• 2009, in review

    Gen 2 2010, 5:57

    Top 5 Songs of 2009
    5. Omen- The Prodigy
    4. Ghosts N Stuff- deadmau5
    3. Worlds on Fire- The Prodigy
    2. Have Mercy on Us- The Bloody Beetroots
    1. Sa'eed- Infected Mushroom

    Top Album of 2009
    Legend of the Black Shawarma- Infected Mushroom

    Most Hype for 2010
    These Hopeful Machines- BT
  • 2008, in review

    Gen 8 2009, 11:27

    After previous years attempts to make a fully fledged top 25 of the year, 2008 will take a more minor stance mainly due to my lack of interest in a lot of chart music since 2006. Instead this year I will focus on best album, best song and most promising for 2009.

    2008 was a year of a few of my favourite artists releasing new albums and it did look like a good year, but for the most part it was disappointing. Gods and Monsters by Juno Reactor I found disappointing at first, but it grew on me. In Silico by Pendulum was no Hold Your Colour, but solid none the less.

    However, quite comfortably my favourite album for 2008 was Black Roses by The Rasmus. It claimed to combine old Rasmus with new Rasmus, and although I couldnt see the resemblence to some of their earlier works I was thoroughly impressed with the album with highlights including Livin' in a World WIthout You and Ghost of Love. It made for the fourth fantastic release in a row from the finnish act, and whilst not as good as its previous release Hide From the Sun, it is a great album none the less.

    As for the best song of 2008, it was always a tossup early on. There were many good Presets songs in 2008 backed up by their solid album Apocalypso and whilst My People was an early favourite, continued playing left it still Top 5 material but not Number 1 material.

    Black Roses also brought many great songs, with Livin' in a World Without You in consideration, before falling down the chain. Also, late in the year the new Prodigy song Invaders Must Die came out which was also a very good song.

    But, after much thinking there is now no doubt in my mind that my best song of 2008 was Propane Nightmares by Pendulum. Fantastic lyrics, fantastic beat and a brilliant bridge make this song thoroughly enjoyable to listen to and a highlight song for 2008. When I see Pendulum live in less than 3 weeks, I much look forward to them playing it.

    Now, there was never any doubt as to what will bring the most hype by me for 2009. After the Invaders Must Die single, the Invaders Must Die album by The Prodigy is my most promising release for 2009. They are likely to be playing many of their new songs live also in less than 3 weeks, and it seems like the March 2009 release won't come soon enough.

    Propane Nightmares goes alongside Plug It In by Basement Jaxx, Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) by The Prodigy, Without You by Dogzilla and Frozen by Dogzilla as previous songs of the year. It also marks the second time Pendulum has appeared after their fantastic remix of Voodoo People.

    Although I am liking less and less music released per year, I am glad that my favourite artists are still releasing enough good stuff to keep me interested.
  • Infected Mushroom (Stereosonic)- November 29

    Nov 29 2008, 13:50

    At 8pm after waiting all day at Stereosonic watching other acts, which often didn't disappoint, it was finally time to see Infected Mushroom which Jayzamann and I had been eagerly anticipating.

    We got to the stage around 20 minutes early to scout out if we needed to make a move to get to the front for when Infected Mushroom came on after seeing Reelax pull a fairly big crowd at the same stage earlier in the day. Luckily for us Mowgli had a very small crowd and we went straight to the front and waited for Infected Mushroom to come on. At first it didnt seem promising crowdwise, but with minutes to go before they came on, a big crowd flocked to the Hardware stage where they were playing and people were packed in like sardines a long way back, but of course being there early we were in the front row.

    They started off with a short intro and then got straight into things with my favourite track Cities of the Future straight off which was amazing. The whole set albeit only for an hour, was incredible with a lot of classics like Deeply Disturbed, Muse Breako RMX, Becoming Insane and finishing off with I Wish.

    Every track was cleverly dragged out and got the crowd involved with some thumping bass and fantastic vocals. Of course playing live they added their additional musicians which added to the experience well, with the guitarist and drummer both performing well, but still the Infected Mushroom duo were the highlights with some fantastic keyboard and vocal work.

