• Weeklys Nov 26th - Dec. 2nd

    Dic 3 2007, 19:59

    Well well, it's been a while since I've did these. Since I'm listening a bit more and got a bit of time I'll start writing these again for a while for anyone who's interested...



    Alien Ant Farm:

    One of the few rock bands I can stand listening to. It's something about them thats different, maybe its cause they are more 90's style of rock. Usually when I think of rock I just think of noise and annoying shit, but I really feel Alien Ant Farm. Thank Tony Hawk and "Wish" for getting me into these guys. I just love the vocals and their music aren't nearly as harsh as the other metal I've tried listening to, thats why I like em.

    Lil Wayne:

    No surprise here...he's always in my weeklies. Expect him to be a bit less tho now. Unless I get hooked on some of his old SQAD UP mixtapes like I did last week lol. He's been boring me lately with the new stuff.

    Maroon 5:

    Hmm...really feel good music. I downloaded their latest album a whiiiiiiiile back and decided to go back and listen to it last week. It was pretty damn good the second listen.


    Man I love this guy. I'm listening to his Archetype album right now, well I just finished it and listening to the Under Score again. Dude is so fucking amazing its ridiculous (no pun), if you haven't listened to him and you're a fan of good metaphors and unbelievable delivery speed you NEED TO CHECK HIM OUT. He deserves sooo much more recognition than he has. Though I still prefer Twista and Bizzy Bone to him when it comes to fast rappers.

    Juelz Santana:

    Listened to WTGBM last week. Yeah good stuff, nothin much left to say. Not a huge Juelz fan, but he's cool.

    Robin Thicke:

    Well I decided to give his album a listen again...still don't see whats so special about this guy. I LOVE his hook on Smitty's "Died In Your Arms Tonight". But yeah thats about it. Next...


    Tonedeff - Let Em Know (Meddafore Drop):

    Oooooooooo shit nigga, the sickest freestyle on that Clipse Grindin' beat (one of my all time fav beats btw). Tonedeff is seriously amazing on this shit with his delivery, dude has some mad skill. Man I can listen to this shit all day lol, he just flows soooooo clean through that shit. Blows my mind with this one. I wish I could find the lyrics to this shit lol. I can't keep up with him.

    New Edition - Can You Stand The Rain:

    Hot rnb joint, not much else to say.

    Smitty - Died In Your Arms Tonight:

    I mentioned this one earlier, but yeah I don't even fucking like Smitty, he's pretty wack to me. The main thing about this song is Robin Thicke on the hook, he's maaddd nice on it. I'm not a huge fan of his hi-pitched singing most of the time, but on here its not too bad cause its not as hi so I'm feelin it.
  • Old Wayne Mixtapes (Pre-Carter 2 Material) (Links Inside)

    Ago 11 2007, 20:49

    Okay well since Lil Wayne is basically at 2m plays, I figure I'll do something like a celebration and share a lot of his music wit my niggas on Last.Fm. I will be adding more every few days as I upload them. I'm not doing them in any kind of order, just the mixtapes that take me the least amount of time to organize and upload will be first. I WILL BE ADDING THE COMPLETE SQAD SERIES SO CHECK BACK OCCASIONALLY. I notice there isn't a lot of familiarity on Last.FM with Wayne's early work with the SQAD, so I wanna get ya'll up to date. My titles may also be different because I have the originals not the collecter's editions, so feel free to rename the tags.



    1. Lil Wayne - Ohh Boy (Freestyle) (3:33)
    2. Lil Wayne - Ether (Freestyle) (3:58)
    3. Lil Wayne - Oops (Freestyle) (3:55)
    4. Lil Wayne - We Is Sqad (Feat. Sqad Up) (4:29)
    5. Lil Wayne - We Ain't Going Nowhere (Feat. Squad Up) (4:08)
    6. Lil Wayne - I'm Gutter (feat. J Gutter) (5:17)
    7. Lil Wayne - We In The Scene (Feat. Sqad Up) (4:12)
    8. Lil Wayne - We Are Brothas (Feat. Sqad Up) (3:56)
    9. Lil Wayne - We Everywhere (Feat. Sqad Up) (3:38)
    10. Lil Wayne - Oh Oh (4:23)
    11. Lil Wayne - I'm Gangsta (4:14)
    12. Lil Wayne - Rock The Mic Part 1 (Freestyle) (4:02)
    13. Lil Wayne - Rock The Mic Part 2 (Feat. Sqad Up) (4:26)
    14. Lil Wayne - I'm The Light (Feat. Sqad Up) (5:41)
    15. Lil Wayne - Ready Or Not (Feat. Sqad Up) (3:20)
    16. Lil Wayne - Freestyle Multi-track (Feat. Sqad Up) (5:07)
    17. Lil Wayne - Hoes Hoes Hoes (Feat. Sqad Up) (4:28)
    18. Lil Wayne - They Love The S-Q-A-D (Feat. Sqad Up) (3:31)



