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Feb 21 2007, 2:39

This week: EP's first ever METAL special!
Think iron filings and silver linings, think lead feet and SOLID GOLD!

Chrome - Perfumed Metal
(“Blood On The Moon” - Don't Fall Off The Mountain)

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Metal Postcard (Mittageisen)
(“The Scream” - Polydor)

Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle - Otto Hahn in Stahlgewittern
(“FSK bei Alfred” 2xCD - Zick Zack)

Stereolab - Golden Ball
(“Jenny Ondioline” single - Duophonic)

Riow Arai - Gold
(“Mind Edit” - Leaf)

Boom Bip & Doseone - Ironish
(“Circle” - Leaf)

Moonrock - Golden
(“Moonrock” - Creative Vibes) #

Björk - Isobel's Lonely Heart (Goldie Remix)
(“Isobel” single - One Little Indian)

Pasobionic - Rusty Dawn Reprise (remix of The Rectifiers - A Quiet Life)
(“Levy EP” - Sensory) #

Mr. Oizo - L'homme de fer (1995 Cheap Mix)
(“#1” mini-album - F Communications)

Jackson and His Computer Band - Tropical Metal
(“Smash” - Warp)

Low Key Operations - Golden Age
(“Concrete” - Low Key Operations) #

SPK - Metal Dance
(“Machine Age Voodoo” - WEA) #

Jeans Team - Waffenladen Silber/Gold
(“Impossible Hits In A World Of Pigs” - Click New Wave)

The Chemical Brothers - My Mercury Mouth
(“My Mercury Mouth EP” 12inch - Junior Boy's Own)

Rheingold - F.A.N.
(“R.” - Welt-Rekord)

Cleptoclectics - Irony Is For Psychopaths
(“Poignancy Beats”) (demo) #


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