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Mar 15 2008, 20:22

Go to your Charts, and find your Overall top 20 albums. Now list your favorite and least favorite track from each album.

(I did Top 25)

Plague Soundscapes
Favourite: Psst! Is That A Halfie In Your Pants?
Least: Priest With The Sexually Transmitted Diseases Get Out Of My Bed

Favourite: Pushit
Least: Third Eye

Calculating Infinity
Favourite: 43% Burnt
Least: *#..

Favourite: Undertow
Least: Crawl Away

Suspended Animation
Fav: 4/20/05 Wednesday
Least: 4/25/05 Monday

Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
Fav: The Loss And Curse Of Reverence
Least: Opus A Satana

10,000 Days
Favourite: Rosetta Stoned
Least: Lipan Conjuring

The Downward Spiral
Favourite: Closer
Least: The Downward Spiral

White Pony
Fav: Korea
Least: RX Queen

Favourite: Disposition
Least: Parabol

You Fail Me
Favourite: Heartless
Least: You Fail Me

We Are Electrocution
Favourite: Do the Dramatic
Least: They Call Her Action

The Director's Cut
Favourite: Der Golem
Least: The Devil Rides Out (Remix)

Thirteenth Step
Fav: The Package
Least: Lullaby

Favourite: False Light
Least: (untitled)

Flight of the Wounded Locust
Fav: Get Off the Cross, the Wood Is Needed
Least: Flight of the Wounded Locust

Fav: Gently
Least: I Am Hated

Human Jerky
Fav: mad cow conspiracy (bloated bovine-home to the flies and anthrax spores)
Least: Veal and the Cult of Torture

Fav: Closed Eye Visuals
Least: Obsidian

The Locust
Fav: Hairspray Suppository
Least: Dog Without a Collar (Run Over Red Rover)

Miss Machine
Fav: We Are the Storm
Least: Unretrofied

Disco Volante
Fav: Violenza Domestica
Least: Phlegmatics

Fav: The Purple Bottle
Least: Daffy Duck

Fav: Grinning Mouths
Least: I really don't want to have to make that decision.

Body Census
Fav: Remember One Thing
Least: Hide And Seek


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