Best Albums of 2011*


Dic 30 2011, 23:27

*According to me.

Had a lot on this year and didn't quite get the usual amount of time to discovering new music, which was disappointing… but a large handful of my most played artists on released albums in 2011 which kept me satiated, then i tried to cram a whole gang of albums onto my listen playlist for december, which resulted in some pleasant finds.

In alphabetical order...

THE STANDOUTS (My favourite albums of 2011)

Artist: All Pigs Must Die
Album: God Is War

Aggression! Hardcore! Guitar solos!

Artist: Between the Buried and Me
Album: The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues [EP]

Artist: Black Pyramid
Album: Stormbringer [EP]

Artist: The Black Keys
Album: El Camino

Artist: Black Tusk
Album: Set the Dial

Taste the Sin was quite average and i wasn't expecting much more with this. Here they have made an unpretentiously fun album and are just playing to their strengths of basic balls out punk, the first words you hear on this are "SIX!! SIX!! SIIIIXXXXXXXaaaaaaaaaaaaaargghhhhhh!!!!" -- its not taking itself seriously like most sludge metal and the songs just rock out in a hugely satisfying way, check out the amazingly fun, repetitive riffage on the highlight "Resistor" for proof.

Artist: Cave In
Album: White Silence

Artist: Defeater
Album: Empty Days & Sleepless Nights

Artist: Drive-By Truckers
Album: Go-Go Boots

I think anything these guys do would most likely end up in my favourites. There's not a weak track on the album.

Artist: East Of The Wall
Album: The Apologist

Finally, an album that might replace my need to listen to Intronaut's 'Valley of Smoke' once every few days. Amazing.

Artist: Floating Me
Album: Floating Me

Artist: Ghost Brigade
Album: Until Fear No Longer Defines Us

Artist: Gillian Welch
Album: The Harrow & The Harvest

On top of being a beautiful album that i adore, I love that somehow John Baizley (the singer/guitarist from Baroness who does the artwork for like, every sludge metal band) did the artwork for this album. It's like all my musical tastes come around full circle in album artwork form.

Artist: Helms Alee
Album: Weatherhead

Only just started listening to this, but its easily the most interesting album i've heard all year (as well as MonstrO's album)… Looking forward to giving this album a good seeing-to in the new year. Loved it straight away.

Artist: The Horrors
Album: Skying

Artist: Hull
Album: Beyond The Lightless Sky

Artist: La Dispute
Album: Wildlife

Artist: letlive
Album: Fake History

Artist: The Lonely Island
Album: Turtleneck & Chain

Artist: Mastodon
Album: The Hunter

Artist: MonstrO
Album: MonstrO

At a pinch, without thinking too much, i might say this was my favourite album of 2011.

Artist: The Panics
Album: Rain on the Humming Wire

Criminally under-appreciated still, even in Australia, and i prefer this one over Cruel Guards too. Brilliant. Again.

Artist: Scale the Summit
Album: The Collective

Artist: Textures
Album: Dualism

Artist: Those Darlins
Album: Screws Get Loose

One of my favourites again! Love them!!!!

Artist: Title Fight
Album: Shed

Artist: Widowspeak
Album: Widowspeak

Artist: Young Widows
Album: In and Out of Youth and Lightness

THE DECENT (Great albums! - just not quite my standouts)

Artist: Aficionado
Album: Aficionado

Artist: Chevelle
Album: Hats Off to the Bull

Artist: City and Colour
Album: Little Hell

Artist: Dark Castle
Album: Surrender to All Life Beyond Form

Artist: Earth
Album: Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I

Artist: Fucked Up
Album: David Comes To Life

Artist: Iceage
Album: New Brigade

Artist: Jesu
Album: Ascension

Artist: Opeth
Album: Heritage

Artist: The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
Album: Belong

Artist: Polar Bear Club
Album: Clash Battle Guilt Pride

Artist: Protest the Hero
Album: Scurrilous

Artist: Radiohead
Album: The King of Limbs

Artist: The Roots
Album: Undun

Artist: Russian Circles
Album: Empros

Artist: Serious Beak
Album: Huxwhukw

Taking the clichéd, ridiculously impossible to pronounce and spell song titles for progressive-instrumental-post-math rock/metal bands to a new level.