    1. Lil Wayne - Intro (1:41)
    2. Lil Wayne - We Ready (Freestyle) (feat. J Gutter) (4:22)
    3. Lil Wayne - Weezy Baby (2:24)
    4. Lil Wayne - Guess Who's Back (Freestyle) (Feat. Dizzy & Peanut) (4:01)
    5. Lil Wayne - Addictve (Freestyle) (3:03)
    6. Lil Wayne - Holla At Them Boyz (4:51)
    7. Lil Wayne - Nothin (Freestyle) (2:57)
    8. Lil Wayne - Big Pimpin (Freestyle) (3:03)
    9. Lil Wayne - Murder This (3:42)
    10. Lil Wayne - I Get High (Freestyle) (2:41)
    11. Lil Wayne - Best Of Me (freestlye) (3:13)
    12. Lil Wayne - You Don't Wanna Fuck With The SQAD (4:34)
    13. Lil Wayne - Renegade (Freestyle) (4:37)
    14. Lil Wayne - Awnaw (Freestyle) (4:08)
    15. Lil Wayne - Choppa Style (Freestyle) (4:15)



    1. Lil Wayne - Sqad 5 Intro (1:37)
    2. Lil Wayne - One For Weezy (Freestyle) (Ft. Sqad) (4:38)
    3. K. Gates - Interlude (1:35)
    4. K. Gates - What We Do (Freestyle) (3:05)
    5. K. Gates - I Am K Gates (Freestyle) (4:14)
    6. Lil Wayne - All I Need Is My Niggas (Ft. K. Gates) (4:32)
    7. Lil Wayne - Weezy Baby Baby Baby (Freestyle) (4:50)
    8. Lil Wayne - Sqad Check In (2:50)
    9. Lil Wayne - Love Of My Life (Freestyle) (Ft. T. Streets) (3:19)
    10. Lil Wayne - You Gotta Feel Me (Feat. T. Streets) (5:08)
    11. Lil Wayne - Young Yo Interlude (0:47)
    12. Lil Wayne - Gimme Da Light (Freestyle) (3:26)
    13. Lil Wayne - This Is The Way We Sqad (Ft. J. Gutter) (4:45)
    14. Lil Wayne - Weezybaby Interlude (0:52)
    15. Lil Wayne - Every Man Wants A Woman (Freestyle) (4:14)
    16. Lil Wayne - Are We Cuttin (Freestyle) (Feat. Raw Dizzy) (3:12)
    17. Lil Wayne - Birdman JR Interlude (1:28)
    18. Lil Wayne - Hollygroove (Freestyle) (4:27)
    19. Lil Wayne - All I Know (Feat. Peanut & Raw Dizzy) (4:59)
    20. Lil Wayne - When The Last Time (Freestyle) (Feat. Peanut) (3:33)

    Tha Fix


    1. Lil Wayne - Long Time Comin (Remix) (3:27)
    2. Lil Wayne - Yea Baby (4:03)
    3. Lil Wayne - Flashy And Fly (Feat. Nikki) (4:35)
    4. Lil Wayne - Do It (Remix) (Feat Nikki And Dizzy) (3:58)
    5. Lil Wayne - My Name Is Wizzle (4:24)
    6. Lil Wayne - Let Em (Feat Reel) (4:29)
    7. Lil Wayne - Mr. Postman (4:05)
    8. Lil Wayne - Get Real Gangsta (Feat Dizzy) (4:35)
    9. Lil Wayne - Yea Develop (3:44)
    10. Lil Wayne - Love This Fuckin Guy (4:29)

