Obligatory Lyrics Game with Bonus Babble


Giu 10 2006, 17:54

OK, OK. You know the drill...

If you don't, or, if you have the memory of a goldfish (or your average Teletubbies viewer), then here are the rules 'again! again!' (said in my best Tubbie voice)

Step 1: Open up whatever MP3 program you use and add every song in your collection.
Step 2: Put it on random.
Step 3: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarassing the song.
Step 4: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 5: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 6: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

I hasten to add the additional obligatory acknowledgements to the countless others who have trodden this territory before me (or more specifically the charming Sayuri_x, whose rules I cut and pasted above)

Now I'm going to babble on a bit - so if you're just interested in lyrics, then, as Tim often says to Daisy in Spaced, 'skip to the end'. Otherwise, hang in there a bit. Let the thrill build

Had a few 'issues' with this game:

First were instrumentals. Got one. Binned it.
Second were video clips. See above. Bin spilling over
Third were annoying songs with the title in the first line. Kept them. Gritted my teeth and generally felt put out
Fourth was the issue of 'first line'. Got a few songs with 'hmmms', and 'aaahs', and other silly words and noises. Binned silly noises. (Room filled with rubbish by this point). Seriously I wasn't sure what constituted a 'first line'. I pondered this conundrum for a while and faced with

a. lying awake all night attempting to frame a definitive definition OR
b. doing whatever I felt like and not giving a rat's arse

I went for the rat's arse (or as a drunken friend of mine once graffitied on the table of a bar 'rat's ares', along with 'batard').

Talking of drunks - here is my Question of the Day: Where is the strangest place you've vomited?

Mine? Well, one night, seriously intoxicated in a taxi, and faced with a hefty fine for vomiting in/on it, I (rather inventively) vomited in the hood of my husband's top. Was he wearing it at the time? Not sure really. I like to think of the whole incident as karma.....see, my mother once gave someone her hat to vomit in (which they gratefully accepted, and used). OK. Maybe it's not karma at all, but a genetic disposition linking vomit and headwear.

You're probably sorry you didn't take the 'skip to the end' option..... If you've got a story, include it with your answers. Cheers!

Oh yeah. Lyrics

1. You put the boom-boom
Into my heart

Wake Me up Before You Go-Go

2. I could feel the breeze blowing change,
Blowing through my doorway

The Flame

3. We met when we were at school,
Never took no shit from no-one

4. Here I lie,
In a lost and lonely part of town


5. Rudy’s on a train to nowhere,
Halfway down the line


6. It went so well for you,
With a place right where you wanted

Just A Shadow

7. I’ve been cheated by you,
Since I don’t know when

Mamma Mia

8. Touch me,
How can it be?

The Sun Always Shines on TV

9. Dream myself alive,
I dream myself alive

I Dream Myself Alive

10. Let me tell you a secret,
Put it in your heart and keep it

Heal the Pain

11. Got a call from an old friend,
We used to be real close

My Life

12. Don’t start me talking,
I could talk all night

Oliver's Army

13. Want some whiskey in your water?
Sugar in your tea?

Mama Told Me (Not to Come)

14. I work hard all week,
In a dead end job

Drive Faster

15. You are the one,
Who has done me in

You Are the One

16. Girl of sixteen,
Whole life ahead of her

Blasphemous Rumours

17. I work all night,
I work all day

Money, Money, Money

18. On the corners of boulevards,
I call your name

Budapest By Blimp

19. Many lives they come,
Many lives they go without a reason

20. I won’t forget her,
She was once my love

I Won't Forget Her

Remaining Artists....

The Clash
Culture Club


  • quimtessence

    17. ABBA - Money, Money, Money Some of the others ring, but just don't click right now. Blah.

    Giu 10 2006, 18:05
  • Kattastic

    Nice one. I was a bit stingy with the 'first line'. That's the 'rat's ares' for you!

    Giu 10 2006, 18:09
  • quimtessence

    Meh, the 'rat's arse' philosophy seems to work fine for me most of the time. You should be more open to it. Really, it can only bring good things in the long run. Either that or fuck everything up in the short run. Same thing. Well, okay, no, not same thing, but, um... Ignore the lack of logic. Just go with it.

    Giu 10 2006, 18:13
  • Kattastic

    The Rat's Arse Philosophy - yep, I'm going for it.... So no vomit story, then? Oh, and how do I strikethrough? Buttons are not working at the mo. I mean, not like I give a rat's arse. OK. I'm going into catchphrase overkill here.

