• Long time no see

    Set 11 2012, 15:45

    Hey Journal,
    It's been a very long time since I've written a journal. Lets see, I lived in Kingsville for 2 years as a single mother with my 3 girls, working and attending school full time. I made many new friends that I still talk to and see occasionally. I made a few enemies and had some crazy whirlwind relationships. I moved back home in June after I graduated. Didn't want to but alas it had to be done to make the $$$$$.

    I graduated this year in May with my Bachelors in Science and I am now a licensed Speech-Language Pathology Assistant. I am working at a clinic and my girls began attending a charter school here. I like it.
  • Brunette

    Nov 8 2010, 23:09

    After long deliberation I finally decided to return to my original brunette color. I said I was going to provide a pic and I did. I don't have a camera so I had to wait for a friend to take a pic and then upload it. Thank you love! (you know who you are)
  • Brief Absence

    Giu 12 2010, 4:28

    Since I will be moving soon I had to disconnect my internet and am now relying on my friends. So I won't be on so much during this period of transition. As soon as I move into my new 'crib' and can connect my services I will be back on more frequently to 'jam' out. Talk to you all later! Peace.
  • Fickle manwhore.

    Mag 3 2010, 20:11

    I was at a very late dinner/bkfast at 3 am with my girlfriend, a guy she wants to hook up with (I worked with him for a week before he quit), and a guy friend of mine. My girlfriend and her boy were flirting outrageously through the whole dinner. I was flirting with my friend cause we don't take each other seriously. LOL one of the jokes between us is my enjoyment of eating meat without teeth ;) Any ways when my girl goes to the restroom the guy leans over to me and says "if only I would have stayed at the job instead of quitting I could have hit on you". I pretended not to hear. I was torn between telling my friend and letting her have her fun.

    Two days later she called me for advice she did not know whether to sleep with him. He made it clear it was pure physical relationship. She lusts for him bad. So I told her what he told me and said he was a manwhore not to take him seriously. "Bang him" I said "but don't expect anything else and if you do then stay away". He made it clear so she should listen and either fuck him while not becoming emotional or find someone else.

    Why are men so fickle? I mean if you are trying to get into some girl's pants then: Focus! You will probably conquer but don't try to bang her while prepping her friend to be your next victim. Manwhore.
  • Playing stork!

    Apr 26 2010, 4:51

    On Friday April 23rd. I helped deliver my new nephew-in-law Jordan Da'Sean Sanchez! He was super tiny. He was 7 lbs. 4.6 oz. He is super precious and I instantly fell in love with him.
  • Asshole! (ranting!)

    Apr 18 2010, 18:49

    My cheating ex husband would always tell me I was the only one. No other girl in his life yet I keep running across evidence that contradict him.

    I knew he had a last.fm account for a very long time. I don't bother to go into his account since October 2009 the month that we separated. The last time in October was because I ran across a message from some girl named Yoli who he was telling that he would call her that evening.

    Now I ran into her account (I had completely forgotten the girls face) and I didn't think about it when I was checking her out I ran across a shout by him. It dedicated a song by Delroy Wilson -Once upon a time to her back in August of 09 (before we broke up). It just says how lonely he is until she came along.

    It makes me so sad to think I was being played. And to think now he doesn't understand why I want nothing to do with him except to share our daughters. I want revenge but will settle for a hot fuck and a back rub!! ;D got to go
  • Why do we feel?

    Apr 11 2010, 7:05

    I hate having feelings sometimes. I hate being nice. I wish I could not care about anyone or anything. A cold heartless bitch.

    But I'm not, I'm actually very caring and the maternal feelings I possess are very strong! The force is strong in this one.

    I have an ex husband whom I don't know whether I love or not. We were together for 12 years and married w/children for 10. I think about him often I feel giddy when we text. I smile when he flirts. I find myself wondering is he eats or if he's warm. I also hurt a great deal because of him. I think of him with women. I think of him with women and then coming home to me. I think of women feeling a sense of conquest when they were talking to him behind my back. He is a liar. He treated me so bad. I was not cared for. Cherished. I was made to feel inferior.

    I prided myself in not being 'one of those' women who feel they have to stay in a relationship. So I finally kicked him out. He's having the time of his life. He got all the material possessions we had as our goals. My daughters and I stayed behind.

    I hate him so much for what he has put us through but why do I keep thinking of him. Wondering about him. Why does my heart pound when I know I will get a glimpse of him? Why do my eyes look for him? Why do I care if he's with someone else?

    I am running away from him. I am moving in a month or so 120 miles away but why do I feel its not enough?

    Why must we have feelings?
  • The first time!

    Mar 28 2010, 14:05

    Last night was the first time I've ever let myself get so drunk I don't think I was walking straight. I didn't get so drunk that I didn't remember. Oh I remember EVERYTHING! LOL every little part of last night. I even had to crash at the party house. Sweet...
  • Bananas!

    Mar 24 2010, 5:18

    A friend of mine is allergic to bananas! Can you believe it? the glorious fruit that is so....well you get my drift. During lunch today we shared a piece of strawberry cake. When I noticed they began to clear their throat over and over. When we asked what the cake was made of we were told it was strawberry cake with slices of bananas in strawberry glaze in the middle. OH SHIT! yeah we had to rush to HEB to buy Benadryl. I had to drive because they had a hard time breathing and their tongue had swollen preventing them from talking! I was so scared!! They were okay after an hour but the hour was crazy! I was ready to call an ambulance or rush to emergency room!
  • So Long iMAC!

    Mar 17 2010, 4:56

    My iMac is being borrowed for a short while so for now I must use this PC. Poor thing has been through a few reformatting. Its still good to me though.