Hmmm, been a while...


Ott 22 2008, 0:25

...since I could be bothered to write a journal entry about a gig, but this is as good a place to start again as anywhere.

Got held up leaving work talking science with my boss, but wasn't too bothered, experience tells me that the tickets lie about the door times at the Corn Exchange.

Errors were the first support band, and had started by the time I got in, don't think I missed much of their set though. One guitar, two guys doing electronic gubbins and one drummer. Sound pretty good, was listening to some of their recorded stuff earlier in the day, it's all pretty solid, nothing that I'd rave about though, needs more geetars, and more cowbell.....

Second support were Fuck Buttons, which is an awesome name, with enough lee-way to make you wonder whether it's describing an object or giving an instruction. Just two guys, a tableful of electronic gubbins and a drum. Very loud, lots of bass noise, driving electronic noise. I prefer guitar based stuff, but they're pretty good.

Main act were Mogwai with Celtic scarfs and green scattered around the stage, it's not hard to see which side of the Glasgow football divide they come down on, probably weren't feeling too great after the mauling the bhoys took at Old Trafford. I can never think of suitable superlatives to describe some bands, Mogwai definitely fall into this category, beyond awesome with sonic peak and feedback valleys, I wandered through the show happy to get lost in the musical foothills they created.


  • JJP666

    I agree. This is the fourth time I've seen Mogwai and it was by far the best. Helicon 1 and Hunted By A Freak were beautiful, while the likes of Batcat and Like Herod were blissful moments of sheer ferocity. Fuck Buttons were absolutely pish though.

    Ott 22 2008, 1:30
  • bellamysprotege

    an excellent gig, seconded re the projections though - first thing I thought was someone had left their media player running....

    Ott 22 2008, 10:56
  • brixbruxelles

    yeah, the projections during all songs other than batcat were shite. luckily i was near the front and could watch the sketch artist drawing all the bands. her work was amazing. fantastic gig, too. batcat was brutal and helicon 1 had me away with the fairies ;)

    Ott 23 2008, 11:24
  • x__alison

    Totally have to agree about Helicon 1. Definately my highlight of the night by far!

    Ott 23 2008, 14:03
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