100th loved track 2385 is gonna be a kickass year 3000th battlelore track wooo 50000th track listened 666th loved track a black silence darker and more seductive than any words ab trecenti abrahadabra acoustic part that actually adds to the heavy part aleister crowley alternative metal apocalyptic atavism awesome awesome riffs baptisms for the dead bittersweet in that awesome way black album still rocks black metal bloody death to jeff breakcore christian rock classic metal classic rock current favorite death metal dizzie with hope and happiness ebm ehyeh emotional music epic epic black metal epic metal fauna should totally cover this female fronted metal female-fronted metal freedom fuck satan heres varg vikernes lol gladiatus good screams green goddess groove metal guitar sample win guitar virtuoso hail thor happy independence day free world hard rock harsh ebm heavy metal helms deep hriliu hymn hymns to a forgotten pantheon industrial metal instrumental john barton page 1929-2009 kickass kill your motherfucking idols with fire kvlt film metal last metal stand love the awesomeness mandy carter melodic death metal melodic metalcore metal metal gods metalcore next week not about what you think nu metal pakhet playing this one because rick said to on facebook lol post-grunge power metal prog metal rap-metal rap-rock really freaky shit :d rip grandpa rip neil armstrong rock she rides the beast she who tears silence is sometimes the best form of friendship silentsoeur pwns the noobs singalong chorus stephanie olmstead-dean symphonic black metal temple recommend teutonic magic the last grim adventure of jon and mandy thrash classics thrash metal to the future tolkien undying will untrue metal ftw victoria metallum win words vs reality wtfmusic