100 Greatest Trance Songs


Feb 2 2008, 3:19

Here is a list of 100 best trance tracks of all time according to me!

If you have any recommendations, please send them to me and hopefully they will make the list even better. I will try to update as often as I can, depending on the amount of changes. I will not update every time I add or move a track.

I realize the list will not please everyone so don't treat it too seriously. I created it for fun and I thought it would be nice to share it with others, but it's not really serious business... Everyone has a different taste. If you feel the need to disagree with it in the comments you are welcome to do so of course ;)

I love recommendations, but please don’t give me a list of 50 artists not represented on my list and expect me to check them out. It’s a waste of your and my time because trust me, I won’t check out all 50 of them and picking just one is pointless so at the end I’ll just ignore your recommendation. Single tracks or full length albums work best.

I'm all done with the "play" links so now all tracks are "playable", but please don't look at the YouTube video titles if you want accurate track names. My tags and links are correct. People make up all kinds of stuff to promote their videos so the titles are often different from what I was referring to even though the track is right. Don't mind the lame videos either. It's all about the music. A few tracks will have links to other sites than YouTube in case the song was not there. And several tracks are not playable at all. Some tracks on YouTube are taken off compilations etc. so I don't guarantee full length versions.

For another take on a trance top list check out THE TRANCE JOURNAL - PART 2 - THE BIG COUNTDOWN by Addicted2Melody .

Enough talking, here is the list. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Last update: April 6 2009

1.Blue Planet Corporation - Crystal (1997) .....(play)

2. Union Jack - Red Herring (1995) .....(play)

3. Orbital - Halcyon And On And On (1992) .....(play)

4. Chicane - Offshore (1996) .....(play)

5. X Tracks - Plan 94 (The Voyage) (1994) .....(play)

6. Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins Part 2 (1997) .....(play)

7. Adham Shaikh - Opal (2004) .....(play)

8. Art Of Trance - Octopus (Man With No Name Remix) (1999) .....(play)

9. Union Jack - Fromage Frais (1995) .....(play)

10. Dimension 5 - Psychic Influence (1997) .....(play)

11. Three Drives - Greece 2000 (1997) .....(play)

12. Binary Finary - 1998 (1997) .....(play)

13. Libra Presents Taylor - Anomaly - Calling Your Name (Granny mix) (2000) .....(play)

14. Banco De Gaia - Obsidian (2000) .....(play)

15. Chicane - Lost You Somewhere (Heliotropic Mix) (1997) .....(play)

16. Cosmic Baby - Fantasia (1994) .....(play)

17. Jaïa - Out of Control (2005) .....(play)

18. Hallucinogen - Deranger (1997) .....(play)

19. Moogwai - Labyrinth Part 1 (2001) .....(play)

20. Sasha - Xpander (1999) .....(play)

21. Chicane - Saltwater (1999) .....(play)

22. Man With No Name - Silicon Trip (1999) .....(play)

23. Astral Projection - Radial Blur (1996) .....(play)

24. Solar Fields - Summer (2007) .....(play)

25. Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Signum remix) (1997) .....(play)

26. Universal State Of Mind - All Because of You (Mindsweeper mix) (1994) .....(play)

27. L.S.G. - Hearts (1994) .....(play)

28. Holden & Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Mix) (2002) .....(play)

29. Dimension 5 - Iron Sun (1997) .....(play)

30. Solar Fields - Infection 268-7 (2007) .....(play)

31. Robert Miles - Children (1995) .....(play)

32. Blue Planet Corporation - Cyclothymic (1997) .....(play)

33. Cosmosis - Sanyacid (1996) .....(play)

34. Zyon - No Fate (No Fate Mix '93) (1993) .....(play)

35. Dance 2 Trance - We Came in Peace (1990) .....(play)

36. Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid (Euphoric Acid) (1994) .....(play)

37. Chi-A.D. - Healing Magic (1997) .....(play)

38. Hallucinogen - Shamanix (1995) .....(play)

39. Vibrashpere - Lemon Phase (2003) .....(play)

40. Humate - Love Stimulation (Paul Van Dyk Love Club Mix) (1998) .....(play)

41. Hallucinogen - Horrorgram (1997) .....(play)

42. Gouryella - Gouryella (1998) .....(play)

43. Way Out West - Ub Devoid (2000) .....(play)

44. BT - Flaming June (1997) .....(play)

45. Chi-A.D. - Biocandy (1999) .....(play)

46. Blue Planet Corporation - Atoll (1999) .....(play)

47. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Three 'n One mix) (1997) .....(play)

