• ludschien

    I like new Ill Nino, not as good as others, but still good

    Gen 26 2011, 12:41
  • jonol1987

    linkin park had a sick album . you know nothing.

    Gen 27 2011, 19:45
  • draksis

    Coat to Arms was a decent album, I don't understand why you consider it a disappointment (Unlike LP - those guys really screwed up). It was good ol' Sabaton. Nothing really new but still good. Tracks like Screaming Eagles and The Final Solution were pretty memorable in my opinion.

    Gen 30 2011, 0:31
  • Mrozikos667

    The Sorrow? The Sorrow?! W porównaniu z ich poprzednią płytą to nuda straszliwa ;) A Soulfly się skończył ;)

    Gen 31 2011, 11:54
  • sameoldthing

    the new linkin park album is the biggest fucking dissappointment of this decade.

    Gen 31 2011, 22:25
  • spideralex90

    I'd say Haste the Day's new album is one of their best albums.

    Feb 1 2011, 20:33
  • Shinoid

    War of Ages and Silent Civilian albums are really awesome. Awesome melodic metalcore. Linkin Park...I have nothing to say. Ill Nino - not SO bad, but I was waiting for something more. Godsmack - also, like with Ill Nino. Disturbed - hmm, IMHO, not bad.

    Mag 28 2011, 9:56
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