    Da Drought


    1. Lil Wayne - Intro (Da Drought) (2:24)
    2. Lil Wayne - Da Drought (4:27)
    3. Lil Wayne - Cops Is Watchin (4:33)
    4. Lil Wayne - Dat Boy Weezy (4:23)
    5. Lil Wayne - Won't Fuck Wit Me (4:47)
    6. Lil Wayne - Raw Tunes (5:18)
    7. Lil Wayne - Drought Interlude (2:24)
    8. Lil Wayne - Pop Goes The Pussy (4:11)
    9. Lil Wayne - So Many Places (5:07)
    10. Lil Wayne - You Got Jokes (4:12)
    11. Lil Wayne - Wayne Is Here (4:40)
    12. Lil Wayne - Life (4:41)
  • So you think you know Wayne's lyrics? (Lil Wayne lyrics game)

    Lug 10 2007, 20:12

    Well I haven't done a lyrics game in a while. So I thought hmm why not do one of my numba 1 rapper,Lil' Wayne. I think he has enough material for it. 50 lyrics, name the song you kno the drill. Could be from mixtapes and albums at any point in Wayne's career.

    1. "Miss butter pecan caramel,southern belle, she hotter than a summer day in hell"

    This What I Call Her

    2. "But my momma knew her baby boy was fresher than a baby bottom in new pampers on campus"

    Boom bap

    3. "Keep that Mary Poppins poppin like a toaster, I'm super­califragilistic­expialidocious"

    4. "Tomorrow I'm east coastin' yes I am, baby just be there when I land, so many places"

    When I Land

    5. "And now we at the table tryin' to discuss vowes, I know we young, but fuck ya'll"

    6. "Silver duct tape her imma kidnap her, if ya bitch look good bet imma get @ her."

    7. "And the women say damn, them niggas don't say a damn thing, boy I bet that shotty make you bounce like a bed spring"

    Ambitionz Az A Ridah Freestyle

    8. "Weezy F. Baby now the F is for fema, sick nigga bitch I spit that leukemia.

    Feel Me

    9. "See my dreads hangin lookin like a rasta boy, fuck with my roster and I turn into Mufasa boy"

    S On My Chest

    10. "Wait, nah hun cause you ain't exempt, if yo ass eva trip I'll give a clip"


    11. "I told her that I'm married to the money, comitted to the cash, all I see is pussy, titties, and the ass."

    12. "Gimme back my girl then you gimme back my life, see this is just a nightmare so I blink twice"

    Something You Forgot

    13. "These bitches should lay down and make a snow angel, I let a bitch suck my dick and now her throat famous"

    Dippin From The Cops

    14. "Speakin of slim, the f is for Fat,a real skinny hoe so you know why they call her that"

    Alphabet Bitches

    15. "If there's a throne you lookin' at the chairman, how you want it? Show me my opponent...show me my opponent.

    Stuntin' Like My Daddy

    16. "Young tune the big kahuna, its my ocean baby ya'll
    niggas is tuna"

    Tha Mobb

    17. "Blind, death or crazy, Imma spit like a long kiss"

    Top Back

    18. "I'm a bet soulja and mtv gangsta, I will be on vh1 when I'm done being famous"

    I'm Raw

    19. "Trip while you full and my clip gon' be empty, when the stomachs get empty anythings tempting"


    20. "Girl if yo man start acting up, I got something in the trunk that will back him up"

    21. "Last year they had the grammys and left me in miami, sleepin' on a nigga like I'm rappin in my jammies"

    1000 Degrees

    22. "Them bitches after me so I put that paddle on em, she rode my dick and said she shuda put a saddle on him"

    23. "I hear you lookin' for somebody you can call boo, I will change my name to boo and fuck around and call you"


    24. "I'm probably in the sky flyin' with the fishes or maybe in the ocean swimmin' with pidgeons"

    Ride 4 My Niggas (Sky's The Limit)

    25. "I'm walkin' what I'm talkin and I'm playin' what I'm sayin', I'm bout what I shout boy

    Bass Beat

    26. "I'm like fuck that but she thought i was ignorant approached her like a gentleman her friends tryin to get with him but i already been with them, they all act the same i fuck them all man they like synonyms i got dividends i might give a limb she see them niggaz im with i might give her them."


