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    Gen 29 2009, 19:54

    A list of underground black metal artists I listen to...this stuff rocks :D Also - your version of underground might not be mine, but that's because I'm kinda new :P Recommend me anything good :)

    A Forest of Stars - Avant-Garde Black Metal...they call it "Victorian Occult Avant-Garde Black Metal" or something crazy like that. Based on a recommendation it's certainly intriguing...but after a listen it was pretty boring. No riffs, no action...one of those "droning" black metal bands I love to hate :P
    Abathur - Proof that Iran has more explosive stuff...and more worthwhile things, than Islamic terrorism and nukes....a decent black/thrash band :) A second listen to Last Man's Last Way impressed me again...nice riff :D
    Abigail - Japanese black/thrash...audio quality on my copy of their '92 demo is rather hard to follow but it's all right :) Update: Got their split live album (bootleg?) with Barbatos and Cut Throat - only two or three tracks in but it's very decent :D
    The Absolute of Malignity - nice raw BM from Japan...not music for a headache, which I have developing XD Damn...kvltness hurts your head after too much of it - like ice cream :P
    Aetherius Obscuritas
    Alastor Sanguinary Embryo
    Algaion (I have an EP that MA says might never have actually been released...lol XD Interestingly enough that was one of my first BM albums about a year ago :D)
    Alien Deviant Circus (freak-ola industrial BM)
    Ampütator - pretty decent blackened thrash. Riff-oriented and dangerous :D
    Arkha Sva

    Barbatos - Very interesting blackened thrash from good ol' Japan...the 1942 has some cool samples and keys. Also got the split with Cut Throat and Abigail - a live album or bootleg, and haven't heard the Barbatos part yet. Waiting eagerly :D
    Basilisk - Listened to this last night - decent blackened death/thrash :)
    Besatt - Pretty decent black metal band...I wouldn't go so far as to call it Raw,Black Metal, but it was certainly a harsh-sounding outfit :) Nice cover song of some band called Kat - that was thrashier than the rest :)
    Blood Storm - Blackened thrash which I was not so big on...kinda forgettable honestly. Got some older work - maybe the newer stuff is better.

    Carrion Wraith - just added to MA today (well, yesterday lol - 12:22 AM here :P), [user[DemonsLight[/user] says last.fm doesn't even recognize it...so it's quite new :D Haven't listened yet - looks like straight-up black metal, but I'll report as usual :)
    Celtic Blood - very cool epic viking stuff - rather raw production, but sme parts sound like they're taken from a Lord of the Rings movie, as the shoutbox said..hey I'm not original when someone else said it best XD Tagged NSBM but seriously...British NSBM? :P Got the split with Lycanthropy's Spell.
    Control Human Delete - varied industrial BM, rather interesting. Lots of keys, and oh - the guitars just kicked in hard! :D So they are present on this album after all...now it's getting heavy :D Final review after the album ends :P
    Crifotoure Satanarda - Japanese Black/Viking Metal...decent keys, overall epic feel, raw production. Not a bad release at all, but the demo could have been longer than 15 minutes over two songs :)
    Cross Sodomy - nothing special except it's just nasty :P Got it off of a rare demo blog :) The voice is just weird...
    Crux Caelifera - Brazilian stuff from the Heavenly Dungeon blog - Didn't like it so much....not really black necessarily, and not really kvlt :P Make your own judgements though :)
    Crystalium - Turned out pretty decent - samples, some raw parts...very unique music :)
    Curse ov Appolyon (2 tracks - not even a demo yet - I honestly don't think these guys have a demo. One member is a friend of KarlSanders, and he gave me the tracks.)
    Cut Throat - Japanese thrash, on a split with Abigail and Barbatos. Haven't heard their part yet - it's a live album and I'm looking forward to it :)

    Damaar - means "destruction" in Arabic. From the United Arab Emirates, I believe (Edit: where did I get UAE? This stuff's from Lebanon :P)...good ol' Janne says it's a pretty decent band. I'll let you guys know when I hear it :) Update: I like it so far...pretty raw :D
    Dark Tales (the rare 100-copy demo...nice ambient BM like Evol)
    Darkspace - Ambient BM listed as similar to Realm of Algol, but not really the same thing at all :) Very cool nonetheless :)
    Deathchurch (very raw and awesome - got more Feb 1st and haven't listened yet...)
    Diapsiquir - Some sort of experimental/avant-garde black metal band my friend Janne (DemonsLight) recommended to me...I have yet to check it out but updates will be forthcoming either tonight or tomorrow :)
    Draconis Infernum (Check out the song Belial Rising! More Blackened Thrash but it kicks :D Blackened Thrash and straight black metal from Singapore...mostly Black Metal but the aforementioned song is pretty much Blackened Thrash.)