48. Solar Stone - Seven Cities (1999) .....(play)

49. Way Out West - Killa (Orkidea vs. Dallas Superstars Remix) (2008) .....(play)

50. Jaïa - Rouge Marine (2005) .....(play)

51. Emmanuel Top - Tone (1995) .....(play)

52. Art Of Trance - Madagascar (Cygnus X Remix) (1998) .....(play)

53. Underworld - Dark & Long (Dark Train) (1996) .....(play)

54. Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy (1997) .....(play)

55. Dimension 5 - Beetlesnuff (1997) .....(play)

56. Salt Tank - Eugina (Michael Woods Remix) (2000) .....(play)

57. Etnica - Moon Influence (1995) .....(play)

58. Hallucinogen - Trancespotter (1996) .....(play)

59. Way Out West - Domination (1999) .....(play)

60. Art Of Trance - Blue Owl (1998) .....(play)

61. Terra Ferma - Floating (1996) .....(play)

62. Jaïa - Anawa's Paradise (1998) .....(play)

63. Cosmic Baby - Loops of Infinity (1994) .....(play)

64. The Age Of Love - Age of Love (1990) .....(play)

65. Khetzal - Indian Attic (2005) .....(play)

66. Sunday Club - Healing Dream (1997) .....(play)

67. Gouryella - Walhalla (1999) .....(play)

68. Hallucinogen - LSD (1995) .....(play)

69. Loop Control - Exceptionally Beautiful (1999) .....(play)

70. Albion - Air (1997) .....(play)

71. Paul van Dyk - For an Angel (1998) .....(play)

72. Humate - 3.1 (Bedrock Mix) (1998) .....(play)

73. Hallucinogen - Demention (1997) .....(play)

74. Asura - Like a Summer Day (2000) .....(play)

75. Doof - Let's Turn On (1996) .....(play)

76. Quietman - Now & Zen (1995) .....(play)

77. GOASIA - Sunrise (2007) .....(play)

78. Chicane - Halcyon (2000) .....(play)

79. Tripswitch - Viscous (Eat Static's Jumbled Noise Rmx) (2007) .....(play)

80. Marc Marzenit - Trozitos de Navidad (Primavera Remix) (2006) .....(play)

81. Blisargon Demogorgon - Following the Death (2006) .....(play)

82. Chi-A.D. - Paranormal Activity (Spooky) (1997) .....(play)

83. Blue Planet Corporation - Micromega (1999) .....(play)

84. Hallucinogen - Fluoro Neuro Sponge (1995) .....(play)

85. Electric Universe - The Prayer (2004) .....(play)

86. GTR - Mistral (2002) .....(play)

87. Art Of Trance - Voice of Earth (1998) .....(play)

88. Terra Ferma - Keep Moving (2000) .....(play)

89. Quietman - The Sleeper (1998) .....(play)

90. Airwave - Venus of My Dreams (1998) .....(play)

91. Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (2003) .....(play)

92. Quench - Dreams (1993) .....(play)

93. York - The Reachers of Civilisation (1999) .....(play)

94. Asura - Code Eternity (2000) .....(play)

95. L.S.G. - My Time Is Yours (1995) .....(play)

96. Way Out West - Mindcircus (Way Out West Club Mix) (2002) .....(play)

97. Tripswitch - Indigo (Androcell Rmx) (2007) .....(play)

98. Art Of Trance - Mosquito (1998) .....(play)

99. Man With No Name - Teleport (1996) .....(play)

100. Doof - Angelina (1996) .....(play)


  • soundaddict

    hmmm, czy Tiesto to jest trance w ogóle? czy już raczej dance:P w ogóle gdzie są Juno Reactor, Infected Mushroom i Hallucinogen? bez nich lista TOP nie ma sensu istnienia...