    27. "Niggas play I bury them, you already knowin', I threw out my arm and bitches startin snowin'"


    28. "My lil girl whole family tryin' to lie in court, tryin to put me a child on child support"

    Fuck Tha World

    29. "Yeah, fly boy baby sit back relaxin,
    cruise wit a nigga, destination satisfaction"

    Grown Man

    30. "Cuz I'm high, dumb high, nigga I could look into the sun's eyes"

    Half On A Dank

    31. "Throwin up fingers saying my side rules, if a nigga disagree thats when my side prove"

    Hit Em Up

    32. "These niggas air soft, yea, soft shell tacoes, mild sauce"

    Rep My Hood

    33. "My side pocket sideways when I pop it leave a nigga sideways for five days"

    B.M. Jr

    34. "I'm a rider baby I wouldn't lie to ya, I'll probably live for ya, but I wouldn't die for ya"

    35. "There's cooler ways to die but I'm smokin', there's cooler ways to ride but I'm soarin'"

    36. "I think they sippin' on that I can fuck wit him juice, test me if you wanna bad man imma knock a limb loose"

    Get Em

    37. "Mafucka listen this is sqad buisness
    notice when i say that all them killers turn witness"

    38. "Weezy hot carter with an army of supporters,
    one arm one hand two fingers SQAD UP"

    39. "Its young cosa nostra,nigga mob up
    no holster toaster leave my thighs cut
    no joker approach us and get cha spine tuck"

    40. "Bring ya gat to the party but if you real insecure
    dont bring your bat to the party
    because them hoes go boinkers
    when they see me and faed in tha aston martin
    they wanna join us and pass the marley

    Ignition (Freestyle)

    41. "I go hard, ask my broad, miss stevie wonder she ain't lookin' at ya'll"

    Holla At Me Baby

    42. "Me, I'm from new orleans where we hustle in the heat and enough work will have the cops hustlin' for me."

    43. "You know I'm nasty excuse my behavior, let me just taste ya we can fuck later"


    44. "We already the shit, don't need an asshole and if you feelin' froggy leap ya little tadpole"


    45. "Young money dipset thats what this is, and if I ain't good lookin' you can bet my bitch is"

    Beat Without Bass

    46. "One named mack, one named nina, they hit you make you do the macerena"


    47. "As I skim back over my words on the page of line, I don't write I get high and ignite"

    Thank God I'm Famous (also known as Crazy)

    48. "My flow sweet make my teeth hurt, I spit ice cream bars thats dessert"

    Pussy MVP

    49. "And when her man home,
    Im the ghost, man
    Why you think she holdin that pillow close man?
    Why you think she wont open the bathroom door?
    She's no whore she want more of the (postman)

    Mr. Postman

    50. "Dear Mr. Toilet I'm the shit, got these other hatas pissed cause my toilet paper thick"

    Money On My Mind
  • LOL Yayo got played hard...

    Giu 27 2007, 16:50


    Last night at the BET Awards T.I. was performing Big Shit Poppin and during the performance he was walking around shaking hands and stuff. At 3:21 he gets to Tony Yayo and Yayo extends his hand and T.I. ignores him lololol. Hella funny.
  • Lil Wayne - The Carter 3 Sessions

    Giu 9 2007, 16:32


    01. The Empire & Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter 3 (Intro) 00:46
    02. Lil' Wanye - Did It Before (Produced By Kanye West) 03:50
    (Carter 3)
    03. Lil' Wayne - How You Like Me Now (Carter 3) 03:20
    04. Lil' Wayne - Something You Forgot (Carter 3) 03:39
    05. Lil' Wayne - Scarface (Carter 3) 02:18
    06. Lil' Wayne - World Of Fantasy (Carter 3) 03:56
    07. Lil' Wayne feat. Mack Maine - I Know The Future 03:33
    (Produced By Timbaland) (Carter 3)
    08. Lil' Wayne - What He Does (Carter 3) 03:13
    09. Lil' Wayne - Help (Carter 3) 01:32
    10. Lil' Wayne - Time For Us To Fuck (Carter 3) 02:36
    11. Lil' Wayne feat. Mack Maine - Zoo (Produced By Rockwilder) 03:36
    (Carter 3)
    12. Lil' Wayne - I'm A Beast (Carter 3) 04:05
    13. Lil' Wayne - Pussy MVP (Carter 3) 01:14
    14. Lil' Wayne feat. DJ Khaled - Let's Talk (We The Best) 03:17
    (Not On Album)
    15. Lil' Wayne feat. Currency - Diamonds & Girls (Carter 3) 03:56
    16. Lil' Wayne - I Feel Like Dying (Carter 3) 03:27
    17. Lil' Wayne - La La La (Carter 3) 04:38
    18. Lil' Wayne - C.O.L.O.U.R.S. 00:54
    19. Lil' Wayne - Get It Shawty 01:17
    20. Lil' Wayne - Prostitute Flange 05:18
    21. Lil' Wayne feat. DJ Khaled - Brown Paper Bag (We The Best) 01:17
    22. Lil' Wayne - Is It Coming Out? (Outro) 00:13