    Ekpyrosis - Avant-garde black metal - Mensch Aus Gold is a one-track, half-hour long album and pretty decent so far, but I just started :) Hold on for more updates :
    Evol (Hadn't put this in the list before because it sounds too nice...lol XD But it's certainly kvlt enough, I think :) )

    Fauna (Two albums out - two songs...each over an hour long...listening to Rain now....awesome ambient black metal :) Getting the next album ASAP! Update: I liked the next album too...a lot calmer than the other :) )
    Forgotten Land - nice ambient BM, very reminiscent of summoning in some places, and all-in-all very keyboard heavy :)

    Glorior Belli
    Godemiche (one-copy demo - yeah I know they're crap but I had to pick up the demo cuz it was rare :P)
    Gorugoth (I only have 1 track and the split with Infernal Necromancy)

    Heartless - Chinese suicidal BM...nice guitar work, vocals suck...but they're very suicidal and depressive sounding, which is both the point and why they suck...lol XD I got the split with Ululate and Martyrdom - 348? Black Metal Is Plague, dedicated to the SARS epidemic victims.
    Heretic - Really decent black and roll...rockin', with very intelligible vocals. What more can you ask? \m/ *boogies* \m/
    Hurusoma (awesome - good mix of extremely raw stuff in a high headache-inducing register and softer almost folky parts...got more Feb 1st - Welcome to Hurusoma World, but it's the same damn songs as the other albums XD)

    Idolcrusher - KILL YOUR IDOLS! This is your soundtrack...decent but extremely obscure brazilian raw black metal :) I like it...wish there was more :)
    Iguman (awesome and epicly so)
    Il Sangue (really more blackened funeral doom but still good :D)
    Infernal Necromancy (awesome - nice cover art too!)
    Ithdabquth Qliphoth (good melodic guitar work, nice guitar tone, kind of a repetitive trance-like feel - now I have two albums :D)

    Jötunheim - There are three terms I can use to describe this - raw as hell, Kvlt as fuck, and goatshit insane....the screams are raw, the guitars are fast, and the bass drum is pounding like a helicopter minigun. It's about the heaviest, fastest, deadliest thing on this list....get it now. I don't know if that artist tag is right, but it's what was on the mp3. If you're having trouble finding it drop me a PM \m/ :D \m/ This wins....epicly.

    Lycanthropy's Spell - Very nice black metal - supposedly depressive, and it's rather doomy, but I'm not familiar enough with that subgenre to tell you. Cool stuff - standout track is Misanthropic Visions. Nearly 12 minutes of awesomeness...samples, acoustic/cleantone interludes, the works :) Got the split with Celtic Blood and one stand-alone album - only problem with this is the extremely raw production. It doesn't have to be this kvlt :P

    Marblebog (ambient BM win)
    Martyrdom - straightforward Chinese Black Metal with a Bathory cover, pretty decent stuff. I got the split with Ululate and Heartless - 348? Black Metal Is Plague, dedicated to the SARS epidemic victims.
    Martyrium - not the symphonic group, but a more old-school BM act out of Germany with a decent fast, kinda headbanging feel :) Me like...:) Update: Oooh...neat touches like female vocals and other slightly progressive sounds...I really really like this :D

    Nashehrhum - Very nice dark ambient/black metal (two metal tracks, the rest synths) with no artist bio, one photo, and like 12 listeners. It's a shame, really...these guys are good and they could use more exposure :) Has a space theme to it, and delivers nicely on the whole "cosmic" brand of dark ambient. Recommended - but then, everything on here is in degrees of recommendation :P
    Ninnghizhidda (symphonic - is this really kvlt? It's kinda unknown, but it''s more like a slick-sounding symphonic BM...:P)
    Nuclear Throne - Rather boring blackened thrash with a lot of death metal to it....shoutbox calls it "real crap", but it's not that bad...and with 18 listeners it's got to be the kvltest thing in here :D

    Operation Winter Mist (Good Canadian war-themed black metal - very heavy and hard-rocking with lots of war sound effects...a trve Symphony of Destruction! \m/ :D \m/)
    Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis

    Realm of Algol - absolutely kickass ambient black with really good keyboard and drum machine parts, made all the sweeter by the fact that it was a release I had to have when I first saw it, but the link was dead :/ Now I have it and I'm very excited, to say the least :D

    Sapthuran - Very droning, dark-sounding depressive BM...heard it had acoustic interludes but the album I got (...In Hatred) didn't have any. This was rather disappointing...the music made me very zoned-out and tired...so not really my thing...but it was an interesting experience nonetheless :) If you like this kind of thing I suppose it would be good to check out :)

    Thokkian Vortex
    Totenburg - Described as "riff-driven black metal with catchy parts"...Liked it, although I probably wasn't listening close enough to notice the catchy parts lol :P
    Typhon (Ave Nuntius Mortis! :D)

    Ululate - VERY sweet blackened thrash from China, insane pace, vocals, guitars, everything. I'm digging blackened thrash more and more as time goes on... I got the split with Heartless and Martyrdom - 348? Black Metal Is Plague, dedicated to the SARS epidemic victims, and I can safely say that Ululate was the best part of it! \m/\m/.

