• Rachael Yamagata in Hamburg

    Mar 4 2009, 1:30

    Mo., 2. Mär. – Rachael Yamagata

    Man erlaube mir bitte hier einen Bericht in englisch hinzusetzen, aber den hab ich für mein Blog geschrieben und wollte ihn jetzt nicht nochmal übersetzen. Wenn jemand Lust dazu hat - nur zu ^^

    A few days ago, I’ve been to the concert of the American singer and songwriter Rachael Yamagata here in Hamburg. She’s touring through europe right now and afterwards have a lot more concerts in the U.S. - so maybe you’ve already seen her too or will be going to a concert of hers (which I recommend - you’ll see the reason soon ^^). The concert took place in the Prinzenbar near the Reeperbahn. I’ve never been to this club before, but it definitely was a cool location. Like some dark cave thrown together with a baroque castle - you should have a look on the pictures at the homepage. You’ll understand then.

    So before Rachael and her band started playing, Graziella Shazad, a local singer/songwriter from Hamburg came on the stage, to heat the audience a little bit up. I would lie, if I say she didn’t succeed - I think she did even better. She, with her voice, guitar and violin and Emre, who accompanied her on the cajón did an impressive little show on their own. So I already found another artist, that might be worth a concert visit

    After some rearrangements on the stage - including paper plates with the setlist written on them beeing placed all over the place - Rachael and her band finally entered the stage. With my place nearly directly in front of the stage, I had the perfect view, so everything was ready for a nice concert. Rachael chattet a little bit with th people in the front row, including to grasp some german words. So she asked what the word for sexy is in german, what someone answered with ’sexy auch’, which means ’sexy too’. As the speaker herself was too confused with Rachael always repeating ’sexy auch’, it took until the middle of the concert to correct that mistake ^^

    Then she started with her first song Elephants from her new album Elephants… Teeth Sinking Into Heart, which is one of my favourite songs from her. As it’s a calm and silent song, I was a little bit dissappointed, that her voice was sometimes swallowed by the other instruments. Luckily that got better very fast. And as I knew the lyrics, I always knew what she was singing throughout that song even if I didn’t hear her - so it could have been far worse ^^ She continued with Be Be Your Love, which was on her first album Happenstance. After these two songs she already had all the audience captured and hanging on her lips, so it became a really amazing show with calm songs like Duet which was so beatufully sad, and really driving songs like Accident where the vibe went through your whole body and sent you into a total vibration (probably sounds like a dumb expression, but that’s the way it was).

    All of this was accompanied by her as a really nice and entertaining person on stage - always joking, telling stories, and getting into contact with the audience. There’s nothing worse on a concert than a great performance from the artist but no interaction with the audience, so you always feel there’s a wall between yourself and the stage. So it was really nice to be this close and feel that you’re a part of it all! Of course we had some more german teachings like “schlaf mit mir” (sleep with me), which she explained with: “Hey, I’m just trying to learn the basics.” - awesome! She even eyed me in her encore song Reason Why, which she told me after the show!

    So as you might have guessed, I waited with some others - after catching one of the mentioned paper plates - for her to get my CD signed and have a little talk with her. And I can’t help but to like her. Of course I have no degree in psychology, but she seemed like a girl you’d go out and drink some beer with - really down to earth, smart, cool and funny! If you’ll ever go on one of her concerts, take the chance and try to talk to her afterwards. It’s worth it! After I’ve collected autographs of the whole band too (which also belong to a great concerts, so I think they should be asked for an autograph) it was finally time to leave. So I gave Rachael a hug and wished her everything well for the tour. Hope she’ll come back to Hamburg some day!

    Ich hoffe mal, dass ihr alle das Konzert irgendwo in diesem kleinen bescheidenen Bericht wiedererkennt. Wie schon unter den Shouts geschrieben: Wenn jemand Videos hat immer her damit. Ich weiß zwar nicht, ob ich die hier nachträglich noch einbauen kann, aber einen Versuch ist es wert :)