    Total Time: 61:55


    btw if you dl, CHANGE YOUR TAGS. cause for some reason Lil Wayne is tagged as lil wanye. lol. so yea dont forget that.
  • Few new Lil' Wayne songs (Off the Carter 3??)

    Mag 31 2007, 0:33


    "La La"


    "I Feel Like Dieing


    "Diamonds & Girls (Feat. Currency)"

    Nothin amazing or maybe I just haven't listened to them enough lol.

    Cept that I Feel Like Dieing joint its really weird but in a good way lol.
  • Little Miss Sunshine, Tha Fireman, & The Pied Piper of RnB (Weeklys May 21st to 27th)

    Mag 28 2007, 18:10

    Well since these are the main 3 artists I listened to this they the only ones that imma talk bout.

    Rihanna (140 Plays):

    I don't listen to a lot of female artists but theres something different bout Rihanna. She makes really really good music, her voice is crazy addicting. The new CD recently leaked and yeah its hella nice from beginning to end.

    Umbrella and Hate That I Love You (Feat. Ne-Yo)(31 Plays each):

    Both these tracks got the number one spot. I hadn't really hear umbrella till like a week or so ago so I guess I got hooked on it. I can see why people say Jay don't belong on the track, but it don't annoy me or anything lol. Anyways the beat and her lyrics definitely on point and the vid...amazing. Haha.
    "Hate That I Love You", I probably had the first thought everyone else had..."Sexy Love Part 2???" because of the baseline and stuff. Well thats what I thought lol...but this Ne-Yo and Rihanna duet sounds damn good. Just a really really chill relaxing type of song...yap yap. Amazing basically.

    Push Up On Me (17 Plays):

    Really really up beat joint, definitely a club song. And another very addicting song haha, nothin more to say.

    Shut Up & Drive (11 Plays):

    Shut Up & Drive has a really rockish popish type of feel to it and I didn't think I wouldn't really like, but once again its all about Rihanna's voice on this and her lyrics of course. Really addicting song...0 to 60 in 3.5...damn lmao. Hot song tho. Love the metaphor.

    Breakin Dishes (10 Plays):

    This side of Rihanna I'm really feelin, I wasn't a huge fan of her past albums so I dunno if she's had a song like this before. I would say a good answer to this song would be Ne-Yo's "When You're Mad", you should get what I mean lol. Anyways love the attitude on this joint and with her voice its fuckin perfect haha.

    "I'm roastin' marshmellows on the fiya, and what I'm burning is yo attire"

    "I don't know who you think I am, but I really don't give a damn right now"

    LMAO, those 2 parts always cracks me up, but yeah this track is niiiiiiiice. If I ever meet this girl imma have to be sure not to piss her off haha.

    Lil Wayne(114 Plays):

    Well I can never have a weeklys without Wayne being in the top 5 at least. So yeah...theres really only 3 songs that I really really listened to him by him so.......

    Promise (22 Plays):

    So yeah...da drought 3 shit still is the shit. I hate Promise...the original...but Wayne's version is mad nice and the way he left used Ciara's vocals on certain parts was nice as well.

    Prostitute Flange (19 Plays):

    When I first heard about this track I was reading that he sang it to Trina I was LMAO. But I dunno...maybe he really in love wit the hoe. She definitely gets around tho...but she do be havin Wayne's back on shit. He makes fucks up life decisions, but that not why I listen to him. His music is amazing. This song...I dunno why I like it so much lol. Or how it got so many plays. I think its that damn thing he uses on his voice, sounds a lot like that auto-tune thing T-Pain uses. Or is he just drunk and his voice came out like that??? LOL I dunno...

