• Jerry Fucking Cantrell

    Set 25 2010, 6:04

    Fri 24 Sep – The BlackDiamondSkye Tour

    Honestly, if you're an extreme computer noob and cannot use a computer, for fuck's sake please do realize it's only so far we can help you out until you're just dragging tech support down with you. I understand that it's help desk's job to help you poke around your computer and whatever, but dammit when your beyond hopeless and are very aware that you are, yet still expect empathy beyond the 90th minute; I hope the next time you get on the phone with help desk you'll get some bastard of a prankster blaring the brown note down your ear. Either that or a fucking vuvuzela from hell.

    I missed the Mastadon part of the show because some old lady couldn't understand the concept of when a prompt gives you an option on either 'Next' or 'Cancel' and it's the tech supports job to simply install a program, you don't necessarily have to hear the poor sucker on the other end of the line say, "Yes", just for you to go ahead and proceed with the installation. I NEEDED to hear 'Divinations' live. That guitar solo would raise the dead. And I bought a dead chicken for just so an occasion, only to be screwed over by Madam Noob I was telling you about. Sucks.

    Whatever anyway, I got to the show after a 30 minute delay. Finally getting to sit in my chair I'm surprised that I meet a group of really cool people who. We all started talking simply because some lady lost her cell phone and we all witnessed the woman next us track the user down. In admiration of her sleuth skills, we all became fast friends.

    Deftones take the stage. Never been to a Deftones concert and I was expecting for the roof to cave in from their being too damn awesome. No surprise, they were really good live, but I honestly not the best to listen to it seems in a gigantic arena like the Garden. I was hoping they played 'Cherry Waves' but no dice. Oh well, 'Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)' had the standard crowd going berserk along with 'Engine No. 9'.

    Alice in Chains are the headliners - and for good damn reason. Every song they delivered was pure gold. Jerry Cantrell is absurdly good on that axe and Duvall really can bring it home with his vocal range. Honestly, I wasn't much of an AC fan. But Cantrell has is just too talented to ignore.

  • Left 4 Dead 2, Godspeed You! Black Emperor

    Set 12 2010, 14:56

    No, really. Go try it. Play some Left 4 Dead 2 and have playing you some Godspeed You! Black Emperor radio. Good vibe.
  • Pokemanz

    Ago 31 2010, 2:28

    Yeah, I've been listening to Pokemon this week! Fuck you!
  • The Dead Weather run on Awesome OS

    Ago 4 2010, 5:45

    Tue 3 Aug – The Dead Weather

    Openers were kinda fail. They just need to find a unique melody and I think they'll be find\e. They came off like a generic Greenday and wound up sounding like a -- you guessed it: generic Greenday. Which isn't bad, but did make me have some audible 'meh' moments.

    Dead started with 60FT Tall and ended the show with Treat Me Like You Mother. What's interesting with the Dead is the dynamic amongst band members- I haven't seen this much variation within a circle for as far as I care to remember now. Alison is a volatile dynamo onstage. Dean's shredding is pretty captivating. Jack Lawrence is a peculiar one, but his talent as a multi-instrumentalist is damn near unmatchable. But as you would know, Jack White steals the show, almost without trying it might seem. Barely, able to contain an ounce of his charisma, Jack poked fun at his own band mates (tastefully of course) and announces to the crowd various humorous quips. When he finally takes guitar in hand and begins playing the solos for 'I Can't Hear You', his reputation as a modern guitar prodigy is reassured upon any doubters--whoever they may be.
  • Kings of Leon feat. Glasvegas (Save gas?) LIVE

    Set 17 2009, 3:00

    Mon 14 Sep – Kings of Leon, Glasvegas

    It was a two hour drive from upstate New York (Peekskill), but the concert was worth it. Nassau Colosseum is close in proximity to Hoftra University. Looking around though, you couldn't so easily tell. The Colosseum from a distance even looks like it's stranded in the middle of nowhere. Once inside the neighborhood district, where the restaurants are and where we had a pre-show lunch, that thought was immediately pushed back with a plethora of college students dining and hanging around. Was this a prior show crowd or a normal day?