Artist: Tombs
Album: Path of Totality

Artist: Touché Amoré
Album: Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me

Artist: 40 Watt Sun
Album: The Inside Room

THE OTHER STUFF (worth a mention)
Stuff here i listened once or twice…

Ampere - Like Shadows
Austra - Feel It Break
Disappears - Guider
DJ Shadow - The Less You Know, The Better
Headnodic - Red Line Radio
Howling Bells - The Loudest Engine
Joan as Police Woman - The Deep Field
Liturgy - Aesthethica
Megadeth - TH1RT3EN
Minks - By the Hedge
Sons and Daughters - Mirror Mirror
Southeast Engine - Canary
The Strokes - Angles
Trivium - In Waves

Not going to list the albums I didn't get around to… suffice to say as with the years beforehand the list is 50+ albums long and quite disappointing to not get around to a particular 5 or so, since previously bands like East of the Wall were in my pile of shame that this year was in my top 5, so who knows what i'm missing out on…

Now, not that anyone ever comments on these anymore, i'd still like to get suggestions if you listen to this stuff and think i missed something incredible, which no doubt i always do!


  • irishtim

    Great job mate. I always look forward to seeing your list. Very nicely laid out and well put together. I'm currently filtering through my list of albums and compiling my list. Should be up by the end of the week. Anyway, glad you liked MonstrO & Helms Alee. Both will most likely be in my top ten, as well as the East of the Wall & Mastodon albums. Some albums you might check out are Generation of Vipers-Howl and Filth (good sludgy/metal album), Idol And The Whip-Heavy Sleeper (sound a lot like Torche) and Jack and the Bearded Fishermen-Places to Hide (stupid band name but really cool album. Very 90's inspired grunge rock).

    Gen 4 2012, 1:29
  • Nix42

    Some GREAT stuff included in here, some I know, a lot I don't....I'm familiar with our good friend irishtim above me and am looking forward to his list as wel **hint hint**. Really though thanks for taking the time to create these!! I am getting too fucking old and work is taking up too much of my time; I can't seem to find the time to be as engaged in the music scene as I used to be. These lists help me find musically like-minded people who recommend dope shit. THANKS!

    Gen 5 2012, 23:33
  • Kieran0411

    Yes we all eagerly await the mighty irishtim's list... its always a great catchall! I have been friends for most of my time here with irishtim, and early on i discovered quite a few bands exclusively through him, like Bear v Shark & Minus The Bear (both in my top 20 artists now)... its so funny too, as i dont come on here as much as i used to, every now and then i find an obscure band, go to their artist page and 99% of the time there is a comment from him! So now i usually ask a couple times a year what he's been enjoying and i track it down, like MonstrO he told me about a few months back and i love it. Anyway, thanks for the comment... like you i'm getting less time to actively search for this stuff, i just trawl through a couple of blog sites every now and then and download the stuff that appeals... but i like to put together my list just for my own inner music nerd satisfaction :)

    Gen 6 2012, 1:45
  • Nix42

    Holy shit thank you for introducing me to letlive and Ghost Brigade. FANTASTIC, both. Polar Bear Club throws out some pretty awesome sing-along anthems on CBGP as well. KUDOS SIR!

    Gen 26 2012, 18:50
  • Kieran0411

    yes, Ghost Brigade... i actually listened to that a few times this week, and i absolutely love it. it should be in my standouts now. has a very Cult of Luna feel i think, but with clean, melodic vocal parts mixed in with the growls.

    Gen 27 2012, 0:13
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