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Giu 6 2011, 6:14

Seeing as the community is vast and variable in its taste, I believe that a nice way to give an outsider a glimpse of the personal opinions here would be to have a nice compilation of shouts that stand out among others. The shoutbox feature is the backbone of how one not only expresses one's self, but also gives an identity and personality to an individual (user).

So I urge you, reader, to compile your own list. We can compare shouts and get an overall perspective of what a user thinks about for a song/album/genre/label/user etc.. If you can, try to put the shout in context to give the reader an idea of the depth of the comment(s) chosen. Comments may be funny/serious/idiotic/whatever. The point is to chose a shout that stands out to you.

I have seen many shouts that I consider "Shout of the Year." Alas, it barely occurred to me that an interesting journal can become of this. I shall add to this over time.

(User TheVaLe shouts about Animal Collective's Strawberry Jam. The passing of music from one generation to the next is dependent on the parents of the offspring indeed.)
TheVaLe wrote:
March 2011

This is to me what I imagine Sgt. Pepper's was for The Beatles -generation. I will so be pushing this down my future offspring's throat 24/7. Favorite album ever.

(User vertsk8er419 share's his obviously sincere thoughts about AFX.)
vertsk8er419 wrote:

AFX's music is to me pure emotions, filtered through wires, circuit boards, and touch-responsive machines, but with the sole intention to leave nothing changed from the moment they were felt. Melodies, beats, and basslines sincerely arranged, mulled over, and pressed on wax discs for your ears to hear, bodies to feel, and hearts to understand. The soul and the physical, married once again to subtly remind us of our ineffable roots... Only now it's through the very technology that was brought into existence outta the innate priority to expand ones conscious connection to the ether that surrounds... Of course no single emotion can be drawn from such music, it is the mixture of all emotions, and it's fucking SINCERE yo!

(In a reply to user shagski's comment that Arcade Fire's Ready to Start is Incredibly over rated)
TobyP wrote:
last week

"Incredibly over rated" - How so? Contrary to what many narrow minded self-licensed music experts think, there is actually no scientific rating scale as to what constitutes good music. There is also no such thing as being wrong about liking a song. I guess the point of this drunken rant is I hate you.

(A shout in the nonsensical Aphex Twin main page; referring to a type of Calx we've all yet to hear)
m-saIami wrote:
Friday morning

Shitbrown calx

(An admittedly drunken outburst by user keskiyonaurinko himself regarding deadmau5's music. In Deadmau5's picture "Not Exactly")
keskiyonaurinko wrote:
oh get the fuck over yourselves. nothing is original, and he's a fucking DJ. Do you want him to stand on a stripped-down stage with nothing than a turntable? No? then shut the fuck up, drop acid, and enjoy yourselves. Judgmental pricks.

(A nice subtley humorous shout about Demon Days album by user DMT91... It is common practice in this community to signify an agreement with another by placing a number after someone elses shout)
DMT91 wrote:
last week

Let's just repeat what someone else said and put a number after it. [2,409.36] [1]

(A profound message regarding the possible depths of music by user liu_xiaobo in the Have a Nice Life page.)
liu_xiaobo wrote:
last week

"We live in industrialized societies where the mantra is: It has to be easy. This attitude decides most choices of most people. Music is message. Basically there are three different messages: 1. Escapism: Life is ugly. Let me help you forget about it for a while. That's the message of pop. 2. Self pity and anger: Life is ugly. Let me show you how ugly it is. Loads of rock etc. shows this attitude. (And so does much classical avant-garde.) 3. Spirituality and serenity: Life is beautiful. Let me show you the beauty and meaningfulness beneath its apparent ugliness and chaos. This is what some musical traditions, including the classical traditions of Asia and Europe, try to achieve. The problem with the latter message is that it is much more difficult for the musician to create. It is also more difficult for the listener to understand and appreciate."

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