    Unfortunately since the set was only allowed to be an hour many songs they didn't play, but the songs they chose were a good bunch and I don't think many people would complain that they missed tracks except for one drunkard near us who screamed at them to play Special Place before struggling to not pass out.

    Overall, it was a fantastic experience which was on its own worth the $90 admission price in my opinion and they will definitely be worth seeing again, but hopefully next time for a full set.
  • New Top 10

    Lug 5 2008, 9:17

    After at least 2-3 years, I decided to get around to doing a new all time favourite top 10. Of course, with a lot more music to chose from now, the task was a lot harder than it had been previously and the new list has probably taken at least 2 weeks of thinking and tweaking to get it to how I want it.

    Top 10 Version 4
    no 10 Breathe- The Prodigy
    Previously number 1. Still brilliant song, but not at the same level as others at the moment.
    no 09 I Believe (DJ Tandu Remix)- Lange
    Discovered from DJ Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise 1 along with Dark Blue.
    no 08 Remember- BT
    My favourite BT song, hard decision whether or not to put more BT in the charts, but this remains the only song of his in here.
    no 07 In My Memory- DJ Tiesto
    For a long time fairly undiscovered by me as I listened to a lot of Tiesto's other works excessively before discovering this gem.
    no 06 Veridis Quo- Daft Punk
    Described by Jayzamann as Medieval Electro, this song is probably in my opinion the most underrated Daft Punk song. I would've loved to see this featured in Alive 2007.
    no 05 Dark Blue- Cabala
    As stated before found off In Search of Sunrise 1, for a long time I wasn't sure which of the two entries from In Search of Sunrise I preferred, now Dark Blue is my favourite.
    no 04 Music Sounds Better With You- Stardust
    Called by people the greatest electonic song of the 20th century and I tend to agree.
    no 03 Saltwater- Chicane
    Forgotten for a long time, it has made a big comeback.
    no 02 One More Time- Daft Punk
    I tend to prefer the video version of the song, but any version of this song is worthy of the number 2 spot on this chart, instant classic.
    no 01 Tenshi- Gouryella
    May be a surprise to some that my number 1, is not from one of my top 10 artists, but the collaboration of DJ Tiesto and Ferry Corsten has provided only 4 songs and 3 of those 4 are in my top 20 tracks played on last.fm. Discovered Tenshi playing FIFA 2002 to death in 2002 and been amazed by it ever since.

    Now that the top 10 version 4 has been finalised hopefully the next time it changes it won't be unrecognisable from the previous version, as this version has been. However, 2-3 years is a long time to change perceptions of songs.
  • Air (Thebarton Theatre)- April 3

    Apr 4 2008, 10:22

    Thu 3 Apr – Air, New Buffalo
    With months of anticipation suggested by our $90 general admission tickets, rather than the more recent buyers carrying two for one tickets, jayzamann, larryluckypants, our friend Dominic and myself, this was sure to provide enjoyment and enjoy it we did.

    The night started with the ritual buying of t-shirts with our expectation to find a t-shirt from the Sexy Boy video clip, we weren't disappointed picking up our monkey t-shirts for $40AU each. However, the other t-shirts weren't as impressive. One had the album cover of Pocket Symphony on a black background and the other a pink shirt that according to the lady behind the desk wasn't selling as much.

    We showed up quite early not knowing what time Air would actually start, but after a brief trip to the bar we discovered that Air was on at 9:10 and we had to sit through 40 minutes of New Buffalo and then endure half an hour of anticipation for the main event.

    We were expecting nothing much from New Buffalo after she was only announced a few days earlier to our knowledge, and our only assessment of her came from her full length song on last.fm. We weren't fans of her and it seems neither were most of the crowd who took to talking after only two or three of her songs, but none the less she played on with quite a unique style of music that provided very personal lyrics and an interesting array of sound.

    After New Buffalo had finished we started to get excited about Air heading over to the front right to try and line up places as close to the front as possible and ending up standing around 3 rows from the front.

