A Night At The Opera


Giu 16 2008, 10:43

A Night at the Opera

The fourth studio album from Queen.

My personal rating: 06/10
My "general" rating: 10/10
- Songs: 09/10
- Lyrics: 10/10
- Cover: CD: 09/10

Best track: Bohemian Rhapsody
Worst track: '39

Longest track: The Prophet's Song
Shortest track: Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon

Best guitar: Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to...)
Best guitar solo: Bohamian Rhapsody
Best bass: I'm In Love With My Car
Best drums: Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to...)
Best vocals: Bohemian Rhapsody
Best lyrics: Bohemian Rhapsody

Track listing:
1. Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to...)
2. Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
3. I'm in Love With My Car
4. You're My Best Friend
5. '39
6. Sweet Lady
7. Seaside Rendezvous
8. The Prophet's Song
9. Love of My Life
10. Good Company
11. Bohemian Rhapsody
12. God Save the Queen


  • nanjamonja

    "Worst track: '39" O_o I'd rather choose Sweet Lady as the worst track on this album.

    Giu 25 2008, 15:40
  • L-Zep

    I haven't really listened that much too the album, but my first impression of '39 was rather bad... I think Sweet Lady is quite better :p

    Giu 25 2008, 15:43
  • nanjamonja

    I guess it's a matter of taste ^^ But the riffing on Sweet Lady seems kinda dull to me, especially compared to the heavenly harmony vocals on '39.

    Giu 25 2008, 20:07
  • L-Zep

    Well, I'm into more Zeppelin-style of music, with heavier riffs, so I kind of like it :) And I can't fix the backing vocals on '39, sorry:P

    Giu 25 2008, 20:09
  • nanjamonja

    I'm not gonna argue about riffing! Especially since I'm a huge fan of Zeppelin too (although they also had a lot of songs not based on guitar riffs). Overall, I find the heavy sections of Death on Two Legs or The Prophet's Song largely more convincing.

    Giu 25 2008, 22:33
  • MoNTanaBanAnana

    You're such a loser

    Giu 26 2008, 16:18
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