    Ride 4 My Niggas (11 Plays):

    One of my fav songs off Da Drought 3. He rips that Mr. Jones instrumental, soooo much better than Mike Jones version. It grew on me a lot lately and yeah shit is hot.

    "im probably in the sky, flying with the fishes
    or maybe in the ocean, swimming with the pidgeons
    see my world is different, like dwayne wayne
    and if you want trouble bitch i want the same thang "

    man i love that shit, and if people didn't know dwayne wayne was an actor on a tv show called a different world :P. really simple rhymes but wayne makes them amazing...

    R. Kelly (84 Plays):

    Once again R. Kelly doesn't fail to deliver another amazing album. To me it sounds lot more influenced by hip-hop, Mister 60% RnB and 40 Hip-hop. Anyways Double Up is great from beginning to end so yeah imma stop talkin bout it cause i dont wanna write a review cuz thats not what I do. Now on to the tracks...

    R. Kelly - Same Girl (Feat. Usher (7 Plays):

    I've been hearing about this song for a while and didn't get around to hearing it till I got the album. It's a great song and all but so unrealistic lol. I just don't see two niggas singing bout meeting the same girl and falling in love wit the same girl. Anyways I really like storytelling type joints and this one is kinda like that. Keeps me hooked. Very interesting song.

    R. Kelly - Hook It Up (Feat. Huey) (7 Plays):

    Probably my favorite song off the album, since I'm A Flirt has been played to death. I really love the instrumental and hook on this. I've actually told a few of my friends this same exact thing haha. But the beat on this shit is knockin for realz. Hot joint. Kellz really wants to be a rapper haha. Mid life crisis ya dig???

    R. Kelly - Real Talk (6 Plays):

    Ooo man funny as hell. Almost every nigga has been in a situation like this, so yeah its easy to relate to. Got the chill instrumental in the background. It sounds more like a skit, but he rhymes a lil bit in it.

    Did she say there were other guys there??? Did she say there were other guys there?!?!?!? DID SHE SAY THERE WERE OTHER GUYS THERE?!?!?!? ROFL, thats hella funny to me. This nigga cracks me up. Kinda reminds me of trapped in the closet a lil bit.

    "What they eat don't make us shit!!" LMAO.

    Other Mentions...

    Gucci Mane (14 Plays):

    Damn he stay on his grind even tho he kinda wack lol. I guess he really tryin to not be known as the person who beefed with Jeezy, cause thats how most of the rap world knows him. Anyways he always have some really nice beats tho and some okay hooks so I listen to him occasionally. He got a new mixtape out...some of the songs kinda old, but the majority are new to me. The only thing I remember tho from this whole mixtape is that annoying YEEAAAAHH he kept saying...so annoying. And now I can't stop saying it lol.

    U.S.D.A. (13 Plays):

    The United Streets Dope Boys Of America. Young Jeezy, Blood Raw, & Slick Pulla. Ever since "White Girl" I've been really waiting for their mixtape "Cold Summer" and its pretty damn good. Favorite track on it is Corporate Thuggin'. The beat on this shit is sooo nice, upbeat really good feelin. I've gotten kinda tired of White Girl so luckily the mixtape came out or I wouldn't been interested in em. Theres some really hot joints on here, but I really need to listen a bit more.

    Canibus (7 Plays):

    He's a lot lower on my charts...but I did listen to him a lot. It's just that damn Poet Laureate Infinity. Takes a whole damn hour to listen to it lol. And after like 30 mins you lose interest unless you a really big fan of Canibus. This shit is definitely amazing but a bit too much for me.
  • Eclectic Score...interesting lol...

