• Transformers

    Set 19 2009, 21:34

    Fri 11 Sep – zZz, Daily Bread

    zZz took the stage in Luxor and immediately filled the Arnhem theatre space with their trademark sexy phased-out and echoplexed noisenix sound. ZzZ played tunes too, the sleek underdisco of 'Spoil the Party' stood out as a party pleaser. 'Amanda' sounded like 'Palingpop' on drugs, or Suicide during the morning after. 'Angel' was just great, Joy Division completely internalised and made into a zZz tune. The somewhat reserved Arnhem audience were quite happy to join the druggy zZz trip and transform the moment in accordance to Daan and Bjorn's rules. After a few encores zZz rejoined their faithful and thankful audience in their retail corner in the back of the theatre, and were quite happy to sign their super CD 'Running with the Beast' for my youngest son (thanks!). If only all bands were like zZz. Go see! No excuses.

    JJ 19-09-09
  • Roger Grund - Athlone

    Mag 23 2008, 7:57

    Copied from

    Athlone [partly instrumental version] by Roger Grund


    Steve Miller Band - Journey from Eden (key loop)
    Roxy Music - Bitter-Sweet
    Hedda Gabler - Random Guitar Noise
    Antonioni - L'Avventura Original Soundtrack (fragment)
    Buffalo Springfield - Expecting to Fly
    o'Donnell Abu [Radio Éireann signature tune]
    Steve Miller Band - Nothing Lasts
    Lou Reed - Dirt
    Propaganda - P-Machinery
    Jim Morrison - The Movie

    Lyric part 1 (Jim Morrison)

    The program for this evening is not new
    you've seen this entertainment through and through
    you've seen your birth, your life and death
    you might recall all of the rest
    did you have a good world when you died
    (enough to base a movie on?)

    Lyric Part 2 (not yet added)

    East of Eden
    South of Hell
    Wherever you will end
    You'll always tell

    East of Eden
    North of Athlone
    Wherever you may go
    Get there on your own

    East of Eden
    South of Hell
    whereever you may end
    you can never tell

    Lyric Part 3 (from L'Avventura)

    C’è nessuno? (Is there anybody there ?)
    Senti Leco (Listen … )
    Come mai è vuoto (How can it be empty ?)
    Chi lo sa (who knows..)
  • Hedda Gabler - Black Streets

    Feb 3 2008, 12:55

    As out of nowhere Hedda Gabler's classic 'Black Streets' has appeared on a compilation album accompanying the book 'From The Black Rocking Cats to Spinvis: a half century of rock in Utrecht'. On the album also find other contemporaries such as The Nixe, Hi Jinx, Coitus Int.,Urban Dance Squad and Nancy Works On Payday.

    For those who don't read Dutch Hedda's MySpace site also contains a live version of the same song, recorded in 1988.
  • Hedda Gabler - Eating The Lion

    Gen 17 2008, 19:52

    This rocks in an easy-on-the-ear, yet with a subtle and dark movement. No idea what 'Eating the Lion' means, but the words 'she's a model thinking about her career' indicate something fishy going on man-woman wise. Anyone can shed any light?