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Gen 6 2009, 14:55

Just as I did around this time last year, here is a list of the twenty albums I listened to the most in 2008. Most interesting is the disappearance of a couple of track-packed double album sets from Rosemary Clooney and Talking Heads, which popped up no doubt because of the sheer number of tracks on them. But then, why didn't my similarly packed collections from The Korgis or T-Bone Burnett show up? Who knows?

Also disappearing is The Commercial Album by The Residents - but I know why this one vanished. But this one I can explain: I made the switch from an iPod Shuffle to a 30 GB 5.5 Generation iPod this year. The shuffle loved the 40 sixty-second tracks from the giant eyeballs because it could use them as filler when it was almost full. Not so much anymore.

And now, the countdown begins.

20 tie
Stan RidgwayHoliday in Dirt (down 5)
The Dandy WarholsEarth To The Dandy Warhols(new)
Stan the Man ties with the latest and most esoteric offering from The Dandy Warhols. Stan is my favorite artist, and The Dandies are my favorite act whenever I'm listening to them. It's an interesting juxtaposition.

Richard ThompsonAction Packed: The Best of the Capitol Years (new)
Another jam-packed compilation, although I couldn't tell you if it was one or two discs because I downloaded it from the iTunes store. I saw RT for the first time in 08 (the "1000 Years of Popular Music" show), and can't wait until the next time he comes through town.

Stan Ridgwayanatomy (down 8)
The underappreciated Stan album got its due in 2007. Continuing the appreciation.

16 tie
Geoffrey DownesWorld Service (new)
Fabulous PoodlesHis Masters Choice (new)
The Downes is here because of the sheer number of tracks on the album. I don't like this album nearly as much as The Light Programme, which appears higher up. The Fabulous Poodles disc was a nice find via a music blog, and I even chronicled the story behind my appreciation of the grouip.

The Dandy WarholsThirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia (new)
I think this album will be remembered as a classic.

T-Bone BurnettThe True False Identity (new)
I fell in love with the sparse, raw sound of this album in 08. T-Bone is the American Richard Thompson.

Robert JohnsonThe Complete Recordings (down 11)
The randomizer still loves goin' down to the crossroads.

Geoffrey DownesThe Light Program (down 3)
And here's Geoff again. This album almost makes me wish I didn't have World Service.

Kaiser ChiefsEmployment (new)
I love these guys - this album, anyway. The wit, the cheek, the imitation of mod culture...

DuffyRockferry (new)
This one courtesy of my son, who thought I would like it. I do. A lot. Motown lives, in the form of a white girl from the UK.

The AliensAstronomy For Dogs (new)
I've had this one for a couple of years, and in 08 it really, really grew on me. A neopsychedelic masterpiece.

Cowboys InternationalRevisited (down 7)
My favorite album of all time. Clearly, I didn't listen to it enough in 08.

The Conet ProjectThe Conet Project (new)
The weirdest collection I have - recordings of short wave number stations from around the world. Here because of the huge number of tracks. And I tell you what, when one pops up, it certainly breaks up the musical flow.

The Chemical BrothersPush the Button (up 7)
I still love the Chemicals. Especially Hold Tight London.

The Chemical BrothersWe Are The Night (new)
The new album is good, too.

Captain SensibleRevolution Now (new)
He's synth! He's punk! He has moments of prog! He's angry! He's funny! He's the Captain!

Joe JacksonRain (new)
Can't touch the invisible man. Got to see him this year, too. And for the second time, I almost went to see him again in another city.

Sufjan StevensIllinoise (down 1)
There's so many tracks on this record that if you play it only a couple of times a year, it stays in the top 20. I obviously played it more than that.

Benjamin FaustStart (up 19)
Nepotism. Crass nepotism. So sue me. It really is a great record, folks.
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  • rtreynor

    You have intrigued me with The Aliens. I'm gonna have to dig around and hear some of that.

    Gen 6 2009, 15:21
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