• Amazing week

    Ago 23 2007, 17:30

    Last weekend i went to 4 shows. First off i saw Winds of Plague. They were really good even though they played 5 songs..but it was great anyway :).Then on Saturday i saw Trainwreck and Comadre..both of them were really good. Then, on Sunday and Monday i saw The Fall of Troy andRX Bandits. The Fall Of Troy are really amazing..when i get the chance i will see them again. Next show is gonna be the Emmure show so that is gonna be real fun

    Listening to The Renovation
  • Blood Brothers Show

    Apr 27 2007, 5:19

    The Blood Brothers show was really awesome..they are a great band live..with a lot of energy...the crowd was really intense..not surprised tho..they had a pretty long set which is really cool..ive seen headliners play for only 20-30 minutes and thats it..this is a good band to see live!

    GOOD CD!Young Machetes
  • The Locust show 3/28

    Mar 30 2007, 0:18

    That show was intense...People went really crazy for Daughters .The singer was on something that day lol or maybe he is just really really crazy..Cattle Decapitation was good too..better than the last time i saw them..then the The Locust came on and it was really great too see them..seeing Justin Pearson is like seeing 1/4 of all the three one g bands lol..the merch table had a bunch of amazing stuff from other artist too..i picked up 2 7-inches from Holy Molar and Some Girls..really great records..well i get too see Maylene and the Sons of Disaster today so that will be really fun!
  • Dance Gavin Dance Show

    Mar 9 2007, 22:49

    Thu 8 Mar – Olympia, Dance Gavin DanceThis show was good after all the other bands played..~Dance Gavin Dance was really good..they are good live..except when the sound sounds shitty..(ya try to figure that out) but other then that it was pretty darn great
  • Martyr AD

    Feb 8 2007, 4:49

    Martyr AD are one of the greatest bands ever. I always listen to them and never get bored of there music because there music is just soo energizing and really great..I hope to go to the studio one day and just cover a few songs from them or if not the whole album...all of the latest album i mean because im really familiar with that..i hope they come back one day and realize that they have a good fan base..i want to see these guys some day if my prayers are answered or something..but anyway they are a great band
  • xLast Fightx

    Dic 18 2006, 18:05

    xLast Fightx is the greatest band I have ever played with. Jamming with other bands was great too but this one was fun and exciting. Even though i couldn't go record music with them because of a friends b-day party it was still a fun experience. We even covered some Bliss songs..come on who does that these days. We are not playing at the moment but I hope we get to play soon and jam in the studio atleast one more time. I can't wait to play again..well if we play again. I will be looking forward to that day and it will make me a happy person.
  • The Alexisonfire Show

    Nov 11 2006, 6:07

    That was one of the greatest shows ever! They really put on a show and they are funny people thats a band i could see like a million times they are not bands that once u see 3 times its like eh this band sorta sucks now..they are amazing..i hope to see Alexisonfire in the near future
  • Sinai Beach

    Ago 10 2006, 5:34

    Ok im pretty bored right now..well bored enough to write another blog that probally no one will read.So Sinai Beach..I WANT TO SEE THEM ALREADY!!!!To me they are a great band that i really want to see because they must be great live and they send us a positive message about jesus and life.I am pretty sure that i will see them in my lifetime im guessing by the time they tour to support their new album which is in the works right now.I hope it will be a great cd if it ain't i will still listen to them and like them..but im pretty sure their cd will be great like the past 2 cds...well im still gonna dream for that day to come and if i do see them i really want to see them play and i dont want them to miss another tour cuz then that wouldn't be really great
  • Australia and Germany

    Ago 9 2006, 21:46

    At the moment i wished i were in Australia.Australia has the biggest shows with the greatest bands.There are a lot of bands i want to see that are from Australia like Miles Away and Break Even.Another place i would want to go is Germany lol they also have great metal and hardcore bands over there.Those are the 2 places i would like to be.
  • 7/1/06

    Ago 7 2006, 18:31

    I saw Bane,This Is Hell,Outbreak and Modern Life Is War on that day and it was a really great show.It was a show that i haven't been too because that was the first time away from a metal/metalcore show.At that show everyone was really into it and no one was falling asleep like on some shows i go too lol.it was a good show that i won't forget