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Dic 29 2007, 22:35

At the half of the year i already tried to sum up some of my favorite recordings of this year.
Another half year passed and i thought i'd summarize 2007 in a top50 chart. All i can say for now is that it has been a fantastic year for music, at least from my point of view. I want to emphasize that neither of these albums (nor the 50th) has been a disappointment for me as i've listened sh*tloads of 2007 releases so this is only a fragment of them.
But before showing off the list i'd like to say a particular thank you to my friends, who had a huge part in helping me to discover new musics!
So here we go:

As the title says it already, Obituary decided to go back to the roots with this album. Florida death has never been this oldschool in 2007. Hail Obituary!

Ne Obliviscaris' debut album, The Aurora Veil proved one more time that there's other things musically in Australia than Kylie Minogue. Fantastic 3-track prog-black release with a colourful interaction of violins and guitars. Make sure to keep an eye on this band if you're into any kind of progressive metal.

A compilation album wouldn't normally figure here but that album has a second CD with acoustic renditions of their best songs. Magnificient piece of art from a magnificient land.

For fans of neofolk music this album is undoubtedly among the best of 2007. Ethereal, dreamy, sweet, beautiful. And on the top of that Hungarian, just to strengthen my non-existent patriotism.

Don't know what kind of air do they breathe in Japan but i'm sure something is different over there. Avantgarde black metal and only by thinking of the tunes i get shivers. Mozart would probably sound like Hangman's Hymn if he was a metalhead and have existed today. :)

A masterpiece from Ulver that will haunt on you upon each and every listen. Ulver is one of those who'll remain eternal. Pure ambiend marvel.

Whatever Steven Wilson touches to, it turns to gold. Sometimes i have a feeling that writing music for him is just as easy as 1+1=2. Blackfield II was a bit harder to get into but it's finally just as touching as the first release.

Yep, i never thought i'd restart listening to any kind of rap music after giving up with Eminem, Dr. Dre and the other clowns while being a kid but Necro showed me that rap is something completely different.

Haha! Darkthrone's black heavy metal is soooo oldschool, dirty and middlefingerish. Had some laugh on the lyrics but it has its place here!

Words like magnificent, wonderful are still weak to describe the musicianship of Katsuhiko Maeda. This album pushes yet another time the limits of experimentalization (sic!) by implementing bells and bird chirping, then some piano with IDM and post-rock. Musthave!

Not only this band has released a debut album like no other melting elements of post-rock, post-hardcore ambient in one but also decided to distribute their album free of charge shiping cost including. They really deserve more recognition and i'm sure they'll get it!

With this last piece of the trilogy, Warszawa-based Riverside introduced itself into progressive rock's hall of fame. Not their best album (Second Life Syndrome FTW) but definitely a determining album of 2007. Dziękuję!

It's kind of an hommage for this hungarian band playing avantgarde metal for whom winter came earlier then expected. But before disbanding they released an album which carries you to another world.

I know it's a live CD, but that gig (with Per Wiberg's astonishing keyboard work) gave finally meaning to The Night And The Silent Water.

English gentlemen in suits and neckties releasing the finest blackened death metal album of 2007 is pretty odd, isn't it? Judging from appearance fails big time with Akercocke!:)

Fans of folk metal had a great year i guess! Heard this album late spring but i still love it! The atmosphere, the profoundness of this album is just unique!

The perfect transition of shoegaze, post-rock and black metal. SUAM is an album full of hope which only by its cover made me listen it.

The virtual winner of the "atomic bomb category goes out to TDEP who released a completely undecipherable, yet mindblowing album!

Progressive rock at its best with magnum opuses like Anesthetize for example. And it's not even the best album of Porcupine Tree!

Porcupine Tree - Nil Recurring

Despite of this being only an EP, Nil Recurring beats FOABP with each of its songs. Hats off Mr. Steven Wilson, mastermind of 2007!


  • MrDoctor666

    Very ambitious list you put together!! I will definetely check out the albums I still haven't heard on the list. :-) Oh, and it's cool that Necro came in on 13th place. :-)

    Dic 30 2007, 22:52
  • LeeFH

    thanks, it's an honor!:) and yeah Necro was perhaps the biggest surprise for me this year, so he really has to have a spot in the selection!:) btw, how about your best record of 2007? :)

    Dic 30 2007, 23:52
  • MrDoctor666

    I have to come back to you on the best of 2007.. Ayreon didn't release any albums, so I don't know... ;-)

    Dic 31 2007, 12:16
  • Csabass

    végignéztem...jó kis lista...amelyiket én is vágom, szerintem is mesztörpíszek...a többinek meg utánanézek :D lehet h én is csinálhatnék egy ilyen bejegyzést...

    Gen 2 2008, 16:32
  • LeeFH

    [quote=Csabass]végignéztem...jó kis lista...amelyiket én is vágom, szerintem is mesztörpíszek...a többinek meg utánanézek :D lehet h én is csinálhatnék egy ilyen bejegyzést... [/quote] nagyon helyes elgondolás!;)

    Gen 2 2008, 20:02
  • LeeFH

    no wonder TNATSW owned without keys too, but Per gave it a more emotional touch i guess with his contribution on that song.

    Mag 14 2008, 14:45
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