Music to make you understand me


Mag 10 2008, 14:37

I saw this in another person's journal. A song to put you in my head. Sounds like a cool concept...if someone doesn't catch on to what you like, you just make them listen to about five or six good songs you like, but I suppose you can't force someone to listen to anything, right?

Elliott Smith - Between the Bars
Bjork - Unravel
Aimee Mann - Save Me
Radiohead - Exit Music (for a Film)
Storm and The Balls - Here We Are

Yeah, my music is eclectic and off center, but I think that's my point in life anyways.


  • kykila

    you sound like a good book, a bit dramatic but songs that stay in your head

    Mag 10 2008, 19:23
  • Jiggers991

    Cool! That's some unique compliment right there...I just like melancholy. But I forgot to add a Beatles tune I like...

    Mag 10 2008, 21:01
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