• Can't Edit Scrobbled Metadata

    Gen 12 2012, 4:21

    I'm frustrated because my Illumination CD is at the TOP of my artist list (as I put the album name in the artist edit field when I added its tags for the mp3 files because of the way media-players displayed tagged files, and I wasn't sure of the artist so....

    I don't want to delete the mis-tagged data because there are over 1,000-some plays listed for my Illumination CD (with the wrong artist) and 90-some for the CD with the right artist (Dan Gibson). *groan* Same thing for Dan Gibson's H20 CD.
  • My Self-Composed Music Won't Show Up

    Apr 14 2007, 21:19

    I'm not too pleased right now. My personal song which I composed myself won't show up in the track listings for played songs. Further more Windows Media Player won't let me edit the tags for the song so it can have album and artist too (though I'm not sure what I'd call myself).

    Also I can't seem to download any more songs. I suppose I'll just have to wait for the CD. Song of Sorrow by ME!!!!
  • Track Listing Issues

    Lug 12 2006, 23:58

    OK, so now I'm REALLY confused. Does my track-listing in my profile update itself when I'm not logged in or something--Or maybe it only updates when it wants....?

    Just as long as it doesn't recognize my sister's music from her seperate passworded/walled-up account.
  • This Thing Is Pretty Awesome

    Lug 12 2006, 6:42

    OK, so here's my main concern with If your computer's music files are seperated by passworded accounts and what not should only the music from MY account appear on here--because I DO NOT want my sister's Rap music here--after all--this is MY account on this site and should be about my music--which is NOT Rap.

    It's pretty neet how the Midnattsols are multiplying as I listen to them on my iTunes while I'm typing this--seeing as it's one of my new CDs I'll probably be listening to it for awhile. :)

    As a final note, I hope the editted tags I placed on most of my CDs' genre's show up here since I editted them myself.
  • Four New CDs

    Lug 12 2006, 6:10

    I got four new Cds from Tower Records. Midnattsol's "Where Twilight Dwells", Garmarna's "Vedergallningen, 'Vengeance'", Within Temptation's "Mother Earth" and lastly I FINALLY found a copy of Burzum's Dark Ambient EP, "Daudi Bauldrs" which I really like very much--one of the songs on it is very good for improv.