    Giu 10 2006, 18:20
  • quimtessence

    Actually, I had one - no, wait, two, and one was from personal experience - but no, no story. Mine is the usual I-felt-ill-after-an-exam-because-of-menstruation-cramps-and-vomited-by-the-side-of-the-road-while-my-best-friend-was-watching story and the other is a friend of a friend of a cousin's step sister twice removed thing. Sad that I don't have any good vomiting stories. Maybe I should go out and get drunk of something. Meh. I think it should be 'strike' or something. Just for the record, it has never worked for me either. It might be a generally not working thing... thing.

    Giu 10 2006, 18:28
  • quimtessence

    http://www.last.fm/forum/markup.php for the strikethrough coding.

    Giu 10 2006, 19:43
  • Kattastic

    aaaaahhhh. Now that's better - thanks for the link - invaluable! Glad to hear you had a friend to look out for you when you were sick. Lucky for them they were not wearing a hood!

    Giu 11 2006, 1:10
  • quimtessence

    Nah. She just looked kind of uncomfortable, though. It probably didn't kept her mood that the vomiting session was followed by a one and a half hour bus ride when, really, we could have arrived home on foot in ten minutes.

    Giu 11 2006, 7:01
  • Clairejamin

    6. Big Country - Just A Shadow That one might aswell have jumped up and danced naked in front of my face.. but the rest ARGH!! You know when you know a lyric and you know the band, but you just can't place it? So then you end up playing practically every song they've done in your head until that lyric finally pops up from nowhere... because if you don't place it, you'll go completely insane until you have? (or is that just me, haha) ... well congratulations, I'm going INSANE.

    Giu 11 2006, 11:08
  • Sayuri_x

    Ok in I sweep with the obligatory a-ha tunes.. 9. Dream Myself Alive - a-ha 15. You Are The One - a-ha 20. I Won't Forget Her - a-ha Seems like our boys are especially bad at putting the title in the first lines! hehehehe!

    Giu 11 2006, 12:47
  • Kattastic

    Yes they're very naughty indeed - provoked a LOT of tut-tutting! :D

    Giu 11 2006, 12:53
  • Vegeduck

    8. a-ha: The Sun Always Shines on T.V. How did nobody get this one yet?

    Giu 11 2006, 13:28
  • Sayuri_x

    I TOTALLY DIDN'T SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Am I losing my a-ha powers? *freak out*

    Giu 11 2006, 13:40
  • Kattastic

    It's a worry Sayuri! Well, you did get all the ones with the titles in them *snicker* Seriously I think you were probably overwhelmed with a-ha lyrics!

    Giu 11 2006, 13:50
  • Sayuri_x

    [i]Well, you did get all the ones with the titles in them *snicker* [/i] The humiliation....... Can I even call myself a fan???

    Giu 11 2006, 14:52
  • livefastdiefree

    14. vicksburgs- drive faster was this from the that thing you do soundtrack?

    Giu 11 2006, 16:55
  • Kattastic

    It is indeed! This was the one song I thought no-one would get. Nice work!

    Giu 12 2006, 12:07
  • Sfinxen

    7. I’ve been cheated by you, Since I don’t know when ABBA- Mamma Mia and I didn't get number 8 or any of the Aha because I didn't see this until now..

    Giu 14 2006, 21:56
  • Kattastic


    Giu 14 2006, 23:18
  • Sfinxen

    Talking of drunks - here is my Question of the Day: Where is the strangest place you've vomited?..... Morning sickness on the morning train, Stockholm.. not fun.. had to get off the train, and then back track home. :(

    Giu 15 2006, 10:09
  • LucieAndCo

    16 is Blasphemous Rumours by Depeche Mode.

    Giu 15 2006, 10:27
  • Clairejamin

    5. Supertramp - Rudy Haha, how did I miss that one!?

    Giu 16 2006, 9:50
  • Kattastic

    Hope that one hadn't been bugging you the whole time Clairejamin..... it's so annoying when you KNOW the words but just can't place them..... Sick on the trains in Stockholm doesn't sound like too much fun sfinxen, poor you! Well, over half way through the lyrics now - a couple shouldn't be too hard - 3, 4, 11, 12...some like 2, 19 and especially 19 are pretty obscure really....

    Giu 16 2006, 16:54
  • Kattastic

    Hint: there are ten artists left but only nine songs......

    Giu 16 2006, 16:55
  • Kattastic

    Yay! Nice work :)

    Giu 19 2006, 7:02
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