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DragonForceThrough the Fire and Flames 20 Gen 2012
QueenYou Don't Fool Me 20 Gen 2012
QueenFat Bottomed Girls 20 Gen 2012
Green DayBrain Stew 20 Gen 2012
Flogging MollyCruel Mistress 20 Gen 2012
MAEThe Sun And The Moon 20 Gen 2012
Flogging MollyFactory Girls 20 Gen 2012
Gold MotelStealing The Moonlight 20 Gen 2012
Green DayLetterbomb 20 Gen 2012
Reel Big FishSell Out Brano preferito 20 Gen 2012
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  • Sui89

    ...why is Panic still about MCS and Mae? >.> *gets out the whip*

    30 Giu 2008 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    Motion City passed both Mae and the Hush Sound last week. >.> And now the Hush Sound is down to third since I have been listening to Mae a lot and stuff. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD. :OOO

    1 Giu 2008 Rispondi
  • Sui89 went and listened to One Day, Robots Will Cry because I told you to, didn't you? XD This amuses me. But this song is mainly awesome, so whatever. XD

    3 Mag 2008 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    ...Panic is higher than Motion City Soundtrack for you now. And this just should not be and saddens me. :(

    22 Apr 2008 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    *hit 1000 Hush Sound listens today*

    16 Apr 2008 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    Eh? MCS is a thing over there now? XD I am jealous. Not many people appreciate them over here. Which is a shame because I love them and they are super talented. ;_;

    8 Apr 2008 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    I approve of the much Motion City Soundtrack recently. Although upon further consideration, I'm not sure which one of Panic's albums I like better. Because the first one is good for entirely different reasons than the second one. I think the first one's a little more unique though for sure.

    8 Apr 2008 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    I love how you're listening to Panic's old album instead of the new one and didn't remove the exclamation point from their name to categorize. XD Also, the Hush Sound took over my #1 today. And I'll probably hit 1000 plays for them this week. I'm like 40 away right now, so.

    6 Apr 2008 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    ...we are somehow up to high. XD

    15 Feb 2008 Rispondi
  • Aleatz

    Low... Aw... But, I even listened to The Cure today :_:

    12 Feb 2008 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    There you whore. The Hush Sound is in second by 1 now. =P

    22 Gen 2008 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    This is probably because most of my Panic! listening happened before I had And most of THAT and anything after is iPod music, not iTunes, so.

    18 Gen 2008 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    You got the rest of Mae's albums, right? Because yes, you do. Although aren't you proud of me? Hush Sound is #4 now and will be number 3 pretty soon since I'm not listening to Fall Out Boy right now. Also, Panic!'s new single comes out on the 29th. Which is woe, because I want it now. :(

    18 Gen 2008 Rispondi
  • Aleatz

    *Has Silverchair's new album* It's still crap in contrast to their old stuff, but one track is particularly nice.

    8 Nov 2007 Rispondi
  • Aleatz

    Right. Obviously that's our next swap *nods* I should look out for some stuff you haven't heard that you might like...

    14 Ott 2007 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    They are almost 5 yo. And I am still listening to them. It just really doesn't help that most of these listens are on my iPod and they don't get on here.

    13 Ott 2007 Rispondi
  • Aleatz

    Obviously you do *Not too fussed* I also have a lot more South Park. Infact, I probably have almost every song related to South Park. I know I have 30 second recordings of all their Xmas stuff (which is sad. I really need the album). I also have Team America XD EVERYONE HAS AIDS!

    12 Ott 2007 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    Eh. I might be able to work them up to #5. I don't know. I like them better than most the people in front of them. I just did my spamming of them before I had this account, so. No one's ever getting in front of Mae though, pretty sure. XD *points to the obscene number of listens they have*

    10 Ott 2007 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    How is Honey lying? >.> *spamming the YouTube video and just listening* It's the official one that they send, so it's decent-ish quality.

    10 Ott 2007 Rispondi
  • Sui89

    THERE IS NEW HUSH SOUND YO. Just won't show up on this since it's YouTube video stuff. I don't have an MP3 because a high quality one does not exist yet. =P *wonders if you have heard these new songs yet*

    9 Ott 2007 Rispondi
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I love Punk, Ska, Rock, ect.
Favorite bands: The Offspring, Reel Big Fish, The Hush Sound (These three are the fundimentials of my musical exsistance.) Mae, Maldroid, Motion City Soundtrack, Birds of Toyko, Desendents, Panic! at the Disco, Anti Flag, Green Day, ect. on and on and on.

Mostly punk, ska or alternative. I like some weird stuff too, some soundtrack, some japanese. I don't care for country, and I HATE rap.