    Feb 2 2008, 12:53
  • Pantalyk

    [b]ॐ My recommendation ॐ[/b] 1 Ananda Shake 2 Braincell 3 Rastaliens 4 Overlap 5 Goasia 6 Mindsphere 7 Lamat 8 DigiCult 9 Raz 10 Puzzle 11 Sabretooth 12 Blink 13 Pan Psychic 14 Safi Connection 15 psychoz 16 delYsid 17 Cosmosis 18 Subra 19 Painkiller 20 Astrix 130 21 artifact303 22 Calyx & Teebee 23 XXXXXXXXXXXXX sorry ;) 24 Pandemonium 25 Brain Technology 26 Liquid Flow 27 Alienxss 28 Infected Mushroom 29 Hyper Frequencies 30 Heterogenesis 31 Psynina 31 Behind Blue Eyes 33 Nolax 34 Astral Projection 35 Perfect Motion 36 Realitygrid 37 PsyShark 38 Lost Buddha 39 Rumble Pack 39 Beat Hackers 41 Nimos 42 Gaudium 42 Hydrogen 44 Planet BEN vs Didrapest 45 Sine die 46 Highpersonic Whomen 47 Toast3D 47 Massive 47 Brocken Toy 50 V-Storm [b]I greet [/b];)

    Feb 2 2008, 15:48
  • Jatup

    Thanks for the recommendations, I will check them out. Oczywiscie ze Tiesto to jest trance. Jego nowa plyta faktycznie zawiera dosyc duzo dance, ale kazdy z kawalkow ktory znalazl sie tutaj to w 100% trance. Narazie nie dodalem chyba nic z psytrance poniewaz malo sie na nim znam. Mam kilka utworow Juno Reactor, musze ich jeszcze raz posluchac. Hm, I am kind of suprised Age Of Love is so low on my list, I didn't even notice. It deserves a better place, maybe not top 10, but I will see... :)

    Feb 2 2008, 16:42
  • Nectar_Card

    nice list. Age of Love should be no.1

    Feb 2 2008, 23:00
  • heltorn

    [quote]bez nich lista TOP nie ma sensu istnienia...[/quote] i agree. i also suggest to put some some stuff of younger brother

    Feb 4 2008, 7:05
  • Addicted2Melody

    There are some great tracks in this list and 1998 and Gouryella aren't bad choices for the Top 2 of all time. Obviously, this is all quite subjective and, having compiled [i]similar[/i] charts myself in the past, I know they aren't easy to come up with. But some things do jump out at me: 1. There's a lot of Paul Van Dyk in this list... but no For An Angel? Surely, For An Angel is PvD's [b]seminal[/b] trance work. And is Words really the 3rd best trance song ever? 2. Don't Saltwater and Airwave deserve spots in the Top 10? 3. Ten Seconds Before Sunrise is 24 places higher than Adagio For Strings. Ten Seconds Before Sunrise is a nice tune... but really amongst the best ever? 4. Armin's Blue Fear is up there... but no Communication? 5. System F - Out Of The Blue at 75? 6. And generally I was surprised not to see any of the following on your list: Marcel Woods - Advanced Mauro Picotto - Lizard Veracocha - Carte Blanche Energy 52 - Cafe del Mar Tiësto - Lethal Industry Ferry Corsten - Punk BT - Flaming June Atlantis vs. Avatar - Fiji Vincent de Moor - Fly Away Tenth Planet - Ghosts Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday or Nothing Onto Nothing ... and, most surprisingly, Faithless - Insomnia. As for Age Of Love. It definitely deserves to be in the Top 100. Top 10 would be too high up though, in my opinion. And also, as much as I love psy-trance these days, I think you should generally keep psy-trance acts away from charts like this. Compiling charts of straight or melodic trance tracks is difficult enough without introducing psy in as well. They both contain the name trance and sub-genres are starting to blur, but musically they are still very different worlds.

    Feb 4 2008, 15:57
  • Jatup

    [quote]1. There's a lot of Paul Van Dyk in this list... but no For An Angel? Surely, For An Angel is PvD's seminal trance work. And is Words really the 3rd best trance song ever? [/quote] Will add For An Angel, I don't really know why ignored this track. Words is Paul's best work if you ask me. Very underrated. [quote]2. Don't Saltwater and Airwave deserve spots in the Top 10?[/quote] Both are my favorites, but they just didn't fit in the top 10. [quote]3. Ten Seconds Before Sunrise is 24 places higher than Adagio For Strings. Ten Seconds Before Sunrise is a nice tune... but really amongst the best ever?[/quote] I like it more than Adagio, maybe it is a little to high, but I will leave it there for now. [quote]4. Armin's Blue Fear is up there... but no Communication?[/quote] Communication is a nice track, but it just didn't make it. [quote]5. System F - Out Of The Blue at 75?[/quote] Is it too high or too low? :D From the tracks you were suprised about not seeing on my list, I never heard 4 before: Advanced, Ghosts, Fly Away and Nothing Onto Nothing. I added Ghosts and Nothing Onto Nothing. Awesome tracks, thank you. As far as the rest is concerned I like all of them (besides Punk), but they simply didn't make it. And is Insomnia really trance? As far as psytrance is concerned it is almost a separate genre and I know very little about it. Maybe someone could make a top psytrance list? :)