    Mag 25 2007, 0:58

    Take your top 20 artists. For each of these artists, collect the top 5 similar artists. The resulting number of unique artists is your eclectic score. If the score is small (extreme = 5) your musical preferences are very limited, and if it is large (larger than 80, extreme = 100), then you have an eclectic musical preference. You can compute your own score at http://anthony.liekens.net/pub/scripts/last.fm/eclectic.php

    My eclectic score is currently


    The 69 related artists for my profile are 2Pac (4), 50 Cent (3), A Tribe Called Quest, AZ, Atmosphere, Avant, B.G. (2), Black Eyed Peas, Bone Brothers, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, C-Murder, Cam'ron (2), Common, Coughee Brothaz, CunninLynguists, D12, Dead Prez, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Deltron 3030, Dr. Dre (2), Eminem, Fabolous, Flesh-N-Bone, G-Unit (2), Ginuwine, Gucci Mane (2), Jay-Z, Jedi Mind Tricks, Jim Jones, Jody Breeze, Joe, Juvenile, Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Lil Boosie and Webbie, Lil Scrappy, Lil' Scrappy, Lil' Wayne (4), Lloyd Banks, Ludacris (3), Mobb Deep, Mos Def, Murs, Nas (2), Ne-Yo, Nelly, Notorious B.I.G. (2), Pastor Troy, Pimp C, Rick Ross, Scarface, Snoop Dogg, Souls of Mischief, T.I. (2), Talib Kweli, Tela, The Game (7), The Roots, Three 6 Mafia (4), Tony Yayo (2), Trae, UGK, Webbie (2), Young Buck, Young Dro, Young Jeezy (3), Z-Ro, Zion I, ���
  • Weeklys May 13th- May 20th

    Mag 23 2007, 15:15

    Lil Wayne - Favorite Things (Feat. Juelz Santana):

    Pretty nice track, I like how Juelz put Lil Juju on the hook. Addicting beat and addicting hook even though its sung by a child haha. The verses ain't nothin special tho. Dunno how it got over 20 plays but it did last week lol.

    Question - Cold Day In VA (VA Tech Tribute):

    Amazing song, probably the best tribute track I've heard so far...R. Kelly's comes close. I still don't know who this Question guy is but everything he's been putting out I've really liked. This track is really nice because he puts the song in the P.O.V. of a student that had to go through it and its a really deep track. Can't wait for an album or something by him cause I definitely wanna hear more.

    Ron Flip - Rockstar:

    Seems like everyone wants to be a Rockstar nowadays lol...interesting track. Heard it on a mixtape and couldn't stop listening to it...oh well. Thats bout it.

    50 Cent - Amusement Park:

    Pretty good song, has definitely grown on me over time. Lyrically its not amazing, but its 50's style that makes me like most of his song. Like I always say his arrogance on wax is what I like most about his music. After the video came out I started to like it more. Now I'm tellin females to come visit my amusement park...lmao. Nah not really. But its a hot song. And on a side note, lmao @ his vitamin water commercial.

    T-Pain - My Girl Gotta Girlfriend:

    LOLOL funny song...T-Pain cracks me up. The stuff he sings about and that voice effect thing he uses. It's hot tho since he's the only one doing it, so I ain't hatin. He's a decent rnb/rap dude. This song was produced by Akon too which surprised me.

    David Banner - 9mm (Feat. Akon, Lil Wayne, & Snoop Dogg):


    Damn I've been hearing that shit everywhere so I had to finally see what this song was all about. Once again another track officially owned by Lil Weezy. It's like everyone song he's featured on he takes that shit over without even trying. I ain't a wayne dick ryda don't let my plays fool you, but you have to admit when he's featured on a track his verse is usually the best. He ain't even lyrically all that amazing but he's not average either. He puts a LOT of energy into his music and I think thats what adds a lot to em. His style and delivery are very important.

    Lyfe Jennings - Biggie Nigga:

    YEA IT BIGGIE NIGGA!!! Lol love this track...Lyfe Jennings is doing rnb sooooo right and he's still not getting a lot of recognition. It's sad but oh well.

    Rihanna - Umbrella (Feat. Jay-Z:

    I'm addicted to Rihanna...she's one of the few females I can listen to. Maybe its her voice...yeah its most definitely her voice. Love the way she sounds. Makes me wanna go to Barbados and find my own little miss sunshine lmao. Anyways this is a hot song. She's DEFINITELY stepped up since her last 2 albums. Very different style and more of a grown-up Rihanna. I can't believe she's done all the stuff she's done and she's not even 20 yet...

    TQ - Right On (Feat. Lil' Wayne:

    Wow who's this dude TQ, I was listening to some Lil Wayne mixtapes and came across this track. This is one of the MOST chill tracks I've heard in a long time. One of the best feelings in the world listening to this song lol. It reminds of the late 90's haha. The beat and shit is definitely on point. For once this is a song that Wayne SHOULD HAVE NOT RAPPED ON. Yes I said it. His part
    basically ruined it...I need to check out more of this dude TQ and see if theres a version of this song without Weezy.
  • It's about that time again...LYRICS GAME.

