LAUREN [1:08 AM]: she was a widow....because the king died....she was to find a new husband
    LAUREN [1:08 AM]: then she married a new one another wonderful prince...but he died after only 2 months
    Kenny [1:08 AM]: these cats are dropping like flies
    LAUREN [1:08 AM]: so again she met another one he died after being married for only 1 day
    LAUREN [1:08 AM]: sooooo you can see how eventually none would marry her
    Kenny [1:08 AM]: shes bad news
    LAUREN [1:08 AM]: she was destined to be alone
    LAUREN [1:08 AM]: until!!!!!!!!!!
    LAUREN [1:09 AM]: the devil came back
    LAUREN [1:09 AM]: and said to her i see you are truly unhappy.....and god has spoken with me and asked me to keep you soul forever to make you even more unhappy
    LAUREN [1:09 AM]: (this story is getting interesting...huh??) lol
    Kenny [1:09 AM]: hahahaa
    Kenny [1:09 AM]: this is quite a yarn, i must say
    LAUREN [1:09 AM]: (a yarn?)
    Kenny [1:10 AM]: 'haha yea...
    Kenny [1:10 AM]: a story = a yarn
    LAUREN [1:11 AM]: anyway....the devil said himself after god drifted away........"wtf??? I don't want to please god!! thats the last thing I want to do!!"
    LAUREN [1:11 AM]: so he went to visit the princess and said FU take your damn soul back and keep your fat lol
    Kenny [1:11 AM]: hahahaha
    Kenny [1:11 AM]: i like some meat on my women.. and princesses ;)
    LAUREN [1:11 AM]: well she was like 600lbs
    Kenny [1:11 AM]: lil too much bounce to the ounce
    LAUREN [1:12 AM]: a very handsome prince came and found her and looked in her eyes and saw beauty!
    Kenny [1:12 AM]: hahah
    LAUREN [1:12 AM]: so he asked her to marry him ...she moved to his court....learned to play gold and lived happily ever after with him and his court
    Kenny [1:12 AM]: touche;
    Kenny [1:12 AM]: play gold?
    LAUREN [1:12 AM]: the end!!
    LAUREN [1:13 AM]: oops golf!
    Kenny [1:13 AM]: nice
    Kenny [1:13 AM]: that was some story
    LAUREN [1:13 AM]: the f and d are next to each other
  • spherickal is awesome music.

    Mar 13 2007, 8:15

    It's good wholesome fun and I cannot wait till the next single! Or dare I say full length album? I guess we just have to wait and see (or listen)...
  • Postal Service

    Dic 20 2006, 3:58

    I slept with Give Up playing repeatedly. I wonder if that has a big effect on my charts. ? :)