    Feb 6 2008, 2:09
  • Addicted2Melody

    [quote]Will add For An Angel, I don't really know why ignored this track. Words is Paul's best work if you ask me. Very underrated.[/quote] If I was doing this list I'd have For An Angel in the Top 5, Nothing But You and possibly Crush somewhere way down the list. [quote]Both are my favorites, but they just didn't fit in the top 10.[/quote] Airwave would be a candidate for top spot in my eyes, along with 1998, Gouryella and Insomnia. Airwave is a textbook in classic trance. [quote]I like it more than Adagio, maybe it is a little to high, but I will leave it there for now.[/quote] I would personally have put Adagio For Strings, Lethal Industry, Suburban Train, Traffic (which would all be in my list) all before Ten Seconds Before Sunrise. Tiesto's new material is alrite, but I don't think it can rival his old stuff. [quote]Communication is a nice track, but it just didn't make it.[/quote] Controversial. [quote]Is it too high or too low? :D[/quote] Much too low I would say. Top 20 at the VERY least, for me. [quote]And is Insomnia really trance?[/quote] Definitely. Faithless' music isn't often trance but God Is A DJ, Salva Mea and Insomnia are what I would call trance, certainly. Insomnia is a sort of trance-trip hop hybrid. Probably the most iconic record in the whole of electronic music as well. I don't know what everyone else thoughts are on that? Also, correct me if I've missed it, but is Protect Your Mind (For The Love Of A Princess) missing as well? I'm sure there's a few I've forgetten. Checking the classics mix that Armin did for the first hour of ASOT's 300th episode might be an idea. But as I said, it's all very subjective.

    Feb 6 2008, 13:24
  • Nectar_Card

    Energy 52 - Cafe del Mar has to be in the Top 10

    Feb 7 2008, 8:40
  • Jatup

    I updated the list with 5 new tracks, but they don't show up blue. I will change that later. [b]@ Addicted2Melody[/b] I heard Out Of The Blue a few times a year ago and I downloaded it again about two weeks ago. It is a great track and I like it more everyday so it will rise. I didn't add Insomnia this time, but I will add it. It's not a 100% trance song, but neither is Two Months Off by Underworld and it's on the list... Protect your mind is pretty good, but I didn't add it. [b]@ Nectar_Card[/b] If I did a 120 greatest trance songs list, it would be on there. :)

    Feb 7 2008, 13:55
  • LeftOfLeftfield

    Great list! Thank you for placing 1998 at the very top. To this day it remains one of the most recognizable melodies and my all-time favorite trance song. Personally I wouldn't consider Heart Of Asia or No More Tears top ten material (or even top 100 for that matter), and Age Of Love, Seven Cities and Cafe Del Mar definitely need to be top ten. I would also have included these, to name a few: BT - Flaming June Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth Pulser - Cloudwalking (Beat Pusher Remix) Bedrock - Heaven Scent Grace - Not Over Yet (BT's Spirit of Grace) Marcel Woods - Advanced (Original Mix) IIO - Rapture (Armin Van Buuren remix) And I would replace Tiesto's Adagio For Strings with Barber's Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix). But this is your list, not mine :) Oh, one more thing: the artist name for #91 is actually Sunscreem vs. Push (and the last.fm-streamable version is listed as just Sunscreem - Please Save Me).

    Feb 8 2008, 9:50
  • Addicted2Melody

    Sorry to keep spamming your journal, Jan, but just a few quick points... 1. The A State Of Trance episode with the classics mix at the start was actually episode 250. 2. I agree with [i]most[/i] of LeftOfLeftfield suggestions. Bedrock - Heaven Scent is one I'd forgetten about and definitely deserves to be up there. Agree with him about Adagio For Strings as well actually. 3. I've decided to do a similar list to this and I'm currently drawing up a large list of nominees (200 tracks so far). Also seeing if I can get some help from a few of my last.fm neighbours. I'll post a journal for it when it's done.

