• Stories Of Oceans

    Ott 7 2008, 9:08

    I don’t prefer sorting music… or I may just can’t select it into the exact group… If I would think as much as I can about canadian duo Stories Of Oceans, I can’t find any category. May be that is why I really want to introduce them to everyone. Stories Of Oceans are different: they are not bringing or showing anything genius or fascinating - even respectively. When you listen their sounds, you feel like you heart them already thousand times, but every time with different feelings…

    Stories Of Oceans are probably pop. Alternative pop? May be alternative pop with ambient elements. It is pop, which is not intrude and it doesn’t want to be super hit. They would never be mainstream band, they don’t event want to be. So, that it is - they play and trust me, it is never boring… From each sound you are more and more sure, that they are talented much more and all audience expect another great sounds in the future. Listen their the first album calls same as name of the band - Stories Of Oceans. As you know, how it works with interesting music now, you can downloaded for free - here…

    Both musicians are playing even soloist music. Matthew is known as a Tomorrow’s Worst Enemy and Jamison as The Tremulance, but it is already different chapter - and not that successful one.
  • Úžasní Sigur Rós

    Giu 15 2008, 12:38

    Nevím, jak je to možné, že jsem ještě neslyšel o Sigur Rós! Tak báječná muzika a já na ně narazím teprve teď! Nejvíc mě štve, že je na světě tolik krásné muziky, kterou jsem ještě neslyšel a bohužel neuslyším. Ale co, tak to hol chodí...