This Strange Effect - Hooverphonics


Mar 12 2009, 2:04

The other day I had a crush.

with a girl. a nice crush.

And nothing happened. I Spent a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of effort for nothing. But I were happy. Like I never did in a long long time.

I meet her in a party. Danced with her, chatted a bit and then she said: "Are you come back the next week???" and I said "yes".

And in between, I were completly happy. I'd daydreamed. I sang all day long. And I repeated to myself: You have this strange effect on me, and I like it.

Just as a matter of fact, the next weekend she ignored me most of the time. But I didnt care. That -sligthly- happines was enough for me.

This Strange Effect


  • JluisEstrada

    Me and my leftovers... my favs

    Giu 2 2009, 21:51
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