    Waiting inside, it was hard to overlook how half empty the stadium was a little before the opening act were to be up on stage. The Kings Of Leon's popularity in the US pales in comparison to the ravenous reception the band receives by their fans in the UK. So, I took this as an informal measure of how the band's American fans perceive them: "not worth camping out for." Shame.

    Glasvegas takes the stage right on time. Wicked performance. Just one word of advice for the band. Fix the background banner so it wouldn't look like some cheesy ad campaign for lowering dependency on diesel fuel. Seriously, looking at it from the side, I thought it said, 'Save Gas' -- only slightly misspelled for aesthetics I supposed. My curiosity was deemed valid after I overheard several people made similar comments. Right, whatev . . . Anyway, that song with the chorus that goes, ♪ "Fuucckk yoooouuu!!" ♪ Poetry.

    Kings take stage. They open up with 'Charmer', an avid favorite of mine. Now, for the many of you like me who didn't initially resonate so well with their last album, Only by the Night, you could imagine my hope for a show playing mostly material from their first three LP entries. However, this is a tour in promotion for the a fore mentioned album so realistically, this wasn't bound to happen.

    This is where you can see the band really know the inner workings of how to put on a show to please the crowd. Some are older fans who want to hear more traditional KOL work, while there are the more recent listeners who are here just for the singles and latest hits (yeah, I saw a ton of you leave after 'Sex on Fire' :P). The set list featured performances that spanned all four albums. The majority of those where Only by the Night tunes, but at the end, we get to hear some timeless classics. Last song played was 'Black Thumbnail' and biggest applause went to 'Sex on Fire'.

    Performance: A-

    This show solidified Kings of Leon as a miracle of a live band. The performances made me feel closer to the album tracks of Only by the Night and compelled me to listen to the album more.
  • Sup, dawg

    Set 4 2009, 18:45

    So, I heard you like Grizzly Bear. So I put Jay-Z in your Grizzly Bear so you could see Grizzly Bear while seeing Jay-z while hearing Grizzly Bear.
  • Strobe Light

    Apr 3 2009, 8:11

    Nine Inch Nails latest free LP is so AWESOME!!! It's got duet tracks with Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys.

    -Midnight Ravers
  • Tokyo Police Club @ Webster

    Mar 23 2009, 18:33

    Wed 25 Feb – Tokyo Police Club, Born Ruffians, Harlem Shakes

    Started off with Harlem Shakes. Took me two songs in before I got what they were about. Not bad, reminded me of Barenaked Ladies strangely, if that makes sense >_>. Definitely an Animal Collective vibe going on here, too.

    Born Ruffians' turn. First song, did the job here. What's pretty interesting was there being only three guys on stage compared to HS's 7 (or something), but it almost felt like moar. Big sound, condensed group.

    Finally, the Canadian Strokes, or Tokyo Police Club, whatever you wanna call them. Every lick was memorizing. Each act captured spirit of the albums nicely. The last song performed was a Clash cover (Train in Vain) featuring all the performers for that night. At the end of the show, I felt a little guilty-like ran over a puppy guilty. The performances were worth more than $18. ;_;


    And yes, fashionably late. :D
  • So, I herd u leik joi division

    Feb 5 2009, 22:31

    Fact is, I fucking do. I also like covers-sometimes. Joy Division is one of my favorite bands from the 80s and I stumbled upon this cover of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' a while back. The artist is named Emma Russack ( She's an Australian underground artist. Her take on the song is original, mostly how you would imagine and expect an acoustic version would sound-slow and melancholic. But there is one problem, Youtube, in its ongoing effort to piss people off with censorship and bitching about copyrightin' and shit, pulled it off. Or it could be something else. Whatever, it ain't there no more. Message me if want it.

    On a slightly related note, lemme plugin Control. It's a biopic of Ian Curtis, lead singer and lifeblood of Joy Division. The movie's got some good reviews (87%, Rotten Tomatoes) and is something anyone with a sense of good fucking taste might enjoy. My room mates don't because they're all like "eerrg . . it's in black and white!" WELL, that's the fucking point!!!! Fuckit, go look for yourself. :P
  • We gotta black president . . .

    Gen 30 2009, 1:03

    Now fucking suck it. >: 3