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Brano Durata
1 Scarlett O'HaraNights Torn By Sunset download gratuito Loved track 3:53
2 The Devil Wears PradaStill Fly Loved track 4:54
3 Asking AlexandriaFinal Episode (Let's Change the Channel) Loved track 4:02
4 Scarlett O'HaraWhere in the World is Earthworm Jim download gratuito Loved track 3:48
5 Asking AlexandriaI Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps a Cowboy King Loved track 3:41
6 Scarlett O'HaraCall It Reckless download gratuito Loved track 4:20
7 Asking AlexandriaA Prophecy Loved track 3:34
8 Attack Attack!AC-130 Loved track 1:48
9 In Fear and FaithThe Taste of Regret 4:49
10 We Came As RomansDreams Loved track 4:15
11 Scarlett O'HaraI Make My Own Karma download gratuito Loved track 2:19
12 Make Me FamousMake It Precious Loved track 4:06
13 Motionless in WhiteAbigail Loved track 2:52
14 The Devil Wears PradaNumber Three, Never Forget Loved track 3:40
15 Woe, Is Me[&] Delinquents Loved track 2:56
16 The Word AliveHow To Build An Empire Loved track 4:31
17 Make Me FamousI Am A Traitor. No One Does Care Loved track 3:37
18 AmystLet's Do Things We Don't Do In Real Life Loved track 3:14
19 We Came As RomansTo Plant a Seed Loved track 3:50
20 Haribo Macht Kinder FrohHighfives And Breakdowns [2009] Loved track 2:27
21 From AtlantisArrival of a Rival Loved track 2:39
22 Make Me FamousWe Know Its Real 4:48
23 Eskimo CallboyMonsieur Moustache Vs. Clitcat Loved track 2:54
24 SeriannaFragments download gratuito Loved track 3:56
25 Make Me FamousI Am A Traitor. No One Does Care (ft. Johnny Franck from Attack Attack!) Loved track 4:08


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