    After 30 minutes of waiting the moment arrived with the "Frenchies" as proclaimed by us, entering the stage and then produced a brilliant concert full of many of their classic songs including a very good assortment from our favourite album, Moon Safari and eventually finishing with Kelly Watch the Stars, before being cheered heavily to reenter the stage for an encore in which they produced the best music of the night including a stunning version of Alone in Kyoto and what we thought would be the finishing track in Sexy Boy. However, they surprised us all by continuing on after Sexy Boy to finish with something unexpected in La femme d'argent. Surprisingly this was one of the highlights of the night with the band producing a stunning extended version of the first song off Moon Safari and leaving to massive applause.

    Air got the whole crowd involved in the right way all night for their style of music leaving a relaxing and intimate experience, highlighted by the band members talking to us in warped voices in between songs. They were backed by a very good band in the background and left us with absolutely no complaints. There were songs we feel could've been played such as Surfing on a Rocket, but for a set that went for around 80 minutes, this was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
  • Top 25 of 2007

    Dic 19 2007, 3:14

    Although this is the first time it will be documented on last.fm, every year since 2004, at the end of the year, I have been making my top 25 favourite songs released in that year. This year has been disappointing compared to previous years, to the extent that I only actually got 25 worthy songs about a week ago, whereas in other years I've had to choose from 40+ songs to put in.

    Previous number 1 songs have been:
    2004 Plug It In-Basement Jaxx
    2005 Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)-The Prodigy
    2006 Without You-Dogzilla

    And now for this years charts.
    no 25 Destination Calabria-Alex Gaudino
    no 24 Feels Like Home-Meck
    no 23 Light The Skies-Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren
    no 22 Cisko Disco-DJ Bonito
    no 21 Celebrate The Summer-Lacuna
    no 20 Painkiller-Freestylers (with Pendulum)
    no 19 Sex Shooter-Firefox
    no 18 AYO Technology-50 Cent (with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake)
    no 17 For Those I Love-Darude
    no 16 Tonight (Is All We Have)-Alex Megane
    no 15 More Than This-Lucamino
    no 14 The Creeps-Camille Jones vs Fedde Le Grand
    no 13 Lost-Darude
    no 12 Acceptable In The 80s-Calvin Harris
    no 11 The Girls-Calvin Harris
    no 10 Proper Education-Eric Prydz
    no 09 La Musique-Riot In Belgium
    no 08 Tell Me-Darude
    no 07 Zombie-Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockerz
    no 06 Love Is Gone-David Guetta
    no 05 Days Go By-High Contrast
    no 04 Moonlight Party-Fonzerelli
    no 03 NYC Beat-Armand van Helden
    no 02 Stars (Here With Me)-Darude
    no 01 Frozen-Dogzilla

    So, with Frozen being number 1, Dogzilla has been number 1 now two years in a row and considering all three of their songs so far have been very good, I can only hope for more soon. Other notable mention is Darude with 4 of the 25 songs in the chart, including number 2, whose Label This! album was surprisingly good as documented in a previous journal.
  • Label This!

    Nov 12 2007, 10:41

    To be honest, when i first heard that Darude was releasing a new album this year and heard the first track, Tell Me, I was a little worried. Tell Me was a good song, but it was very unlike Darude. Darude of course has a unique sound and renowned for good instrumentals or minimal lyrics and yet Tell Me was not like his styles from Rush and Before The Storm. Then a few months and a few listens to Tell Me later, he released the second single off Label This!, My Game. This was also quite similar to Tell Me and also quite good, but I was wondering whether Darude was starting to reinvent himself. However, a few days ago, I finally got Label This! and was surprisingly impressed. After the first two tracks Tell Me and My Game, the rest of the album is very impressive, with a good mix of songs and two great remixes to end the album in typical Darude fashion. Favourites include Stars (Here With Me), In the Darkness, Lost and For Those I Love
  • A year of discovery or growing old?

