• artsyhipster

    It'll take days, maybe months for me to come up with my own list. I live in Califuckingfornia remember....It's hard enough to do it for my State, what more for the entire country run by an idiot.

    Nov 3 2006, 0:42
  • icanhaveablast

    ^^ Didn't Phantom Planet sum up everything that needed to be said about California??? This is a very interesting concept...I might try it some time. I started reading and thought, Wow! Excellent, I am going to know what he's talking about! ...But then I only know the first song by heart (the first Magnetic Fields song I ever ever heard!!), so it seems that I have a lot of checking out / discovering to do.

    Nov 3 2006, 3:35
  • Lintwurm

    Generous soul that I am I could quite easily Sendspace all ten songs and send you a link.

    Nov 4 2006, 0:38
  • icanhaveablast

    Ooooh...that would be greatly appreciated :)

    Nov 4 2006, 2:35
  • jackiesixty

    That is a eautiful visual collage. I feel I should e saluting or something. (apologies, there is a letter missing on my keyoard. it's etween a and c in the alphaet. sigh.)

    Apr 5 2009, 18:31
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