    Feb 8 2008, 10:34
  • Jatup

    Major update this time. Links seem to be working fine, but the artist connections don't show up for me. Maybe they will work later. What do you think about the video links? Thanks for the recommendations LeftOfLeftfield. I wanted to listen to First Rebirth for a long time, but I completely forgot so thanks for reminding me. Ferry's version of Adagio For Strings is great as well, but I prefer Tiesto's. :D Heart of Asia is in the top 10 thanks to its great melody (written by Ryuichi Sakamoto) and No More Tears is the track that got me into trance so its obviously one of my favorites. Addicted2Melody, you are not spamming it :D. I will check out Heaven Scent later. And I can't wait for your list of course.

    Feb 9 2008, 9:18
  • Teaktor

    ну хорошая 100, особенно порадовало што в 3 попал Paul van Dyk

    Feb 17 2008, 17:00
  • xNorbertx

    I don't know much about trance music. But I think Dream of Trance from Paul Oakenfold is a very nice song :)

    Feb 18 2008, 15:57
  • Jatup

    I added release years for each track and updated the list. Thanks for the recommendation. The track is alright, but not really good enough. And it was actually produced by Trance[]control not Paul Oakenfold :)

    Feb 19 2008, 22:17
  • pjs18

    Wonderful list, man, but there's one specific track which should be there (already mentioned above) in my humble opinion. :) BT - Flaming June Truly a trance classic, definitely.

    Feb 26 2008, 14:49
  • -Toby-NL

    This is a really good list man. Missing in my opinion are tracks like: BT -Flaming June Veracocha - Carte Blanche Billie Ray Martin - Honey (Chicane club mix) Sasha - Xpander

    Mar 5 2008, 15:21
  • Jatup

    Thanks for the positive comments :) Flaming June - I will add it today or tomorrow. Carte Blanche - It's a really good track and I considered it, but I didn't include it. Honey (Chicane club mix) - The track itself is good, but I don't really like the vocals. Xpander - Already on there :) I am currently looking at some older tracks, but I really want to listen to some newer trance as well. If you have any recommendations from last year I would be happy to know about them.

    Mar 5 2008, 18:54
  • -Toby-NL

    Well. I forgot to research some exclusive trance albums. I always liked the brilliant album Here we are now from Kyau vs. Albert. A 6:49 min. long aurora, named Falling Anywhere passed through my ears, a 100 percent pure trance tune, on this quite poppy trance (which I call vocal trance) record. Listen to Made of sun if you like vocal trance.

    Mar 9 2008, 22:52
  • bugdone

    the first link (Binary Finary - 1998) it's kinda lame: it's ending is kinda sudden and the title is tiesto remix or smth

    Mar 26 2008, 23:05
  • Jatup

    @ -Toby-NL Just listened to Falling Anywhere for the first time. Sounds really good, can't decide if I should add it or not. Definitely going on my playlist and I'll see if it will grow on me. I prefer non vocal trance over vocal trance, but I'll give Made Of Sun a listen. Thanks. @ bugdone It's taken from a compilation so that's why it ends so suddenly. I guess DJ Tiesto was used in the title because it was his compilation, but it's an original mix of 1998, not a remix. Many videos I linked here have wrong titles on YouTube because people either don't know what the real title is, or are trying to get more views (more people will search for Tiesto than let's say Loop Control). I checked every link so even if the YouTube title title says something else, it should be the right track. --------------------------------------- I decided to update the list every month so the next one should be on April 8th if anyone was curious :)

    Mar 27 2008, 1:43
  • -Toby-NL

    oh, I totally forgot these 2 brilliant tracks Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (6:57) Mac Zimms - L'annonce des couleurs (Basic Dawn Remix) (7:04)

    Mar 27 2008, 10:36
  • Push3k

    What do you think about 4 Strings - Sunrise?

    Apr 3 2008, 17:00
  • Jatup

    Tiesto's remix of Southern Sun was on the list, but after a few updates it just went under 100. Never heard L'annonce des couleurs (Basic Dawn Remix), need to check it out, but I keep on forgetting... Sunrise is a good track, but not really top 100 material in my opinion. Update tomorrow :)

    Apr 7 2008, 12:21
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