00s 90s alternative alternative metal alternative rock amazing angry awesome beautiful better then sex big boner black metal blackened death metal bloody awesome songs brilliant riff brutal death metal california classics catchy catchy with well-thought-out lyrics and funny child pornographer chill christian classic rock crossover death metal deathcore depressive black metal diverse technical progressive blastbeat doom metal electronic emo emocore epic experimental fav of 2007 favorites favs female vocalists flawless like some uncut ice folk metal frostbitey grim truetrvetr00 kvlt blasturbation blaekk mettel fuck-shit-up-music gonna fuck you up good rap goodlongsong gr1m and frostbitten grindcore hard rock hardcore hardcore punk he broke blink-182 up and he is a douche heavy metal hip-hop i had to change my pants after this song ill sleep with the intro and then not call it back in the morning indie industrial industrial metal kuhl solo looooooooooooooooooooooooove this song math metal mathcore melodic death metal metal metalcore mindfucking expression music to get stoned into oblivion to nu metal nu-metal omg frickin awesome play this loud enough to raise the dead political punk pop punk pop-punk post-hardcore power metal progressive progressive metal progressive rock psychedelic punk punk rock rap rapcore rock sad screamo sludge sludge metal smoke a blunt soundtrack suicidal black metal summer technical metal thrash metal tom delonge is a douche twelve metal underground hip-hop what cha sayyyy yeah amazing