    Vlad Tepes
    Vociferian - raw black that I'm told is very good - I haven't heard it yet but I hope it's raw like Deathchurch....lolz XD
    Vothana (1 track...considering getting more)

    Winds of Malice
    Woe - Interesting USBM...listened to it last night and this morning, wasn't too bad. The album is available on a pay-what-you-want plan in 320kbps :D

    Yaotzin - pretty decent, straightforward black metal so far - not the US NSBM band lol...the Dutch one :)
    Yn Gizarm - Chinese black metal with I don't know...symphonic? keyboardy in any case...touches on some songs...very cool.

    Zuriaake - more Chinese black - got and listened to their split with Yn Gizarm...very cool Chinese folk-ish black metal...the Chinese folk parts have an ambiance, so you could almost call it ambient black. Good acoustic guitar...not something you see in black metal a lot :)
    Zørkënen - Raw black metal, demo limited to 66 copes :D Really raw production...I'm looking high and low for raw stuff like Iguman, Infernal Necromancy, Hurusoma, and maybe Deathchurch, but this is actually softer than that :) It has a tank on the cover and the demo is titled Sturm....need to find out if it's NSBM or not. I'd feel so bad XD Good stuff, though :)

    Updated more as I get more artists or fill out the ones I have! :) Also, PM me for links to my favorite blogs :)

    I may be coming up with an Codex Kvltvs Asiatus in a few days here...God knows I've got enough Asian bands :D

    Downloaded Voluntaria for a friend - when I get around to listening to it it'll be posted here :)

  • Top 5 Metal Bands with Free MP3s On Last.FM.......

    Gen 2 2008, 4:31

    I originally wasn't going to write any top 10 lists, cuz I had planned to do something original. But I'm out of ideas, so I'm doing a Top 5 to get in shape for something that's actually cool, and because a top 5 is more interesting than a top 10, being shorter and packing more awesome into less reading/link-following time. If you find a better band, use the shoutbox here or at my user page! And I've found a band or two at CNET Download's Music>Hard Rock/Metal section that's equal to or better than these bands-I should post about those in the near future. Anyway, here goes.....

    1. Machinae Supremacy. I'm majorly into these guys right now. They're basically a mix of metal, hard rock, and (a subgenre of electronic music played on soundchips from 1980s computers.) Their music is heavy,
    hard, fast and full of energy, with a rather melodic approach. Spoken-word samples are also a big part of their music, usually to open a song. You can get a large part of the band's back catalog at here.

    2. Alerion. A European metal band with a female singer, a nasty-sounding guitar tune, and a sound unlike pretty much anything i've hesrd before, except maybe Hibria(whom I wax poetic about below.) They have their entire demo on their website free, so you'll want to go there to download the songs. The demo includes a cover of Megadeth's song She-Wolf, as`well as some awesome original songs. Check these guys out....they rock!

    3. Unrest. These guys are a rather accomplished metal band from Germany, formed in 1988. They play in the classic 1980s metal style, with a singer with a voice like Motorhead's frontman, and an overall sound like Metallica, Megadeth, or any of the other 80s bands. They toured Germany with Iced Earth back in the 90s, and actually sound very similar. Don't be confused by the indie band posing as Unrest at their
    last.fm artist page, these guys are as metal as it gets. ;)
    You'll want to go to their artist website to get the tracks, since there are more there, and full versions of one or two from the last.fm page.

    4. Wolvengard. These guys are a Melodic Power Metal outfit from Canada. At least that's what they call themselves; I hear some Dream Theater-style prog-metal guitars, and some hard
    rock influences along with the melodic metal. Still pretty awesome though, and they have a great ballad (Wish for the Night)if that's your thing, with electric guitar and piano on it.
    Pretty sweet! :) As usual with free last.fm stuff, you want to visit their website to get the full versions of the songs. Those are of course under Downloads...

    5. Hibria. Highly technical guitar-wizard metal from Brazil, with an emphasis on a full-frontal riffing attack. Very intense, but not extreme like a death metal band. There's just not much to say about these guys, except that they seem to have science-fiction/fantasy themes to their lyrics; the guitar speaks for itself! They don't actually have free tracks on last.fm though, you'll need to go to the website for that. Just click on MP3 at the top, and Save Link As on the ones you like....which is hopefully all of 'em! Why did I pick these guys for the top 5 if they're not actually on last.fm you ask? More free tracks that I'm aware of than Battlelore, and they're more skilled and rock more than DoomSword, both of whom are in Honorable Mention below....

    Well those are the top 5....honorable mention(or material for another post ;)....) are Battlelore, DoomSword, and ZX Spectrum. (Extreme Power Metal, Viking Doom Metal, and Melodic Death Metal, respectively.) ZX Spectrum has a whole album plus two demo songs on their website. Stay Metal...and look for more journals from me in the next couple weeks! (I think....lol) Also the comments on this journal have a lot of good free stuff, as well as my opinions on it. :) \m/

    Jareen :)