So, how long have you been a user?


Dic 1 2008, 2:32

Since we don't have any formal journals or a discussion forum as of yet, i figure this was in order.

we pretty much all know one another from the WYHT forums or the like, but may not recognize each other's names on here. so take a moment to introduce yourself via your WYHT handle, and when you signed up.

i'm not too difficult to figure out. obviously i am SUNOFALIGHTBULB from the forums. this is actually not my first account on here. i had an older one that kind of got fucked in a glitch eons ago. (circa November 2005) which counted a nights worth of plays as 48 instead of as 1. the problem was eventually corrected, but i opted to get another account and start fresh in the meantime. obviously while i excel in musical knowledge i fail in patience.

so yes, this account has been active since late November 2005, so i'm celebrating my 3 year anniversary, but i've been on the site since 2004. i also used another service called listen-to back as early as 03.
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