    Mag 11 2007, 3:25

    You know the rules...match the artist with the verse and name the song as well. Not all the verses are first lines.

    1. When Trina was tellin' Wayne "I love you boo", she was just running games she told Buck that too.

    50 Cent - Fully Loaded Clip

    2. Imma fall off a minute after never, set your clock.

    3. I'm in the vocal booth and behind the mic, and I'm just spittin' some off the wall bullshit

    Devin the Dude - Nothin to Roll Wit

    4. I'll be coming around the ghetto with six keys off in my trunk, pepperoni on my stomach, *woop*, I see the police they coming.

    5. Now do he rhyme with a slurr from the shots in his face or
    do He rhyme wit a slurr tryin' sound like mase

    Shyne - For The Record

    6. I got a friend of mine, named 50 Cent I signed.
    That shits official now, the deal is finished, and its time. (this is a freestlye btw, gonna be surprised if anyone gets the title)

    Eminem - Wanksta

    7. Turned into hours of blank cause my memory bank
    Is crawlin with skanks like Hillary Swank
    No disrespect, but your name rhymed homie
    And til the final destination, Death can blow me

    Cage - Peeranoia

    8. Got the red dogs trippin' and these niggaz still snitchin
    The old lady across the street still bitchin'

    Young Jeezy - J.E.E.Z.Y.

    9. Thangs done changed, I'm hotter than a flame
    So it's no time for me to beef with Jada, Joe or Game

    Young Buck - Money Good

    10. A billboard mack cuz man I pimped cha, 60% rnb bitch 40 I'm hip-hop.

    R. Kelly - Blow It Up

    11. When I pull up to the club all the shawtys be like DAAAAMN 28's!!
    Then I be like girl you know just who I am, don't hate.

    T-Pain - I'm A Flirt (Remix)

    12. Now I do it the maximum, take it why you askin em?
    Don't listen to them suckas when they say you too rational.

    T.I. - Big Shit Poppin' (Do It)

    13. Have you ever seen one-hundred thousand rip rydaz from tha side
    Blue chucks, blue rags, grey cloud, blue skies

    Snoop Dogg - Gangbangin' 101

    14. What? you can't escape me
    mop head
    drop dead, deceased
    say your final summons if I catch ya
    bet ya
    regret ya
    ever ditched me

    Souls Of Mischief - Cab Fare

    15. Yeah I burn a gremlin escape on yo tape
    intricate like a diagram of the universe

    Hieroglyphics - Mile to the Sun

    16. Just got me a new lac with 4 doors nigga thats the shit, brand new 20 inches with fresh vogues had to have that shit.

    17. Redefinition, turning your play into a tragedy
    Exhibit level degree on the mic, passionately

    Black Star - RE:DEFinition

    18. I'ma superstar, bought me a big ol' car
    Four point six (see the car!)
    Black wit the bars from the front to back
    and got a button in the middle, make the trunk go "eh-eh"

    Petey Pablo - Raise Up

    19. Yeah they call me Lil Wyte, I'm back out on the grind, I'm drankin everyday, I'm smoking on some pine.

    Lil Wyte - Hatas Talkin' But Hatas Ain't Walkin'

    20. You ain't ridin in dem 6s
    Cause u spendin all ya CAKE on dem bitches

    Lloyd Banks - Cake

    21. I ain't talkin' next year, I ain't talkin in a month, I ain't talkin in a week, everyday I want to stunt, everyday I want some candles, everyday a hundred blunts, everyday pull in lambo filet mignon for lunch.

    Flo-Rida - Birthday

    22. Slow motion like a blimp I glide
    And I didn't need Xzibit to "Pimp My Ride"

    Field Mob - My Wheels

    23. I say I'm shittin' on these boys cause I know I can, got the game wrapped in the palm of my gand. *repeat 500 times* (I'm just kiddin at the repeat but its a hint at the artist :P)

    24. It goes yes, yes yallin, fresh to death ballin (ballin!!!)

    Jim Jones - Pin The Tail

    Bone Brothers
    Lil Wayne
    Mike Jones