    Set 12 2007, 12:04

    For me, 2007 has been a year of discovery in music to some extent. I’ve discovered a lot of new artists that I never listened to before such as Juno Reactor and BT, but I’ve also felt like I’m getting more and more away from current chart music. For the last 4 years, chart music has been an important part of my music, but now it is becoming less important and due to bad things like the removal of the Club [V] channel on foxtel, I have barely listened to music released in 2007. But, also I have noticed a significant dip in the quality of the music this year, which has also attributed to this decline. Looking back to 2004 and 2005 the music back then was of much higher quality than it is now, and since I’m discovering all these artists releasing music in the 1990s, I’m wondering whether I am in fact already reaching my time where music is not my style anymore. Really of any note at all in the music industry this year has been Frozen by Dogzilla, with a few songs that would make my top 25s of previous years had they been in that year such as Moonlight Party and NYC Beat. You can just look back at your parents and realise that not everyone stays into current music forever, but have I already reached that phase at the tender age of 18, because I am not listening to current music, but rather music from a few years ago or the 1990s or even 1980s?
  • Disappointments

    Giu 18 2007, 13:22

    In the world of music taste, quite often disappointments arise that you just wish didn’t happen. In some cases it may be an artist simply not producing enough such is the case with Driftwood, whose music whilst only producing few songs was brilliant. In some cases you’ll download a song by an artist and think hey, this is really good, I’ll download more, only to find that all there other songs are unappealing to you and not as good as the first song you downloaded. This is the case with Novaspace whose remake of Time After Time was very good, and other songs of theirs just weren’t up to standard. In some cases a long time artist stops releasing music and has periods where they don’t bring anything out for a long time such as Metallica, who have brought out one album this decade. In other cases artists can change their style and never be as good as they used to be such is the case with Robert Miles, whose early instrumental piano work was changed significantly with dominant lyrics.

    However, all things said these four artists are not even in my top big disappointments, so these five artists have created the biggest disappointments for me.

    5. Silverchair
    In the early days of Silverchair they were fantastic and quite an angry and expressive style of rock, then what happens? Someone called Paul Mac comes along and all of a sudden they turn into happy pop music. Sure, this happy pop music can be good, but is it Silverchair as we know it? In my opinion, no.

    4. Linkin Park
    After the first two Linkin Park albums, the Jay-Z collaboration and Mike Shinoda’s offshoot project Fort Minor all being brilliant, I was one of the many rushing to the stores to claim my copy of Minutes to Midnight especially after liking the different but great release song What I’ve Done. However, when I started listening to it and reading the cover they talk about reinventing themselves as a group and their new album definitely sounds different in a bad way. It’s not the Linkin Park, people are used to unfortunately.

    3. The Rasmus
    After being thoroughly impressed with all three of The Rasmus’ English release albums Into, Dead Letters and Hide from the Sun, I was searching for some of their older stuff, which is very rare outside of Finland. Then one day I find a copy of Hell of a Collection which is a collection of their greatest tracks before Into, however I was unimpressed. The style is substantially different with even in some cases jazzy style music and not one song that compares to the great songs from the three later albums. Had this been the other way around, with an album after the three albums I previously owned of that quality, The Rasmus would’ve been number 1 of this chart.

    2. Basement Jaxx
    Basement Jaxx was one of the first bands that changed my focus on music from chart rubbish, to my current tastes. With brilliant songs like Where’s Your Head At?, Red Alert, Plug It In and a string of great releases, I was shocked when I heard the first single off their most recent album Crazy Itch Radio, Hush Boy and then following on from this Take Me Back To Your House, both these and all other songs I’ve heard off this album have disappointed me massively as its simply nothing short of rubbish compared to their past.

    1. Gouryella
    Gouryella definitely has not disappointed me with their releases of Gouryella, Walhalla, Tenshi and Ligaya as well as the various lyrical versions, but was the combination of DJ Tiesto and Ferry Corsten too good to be true? Four fantastic songs and no further work makes this the number one disappointment.

    I really hope I’m proven wrong on these disappointments, but always in the music world with every enjoyment can come disappointments unfortunately.