• Don't spoil music with politics

    Ago 21 2008, 19:45

    Thu 14 Aug – Be2gether

    First of all I will say that organizers of this event are hypocrites. If you created a rule don't brake it. But they broke.
    When you see flags of nation which lies and festival gains it is a giant minus.
    Yeah music is nice and wether wasn't bad at all, but it dose not make up for organization mistakes. The was not enough toilets, showers, last time the was enough toilets and showers, acutely I wouldn't mind if the was some pay one facilities, but the wasn't any. And of course like I mentioned before the was to many politic in this festival.
    Musicians I relay like was Tricky, Fishbone and Grove Armanda. Infected mushroom wasn't bad but monotonous.
    Tricky was good but almost all the crowd didn't knew who he was and didn't understood his performance.
    Fishbone where funny and funky.
    Grove Armada was the best performance of the fest. They made great light show. It was splendid.
    If I didn't met some long time no seen friends and didn't saw those great performances the fest would be spoiled by the amount of politic propaganda.

    Good luck, think different, think free.