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Gen 9 2010, 11:13

This entry was originally posted on 4th of Jan 2010, but got deleted by for unknown reason so here we go again...

Please note that the availability of free tracks for artists listed was accurate at the time the blog entry was posted, but that this may since have changed. Artists marked with an asterisk are new additions since my last update.

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Abscondo [acoustic/folk]

Anders Tengdahl [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Anders Westerlund [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Andrew Baer [acoustic/singer-songwriter]*

bartek wołyniec [acoustic/singer-songwriter]*

Beeshop [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Bert Jerred [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Brian Dunn [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Casee Wilson [singer-songwriter]

Christina Antipa [acoustic/singer-songwriter]*

Clementine [finnish singer-songwriter]

Chris Flew [singer-songwriter] *

Daniel Bautista [acoustic]

Dan Masquelier [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

The Dog Days [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Dulci [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Emma Forman [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Flowers From the Man Who Shot Your Cousin [acoustic/singer-songwriter]*

The Flying Black Hats [acoustic]

For Your Ears Only [acoustic/instrumental]

Gafyn Davies [singer-songwriter]

Gökçer Yelken [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

The Heaving Seas [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Hiver [piano/singer-songwriter/electronic]

The Horses of Instruction [acoustic]

Hot Pants [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

ifes [acoustic/indie]

in grams [acoustic]

Izaak Alexander [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

J. Tillman [acoustic/singer-songwriter]*

Jake Skubisz [singer-songwriter]

Jamie Dams [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Janey Snyder [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

JARED ROCK! [acoustic/folk]

Jason Ferris [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Jason Silver [piano/singer-songwriter]

Jena Kraus [folk/singer-songwriter]

Jessica Stendahl [singer-songwriter]

Johnny Wrong [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Johannes Hopfner [acoustic/folk]

Josh Woodward [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Julia A. Noack [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

KJN [acoustic]

Koonsidi'o [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Krystian Dell [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

The Lady Sails [acoustic/folk]*

Last To Be Picked [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Laura Helde [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Le Fils des Trois Mousquetaires [acoustic/folk]*

Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica [singer-songwriter]

like a fire in nebraska [acoustic/mellow]

Lisbeth Wennberg [ambient/singer-songwriter]

Liz Ball [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Lut Luttik [singer-songwriter]

Magnus Tengdahl [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Matt Dunn [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Matt McIntosh [rock/singer-songwriter] *

Me and the Horse I Rode in On [acoustic/singer-songwriter]*

Mount Analogue [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

My Bitter Twilight [acoustic/singer-songwriter]*

Nadine [acoustic/singer-songwriter]*

Never Been Julia [acoustic/singer-songwriter] *

Niclas Stagnér [singer-songwriter]

No, Really [acoustic/folk]

Now You See Them [acoustic]

Oonagh Ryder [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Patrick Ripoll [acoustic/electronic]

Philip Babineaux [singer-songwriter] (click on the albums to find the free tracks)

RESIST NOT [acoustic]

Rider Where The Trees Are Low [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Rodrigo Daniel [acoustic/lo-fi]

Rosaline Yuen [singer-songwriter]*

Sean Fournier [singer-songwriter]

Selah Sue [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Shelby Sifers [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Shino [acoustic]

Sofia Talvik [singer-songwriter]

Sophia [singer-songwriter]

Sophie Nash [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

The Soundrops [acoustic]

Spencer Bell [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Stephen Chavez [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Tae-Ming Tigers [lo-fi/singer-songwriter]

Terry Springford [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Wilson Noble [acoustic]

X-Patriate (Alan J. Lipman) [acoustic]

Your Yellow Dress [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Zach Bronow [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

50 Cent Free [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Диана Арбенина [acoustic]

Макс ИвАнов [acoustic]

Джем [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Тэм [acoustic/singer-songwriter]



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